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WIP 2022-04-04

Best Practices for Developing and Validating Simulations for Automated Driving Systems J3279

This document describes best practices for developing and validating simulations in support of ADS for on-road motor vehicles, as well as validation of ADS models. However, this document will not address the various approaches and considerations for developing an ADS model as this topic is addressed primarily in SAE J2998. Similarly, this document will not specify types of simulations needed for a given system as this is dependent on the system developer as well as simulations where the ADS model (or parts thereof) can be utilized but are not the system under test. Conversely, this Information Report describes best practices related to taxonomies of ADS simulations (e.g., driver-in-the-loop, vehicle-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop, etc.). In addition, ADS simulations referenced within this document can be utilized during different phases of a systems engineering lifecycle or product development lifecycle (e.g., design, development, testing, production, operations, maintenance). Some best practices may be specific to a specific type of simulation (e.g., hardware-in-the-loop, driver-in-the-loop, etc.) or a specific SAE J3016 level of automation or range of levels of automation (e.g., 3-5, 4, etc.) and such best practices will be designated accordingly. Furthermore, there are numerous assets utilized in ADS simulation and this document will discuss how these assets should be applied when conducting ADS simulation but not how to develop the assets themselves.
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