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WIP 2018-09-11

Nonmetallic Air Suspension System Tubing with One or More Layers J3185

This SAE Standard presents the minimum requirements for nonmetallic tubing with one or more layers manufactured for use as pneumatic tubing in automotive air suspension lines. Requirements in this document also apply to monowall tubing (one layer construction) or multi-layer (MLT) constructions. Unless otherwise agreed to by suppliers and users this document applies to tubing for any portion of the fuel system that might operate continuously at temperatures above –40°C and below 90°C and up to a maximum working gage pressure of 1500 kPa. The tubing can be used at the peak intermittent temperature up to 115 °C with peak dynamic pressures of up to 2000 kPa. This document can apply to systems that operate at higher pressures and/or are exposed to higher temperatures with appropriate changes to the acceptance criteria within this document.
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