SAE Counterfeit Defect Coverage Tool

The SAE Counterfeit Defect Coverage (CDC) Tool is a dynamic, web-based application that supplements SAE Standard AS6171 authored by the SAE G-19A Test Laboratory Standards Development Committee. It provides potential test sequences for the identification of counterfeit electrical, electronic, and electromechanical (EEE) parts along a range of risk levels and EEE part types. Allowing users to compare alternative test sequences as a function of resources needed to implement those tests, the SAE CDC Tool is appropriate for those ordering counterfeit detection tests as well as those performing the tests.

Features and Benefits

Potential Users
The SAE CDC Tool could be used by anyone using or invoking AS6171 to develop a counterfeit detection test sequence or to understand the level of coverage. These users are often staff at a test lab or a parts distributor.
Examples include: Personnel evaluating a counterfeit detection test sequence or reliant on a test sequence for coverage of counterfeit detection; or personnel at an organization who may be ordering or dependent on a test sequence in accordance with AS6171.