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With its long-standing standards development activities dating back to 1905, SAE International facilitates industry, government, and academia collaboration on standards which cover the design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing of vehicles and their components. This allows, SAE International, to advance mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity.

The voluntary participation of thousands of technical professionals from around the world serving on more than 530 technical committees has helped make SAE International the largest and most respected authority on vehicle engineering standards and their development.

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CAN FD Data Link Layer

Published by the Truck Bus Control and Communications Network Committee in March 2021.  The number of SAE J1939 family of documents is now 27 and starts with “Serial Control and Communications Heavy Duty Vehicle Network - Top Level Document”  and the family grows from there.

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Updated SAE J3016™ Recommended Practice Refined for Clarity and International Audience

With the rapid advancement of driving automation, SAE International, in collaboration with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), announced an important update to the industry’s most-cited reference for driving automation capabilities...

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SAE J3214: Breath-Based Alcohol Detection System

This standard establishes the performance specifications for the zero-tolerance breath alcohol detection system to reduce the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol. It defines the accuracy and precision requirements of the BrAC measurement, as well as...

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Emerging Technologies addressed by SAE's Technical Committees

Automation Systems

Physical Protection of Wiring Harnesses

Vehicle Display System

Active Safety Systems

Battery Electric Vehicles

Electronically Controlled All-Wheel Drive/Driveline Coupling Systems

Engine Oil Viscosity Classification

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