Standards Status Definitions


A technical report shall be cancelled when it is deemed to be “not fit for use” due to technical reasons or when its technical requirements are totally superseded by another document. Cancellation is accomplished by issuing a new revision which contains a Cancellation Notice along with a Rationale statement and any supersession information as the first page of the document. The remaining pages contain the last active revision of the document.


A Revised status indicates that an Active technical report has been updated or modified and re-published. A revised document is indicated by the addition of the revision letter indicator and/or the addition of the Revision date below the original Issued date. It is understood that the later revision supersedes the previous revision. Subject to 5-year review.


Stabilized status is given to a technical report that has been frozen at the last active revision level. A Stabilized technical report may be revised if technical committee members express a need for it. A 5-year review is not required. (ANSI nationally adopted standards subject to 10-year review.)


This is the first time a Technical Report is published. New standards are identifiable by the lack of any revision letter and just the Issued date (no dates pertaining to a revision or reaffirmation).  Subject to 5-year review.


A Reaffirmed status is given to technical reports (new or revised) that have been reviewed by the technical committee and deemed to be current with no need for immediate revision. Subject to 5-year review.

Five-Year (5) Review

Every technical report that has not been stabilized or cancelled requires an action to be taken within five (5) years.


WIP stands for Work In Progress.