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WIP 2020-11-02

Recommended Practice for Partial Flow Dilution System Measurement of Particulate Matter (PM) J3241

This Recommended Practice establishes test procedures and best practices for particulate matter (PM) measurement under partial flow conditions. Partial flow PM testing and certification is mostly used on heavy duty applications as described in CFR Part 1065 where full flow sampling systems with full dilution tunnel and CVSs can be very bulky for larger heavy duty engines. 40 CFR Part 1066 also allows the use of partial flow systems for light duty applications in lieu of full flow systems. Partial flow does not require the use of a CVS sampling system or a full dilution tunnel. This makes it easier and more convenient to perform PM measurement in smaller test cells that cannot fit a large CVS or a full dilution tunnel. This document will describe the different components / specifications of the LD and HD partial flow systems, the required quality checks needed to ensure the integrity of the sampling system. It also addresses the many sampling options and calculations that are approved by the regulations. Correlation data between partial and full flow systems will also be included.
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