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WIP 2012-01-17

Welded Flash-Controlled Low-Carbon Steel Tubing Normalized for Bending, Double Flaring, and Beading J356

The SAE Standard covers normalized electric-resistance welded flash-controlled single-wall, low-carbon steel pressure tubing intended for use as pressure lines and in other applications requiring tubing of a quality suitable for bending, double flaring, beading, forming, and brazing. Material produced to this specification is not intended to be used for single flare applications due to the potential leak path that would be caused by the ID weld bead or scarfed region. Assumption of risks when using this material for single flare applications to be defined by agreement between the producer and tube purchaser. This specification also covers SAE J356 Type-A tubing. The mechanical properties and performance requirements of standard SAE J356 and SAE J356 Type-A are the same. Therefore, the designated differences of Type-A tubing are not meant to imply that Type-A tubing is in anyway inferior to standard SAE J356. The Type-A designation is only meant to address the unique manufacturing differences of the small diameter, light wall sizes (typically 19.05 mm OD x 1.24 mm wall and smaller.) The primary differences between SAE J356 and SAE J356 Type-A are described in the following paragraph. Type-A tubing is heat treated in-line to relieve stresses and is generally produced in coiled form. When Type-A tubing is produced in coil form, straight lengths of Type-A are only available through a secondary straightening and cut-to-length operation. Standard SAE J356 is produced as straight lengths and then receives a secondary normalizing operation. All standard SAE J356 requirements apply to Type-A tubing unless the specific requirement is noted with a “Type-A” designation. Standard SAE J356 is also available in the same sizes as Type-A, in which case all the standard SAE J356 specifications apply.
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