Interactive Smart Standard J1040 ROPS

Formed by the SAE Strategic Alliance (SSA), the Interactive J1040 Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) Collaboration will develop an interactive smart standard according to SAE J1040, Performance Criteria for Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) for Construction, Earthmoving, Forestry and Mining Machines.

The SAE J1040 Smart Standard will enhance the ROPS validation process by shortening the time to market and bringing to market the most cost-effective product.

SAE J1040 identifies the performance criteria for destructive testing of vehicles used by construction, earthmoving, forestry and mining industries. By developing a computer-simulated standard, users could verify designs and certify ROPS structures without the need for destructive ROPS testing, creating significant cost savings.

Smart standards take information such as text, mathematical formulas, equations, charts, illustrations and tables and turn them into calculations, data lookups and answers to design problems. The J1040 Smart Standard enhances validation by identifying a process to incorporate analysis with destructive testing.

The SAE J1040 ROPS could be delivered as a simulation model, capable of being integrated with existing design and safety analysis software. Compliance testing could be performed by computer 50 percent of the time within five years, 75 percent of the time within eight years.

In the interim, ROPS validation will be conducted with analysis in combination with destructive testing. As analysis methods mature, less destructive testing will be needed.

The project is expected to consist of four phases including the following:

  1. Feasibility Phase - Industry Practices Survey, User Requirements Definition - Industry Recommended Practice
  2. Design Phase - Design Document - Testing Plan
  3. Prototype Phase - Working Prototype - Application Program Interface Document
  4. Productization Phase - Computer-simulated J1040 ROPS Standard

The primary deliverables for the Feasibility Phase include a User Requirements Document and an Industry Recommended Practice. The documents will be the primary source documents for Phase Two of the project.

Industry supports the future interactive standard and perceives J1040 as providing increased safety for the occupants of construction, earthmoving, forestry and mining machines as well as reducing liability for the manufacturer.

All industry partners include Bobcat, Caterpillar, CNH Global, Deere and Ditchwitch are SSA Partners.

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