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WIP 2020-06-04

H-Point Machine (HPM-II) Specifications and Procedure for H-Point Determination - Auditing Vehicle Seats J4002

This Standard provides the specifications and procedures for using the H-point machine (HPM) to audit vehicle seating positions. The HPM is a physical tool used to establish key reference points and measurements in a vehicle. The H-point design tool (HPD) is a simplified CAD version of the HPM, which can be used in conjunction with the HPM to take the optional measurements specified in this document, or used independently during product design.

These H-point devices provide a method for reliable layout and measurement of occupant seating compartments and/or seats. This document specifies the procedures for installing the H-point machine (HPM) to using the HPM to audit (verify) key reference points and measurements in a vehicle.

The devices are intended for application at designated seating positions. They are not to be construed as tools that measure or indicate occupant capabilities or comfort. They are not intended for use in defining or assessing temporary seating, such as folding jump seats.

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