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WIP 2021-07-15

Taxonomy & Definitions for Operational Design Domain (ODD) for Driving Automation Systems J3259

Per SAE J3016 (2021), the Operational Design Domain (ODD) for a driving automation system is defined as “Operating conditions under which a given driving automation system, or feature thereof, is specifically designed to function, including, but not limited to, environmental, geographical, and time-of-day restrictions, and/or the requisite presence or absence of certain traffic or roadway characteristics.”; in short the ODD defines the limits within which the driving automation system is designed to operate, and as such, will only operate when the parameters described within the ODD are satisfied.. This information Report serves to provide terminology, definitions and taxonomy for use in describing an ODD and respective elements for a driving automation system. This classification and definition of a harmonized set of ODD elements is based on the collection and analysis of existing information from multiple sources. This information report provides guidance for defining the ODD applicable to a driving automation system, where the ODD scope is dependent on the driving automation system Level (1-5), as defined in SAE J3016. While this Information Report provides definitions to be understood by a human, the terminology and language as used in the individual developer’s specification may vary dependent on the system design (hardware, software, perception, etc.)
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