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WIP 2012-01-17

ADS Data Logger J3197

The data elements defined in this document are unique to ADS and provide additional background of the events leading up to a collision in the absence of an eye-witness account. The camera(s), LiDAR(s), and other sensor data will provide this eye-witness record. The data included in this data logger is expected to be used in conjunction with the J1698 EDR record and traditional accident reconstruction analysis. The EDR and Data Logger will capture information leading up to the collision. This Recommended Practice provides common data output formats and definitions for a variety of data elements that may be useful for analyzing the performance of ADS during an event that meets the trigger threshold criteria specified in this document. The document is intended to govern data element definitions, to provide a minimum data element set, and to specify a common ADS Data Logger record format as applicable for motor vehicle applications.
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