Iron and Steel Technical Committee

Committee Standards

Group A - Wrought Products

Division 1 - Carbon and Alloy Steels
J401Nov92 IR - Selection and Use of Steels
J402Nov93 S - SAE Numbering System for Wrought or Rolled Steel
J403Aug95 S - Chemical Compositions of SAE Carbon Steels
J404Apr94 S - Chemical Compositions of SAE Alloy Steels
J409Feb 95 S - Permissible Variations from Specified Cast or Head Ranges and Limits for Steels
J411Sept97 IR - Carbon and Alloy Steels
J412Oct95 IR - General Characteristics and Heat Treatment of Steels
J413Feb95 IR - Mechanical Properties of Heat Treated Wrought Steels
J450Mar96 RP - Use of the Terms Yield Point and Yield Strength
J935Mar96 RP - High Strength Carbon and Alloy Die Drawn Steels
J1081Nov93 RP - Potential Standard Steels
J1249Apr94 IR - Former Standard SAE Steels and Former SAE Ex-Steels (replaces J118 and J778)
J1397May92 - Machinability Ratings of Carbon and Alloy Steels
J1442Nov93 RP - Steel, High Strength, Hot Rolled Plates, Bars and Shapes
J2281May97 IR - Selecting and Specifying Hot Rolled Steel Bar Products

Division 13 - High Strength and Low Alloy Steels
This committee has been disbanded and all documents transferred to other divisions.

Division 15 - Corrosion Resistant Steels

J405Jan89 SChemical Compositions of SAE Wrought Stainless Steels

Division 17 - Spring Wire

J113Jun94 RP - Hard Drawn Mechanical Spring Wire and Springs
J132Jun94 RP - Oil Tempered Chromium-Vanadium Valve Spring Quality Wire and Springs
J157Jun94 RP - Oil Tempered Chromium-Silicon Alloy Steel Wire and Springs
J172Aug94 RP - Hard Drawn Carbon Steel Valve Spring Quality Wire and Springs
J178Jun94 RP - Music Steel Spring Wire and Springs
J217Dec88 RP - Stainless Steel 17-7 PH Spring Wire and Springs
J230Jun94 RP - Stainless Steel, SAE30302, Spring Wire and Springs
J271Jun94 RP - Special Quality High Tensile, Hard Drawn Mechanical Spring Wire and Springs
J316Jun94 RP - Oil Tempered Carbon Steel Spring Wire and Springs
J351Jun94 RP - Oil Tempered Carbon Steel Valve Spring Quality Wire and Springs

Division 32 - Sheet and Strip Steel

J126Jun86 RP - Selecting and Specifying Hot and Cold Polled Steel Sheet and Strip
J810Mar96 IR - Classification of Common Imperfections in Sheet Steel
J863Jun86 RP - Methods of Determining Plastic Deformation in Sheet Steel Stampings
J877Jun84 IR - Properties of Low Carbon Steel Sheets and Strip and Their Relationship to Formability
J911Jun86 RP - Surface Texture Measurement of Cold Rolled Sheet Steel
J940Oct94 IR - Glossary of Carbon Steel Sheet and Strip Terms
J1058Apr91 IR - Sheet Steel Thickness and Profiles
J1392Jun84 RP - Steel, High Strength, HR Sheet and Strip, CR Sheet and Coated Sheet
J1562Draft RP - Selection of Galvanized (Hot Dipped and Electrodeposited Sheet Steel)
J1852Sept87 IR - Properties of Galvanized Low Carbon Steel Sheets and Their Relation to Formability
J2096Jul92 RP - Categorization of Low Carbon Automotive Sheet Steel
J2329May97 RP - Categorization and Properties of Low Carbon Automotive Sheet Steel

Group B - Cast and Sintered Products

Division 9 - Automotive Iron and Steel Castings
J158Jun86 S - Automotive Malleable Iron Castings
J431Mar93 S - Automotive Gray Iron Castings
J434Jun86 S - Automotive Ductile (Nodular) Iron Castings
J435cJul74 S - Automotive Steel Castings
J859Oct92 RP - Numbering System for Designating Grades of Cast Ferrous Materials

Division 34 - Tool Materials

J437aApr70 IR - Selection and Heat Treatment of Tool and Die Steels
J438bApr70 S - Tool and Die Steels
J439aFeb77 RP - Sintered Carbide Tools
J1072Feb77 RP - Sintered Tool Materials

Division 36 - Ferrous Powdered Metals

J471Aug73 S - Sintered Powdered Metal Parts: Ferrous
J1951Draft - Standard Material Spec for Ferrous Powder Metallurgy Structural Parts

Group C - Properties and Processes

Division 12 - Joint Committee on Definitions of Terms Relating to Heat Treatment of Metals
J415Jul95 IR - Definitions of Heat Treating Terms

Division 33 - Gear Metallurgy

J1619Jan97 IR - Single Tooth Bending Fatigue Project

Division 35 - Elevated Temperature Properties of Ferrous Metals

J125May88 IR - Elevated Temperature Properties of Cast Iron
J775Aug93 IR - Engine Tappat Valve Materials
J1682Aug93 S - Valve Guide Standard
J1682Aug93 S - Valve Seat Insert Standard

Group D - Test Procedures

Division 3 - Test Procedures
J408Dec83 RP - Methods of Sampling Steel for Chemical Analysis
J416Dec83 RP - Tensile Test Specimens
J417Dec83 RP - Hardness Tests and Hardness Number Conversions
J418Dec83 RP - Grain Size Determination of Steels
J419Dec83 RP - Methods of Measuring Decarburization
J421May93 RP - Cleanliness Rating of Steels by the Magnetic Particle Method
J422Dec83 RP - Microscopic Determination of Inclusions in Steel
J423Dec83 RP - Methods of Measuring Case Depth
J864May93 RP - Surface Hardness Testing with Files

Division 8 - Carbon and Alloy Steel Hardenability

J406Jun93 S - Methods of Determining Hardenability of Steels
J1268Jun93 S - Hardenability Bands for Carbon and Alloy H Steels (replaces J407 and J776)
J1868Sept93 S - Restricted Hardenability Bands for Selected Alloy Steels
J1975Jun91 IR - Hardenability of Carburized Steels
Division 25 - Nondestructive Test Methods
J349Feb91 IR - Detection of Surface Imperfections in Ferrous Rods, Bars, Tubes and Wires
J358Feb91 IR - Nondestructive Tests
J359Feb91 IR - Infrared Testing
J420Mar91 IR - Magnetic Particle Inspection
J425 Mar91 IR - Eddy Current Testing by Electromagnetic Methods
J426Mar91 IR - Liquid Penetrant Test Methods
J427Mar91 IR - Penetrating Radiation Inspection
J428Mar91 IR - Ultrasonic Inspection
J1242Mar91 IR - Acoustic Emission Test Methods
J1267Dec88 IR - Leakage Testing