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WIP 2022-04-18

Coolants for Internal Combustion Engines J814

<p>This SAE Information Report is a source of information concerning the basic properties of engine coolants which are satisfactory for use in internal combustion engines. Engine coolant concentrate (antifreeze) must provide adequate corrosion protection, lower the freezing point, and raise the boiling point of the engine coolant. For additional information on engine coolants see ASTM D3306 and ASTM D4985.</p> <p>The values presented describe desirable basic properties. The results from laboratory tests are not conclusive, and it should be recognized that the final selection of satisfactory coolants can be proven only after a series of performance tests in vehicles.</p> <p>The document describes in general the necessary maintenance procedures for all engine coolants to insure proper performance as well as special requirements for coolants for heavy-duty engines.</p> <p>This document does not cover maintenance of engine cooling system component parts.</p>
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