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WIP 2020-01-15

Puget Sound Ecosystem Source Analysis Review J3225

Where possible, this SAE Information Report (IR) provides current technical, real world data of automotive fluids in US market road vehicles. Any chemicals listed in safety data sheets (SDS) for automotive fluids were initially compared to at least three chemicals detected in stormwater. However, these three initial chemicals are also associated with multiple industrial & consumer activities, and possible other sources were noted & preliminary identified and/or investigated. The three initial chemicals identified are: • BPA, CAS 80-05-7 • Naphthalene, CAS 91-20-3 • Poloxalene (aka polyethylene-polypropylene glycol), CAS 9003-11-6 Based upon the development of this IR, a separate but concurrent research project was jointly proposed to provide technical data where possible, but not initiated at this time by SAE & the SAE TF using the SAE Cooperative Research Program (CRP). See Appendix A.
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