AMS-STD-595—Colors Used in Government Procurement

AMS-STD-595—Colors Used in Government Procurement
As of February 14, 2017, SAE International has published AMS-STD-595, "Colors Used in Government Procurement." This standard and its related supporting material supersede the canceled Federal Standard 595, which is intended to promote standardization and consistency in the color of items produced for government use.
AMS-STD-595 defines a color index system used by, but not limited to, government activities in a format suitable for color identification, color selection, color matching, and quality control inspection. It also describes the designation and use of color media that is available to conduct these activities.

Color chips shall be used for color matching and control of items produced for government use. Upon the publication of this standard, only color chips marked "AMS-STD-595" shall be used as reference material for this standard. Color matching shall be accomplished by comparing CIE L*a*b* color coordinates obtained from spectrophotometric analysis of the item produced for government use and the applicable color chip.

Color chips are mandatory for compliance with government usage and should be replaced at minimum every three years to account for discoloration and fading.

Available products for purchase include:

AMS-STD-595 Color Examination Service

This service is intended for customers in need of color compliance validation compared against the AMS-STD-595A color standard. Upon receiving a part or substrate from a costumer, SAE International will measure the color using a Hunter UltraScan VIS, Diffuse Sphere 8 degree geometry spectrophotometer, 10 degree observer (Hunter Associates Laboratory Inc., 11491 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, VA 20190-5280). The results will be compared against the respective AMS-STD-595A color standard and a report will be supplied to the costumer. This service costs $175 and requires purchase of color chips for colors to be inspected, which will be supplied to customer.

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