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WIP 2012-01-17

Metallic Tube Connections for Fluid Power and General Use – Part 1: 37° Flared Fittings J514/1

The September 2006 edition of SAE J514 was a single document specifying the requirements for 37° flare adapters with J1926-3 stud ends and NPTF Pipe ends, Flareless Bite Type Adapters, internal and external hex plugs, NPTF pipe adapters, and Adapter Unions. In XXXXX 2005, ISO 8434-2 was published covering the requirements for 37° Flare adapters with ISO 6149-3, ISO 1179-3, ISO 11926-3 and ISO 9974-3 stud ends.. This revision of SAE J514 adopts the connectors covered within ISO 8434-2 incorporating the rationalized dimensions from ISO 8434-2 where applicable, for the inch (ISO 11926-3 / SAE J1926-3) stud end 37° connectors, as well as fitting configurations that are not specified in the ISO standard. Formerly, SAE J514 was organized as a single document with 10 clauses, which included 6 sections. This revision of SAE J514 has been organized into three sections as follows: Part 1: 37° Flared Fittings Part 2: Flareless (Bite Type) Fittings Part 3: NPTF Pipe Fittings and Pipe Unions Internal and external hex O-ring plugs were removed from J514. These plugs are now specified in SAE J1926-4. Straight Thread O-Ring ports were removed from SAE J514. These ports are now specified in SAE J1926-1. 37° Tube Fittings with NPTF Pipe Threads, formerly part of J514 are now attached as Annex X
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