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Rigorous and recognized global standards are essential for the certification, airworthiness, and interoperability of aerospace products in a truly worldwide sector. Few other industries demand products with the degree of quality required by aviation, defense, and space.

SAE International is the custodian of a portfolio of over 7,800 active standards, specifications, recommended practices, and information reports covering design, manufacturing, certification, operation, and maintenance.

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SAE International and IAQG Sign Landmark Agreement for Global Aerospace Standards

The International Aerospace Quality Group® (IAQG) has announced SAE International (SAEI) as the organization’s international standards publisher. Under the IAQG/SAE Standards Development and Publications Agreement, the aerospace industry will be able to turn to SAE or one of its many global resellers to purchase new and/or newly revised standards. This agreement is designed to streamline the development and publication process using a single, common workflow that increases speed to market while improving global distribution management.

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SAE International Defines Electrified Aircraft Voltage Levels and Wiring Impacts with Two New Aerospace Information Reports

SAE International announced the publication of two new aerospace technical reports: SAE AIR7502™: Aircraft Electrical Voltage Level Definitions and SAE AIR7506™: Impact of High Voltage on Wiring. As the industry adopts electrified aircraft using higher voltages for systems and propulsion, the documents were primarily driven by the resulting need to mitigate the effects of increasing electric power demand on board.

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SAE OnQue™ Digital Standards System

SAE OnQue Digital Standards System delivers standards trusted by industry in a format supporting data transfer. SAE International, pioneer and trusted resource in engineering standards, brings our expansive library of knowledge to engineers with the power of digital information delivery.

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SAE Aerospace standards are developed and maintained by over 180 technical committees comprising 12,000+ experts from 65 countries. To ensure that SAE standards are applicable to all stakeholders, SAE committees include representatives from industry (OEMs, suppliers, operators, MROs), regulatory authorities, military agencies, and research organizations.

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