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WIP 2020-09-17

Infrastructure Applications Testing for Interoperability J3238

Interoperability is a key metric for success of ITS standards. To achieve interoperability, testing of V2X infrastructure applications requires a common methodology for verification and validation of these applications. The Infrastructure Applications Technical Committee (IATC) has recommended that certification of applications be performed based on specifications vetted through a consensus-based process. This project will develop a recommended practice test methodology for the different type of interface configurations supported by various IATC application specifications. Those 3 interface configurations are: * broadcast interface (SAE messages broadcast using WSMP), * localized data exchange interface (SAE data exchanges using WSMP or IP), and * cloud based data exchange interface (SAE data exchanges using IP). By creating a generalized test methodology for infrastructure-based applications interfaces and corresponding performance levels, adding application-specific test methodologies to exchange specific data objects over one of these three interface configurations creates a simple means of testing the applications themselves. When new infrastructure-based application standards are developed, the test methodology and required performance levels can be simply incorporated by reference, and the selected methodology can be pointed to by a particular standard based on the contents of the data exchanges and the performance requirements thereof.
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