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WIP 2020-10-29

Integrated Project Processes for Engineering a System SAE1001

This standard is applicable to the engineering or the reengineering of:

a. Commercial or non-commercial systems, or portions thereof;

b. Any system, small or large, simple or complex, software-intensive or not, precedented or unprecedented;

c. Systems made up of hardware, software, firmware, personnel, facilities, data, materials, services, techniques, or processes (or combinations thereof);

d. A new system or a legacy system, or portions thereof.

NOTE: The specific tasks and implementation methods for applying the processes required by this standard can vary, for example, between commercial and government projects, or between customer-involved and internally developed projects. The fundamental processes, however, are the same in all cases.

The requirements of this standard, or a designated subset, are intended to be applied by projects establishing policies and procedures for project implementation of the adopted process and process elements of this standard.

The requirements of this standard may be tailored as follows:

a. Processes – Processes may be tailored to be applicable for a given type of project or system. For example, the System Utilization Processes typically don’t apply for conceptual or prototype systems in the same manner as for full-volume production systems.

b. Activities – Activities may be tailored to reflect the specific approach established by a project, where the modified Activities still achieve the intended Process Purpose and Process Outcomes.

c. Tasks, Inputs, and Outputs – Tasks, Inputs, and Outputs may be tailored to reflect the specific approach or methods established by a project, including different life cycle approaches for a given project or system, where the modifications still achieve the intended purpose of the Activity.

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