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WIP 2019-07-22

Quick Connect Fluid Coupling Specification for Water/Glycol Coolant System Interconnect J3207

This SAE Recommended Practice defines the dimensional characteristics and minimum performance requirements for quick connect couplings between flexible tubing or hose and rigid tubing or tubular fittings used in glycol/water coolant systems. This document applies to automotive and truck applications under the following conditions: a. Gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electrical propulsion cooling systems. b. Operating pressure up to 206 kPa, 2.06 bar, (30 psig). c. Operating temperatures from -40 °C (-40 °F) to 125 °C (260 °F). Quick connect couplings function by joining the connector to a mating end form typically without the use of tools. The requirements stated in this document apply to new connectors in assembly operations unless otherwise indicated. For modern Powertrain applications, the interconnection of the following devices is typically the design responsibility of the Cooling Group : Coolant Control Valve, Water-to-Air Charge Air Cooler(CAC), Low Temperature Radiator (used for CAC, Water Cooled Battery Circuit), Remote Transmission Oil Heat Exchanger (used for both Warming and Cooling Functions.
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