Aerospace checklist for military standards conversion

1. The urgency or volume of conversions determine the process used. It does not permit:

• use of the SAE cover sheet adoption process.
• use of the military designation in the document number.

2. Document numbers for SAE converted standards. • Use the appropriate SAE prefix and the DOD document number.
• Any part numbering in the document will not change. Examples: QQ-A-200 becomes AMSQQ-A-200 (federal spec). MIL-H-83797 becomes AS83797 (mil spec).

3. The accelerated process is a word for word conversion of the original and: • is only used when time is not available for normal process.
• is to ensure technical equivalency.
• contains boiler plate wording identifying the conversion.
• doesn't permit editorial or administrative corrections.
• requires standards with QPLs to have additional wording and requirements.
• is approved is at the committee level by the chairmen or their designees.

4. Requests for exceptions to this process. • Division Chairman consults with staff.
• Include request in the division report to council.
• Revisions are made using the established consensus process.

5. Coordinate with the Preparing Activity to be sure the cancellation notice has the SAE document as the replacement.

6. Revisions to the SAE converted standard:

• follow the established SAE consensus process.
• can be started at any time.

7. Divisional reports to Aerospace Council will include: • initiation of a conversion project.
• publication of the converted document.
• notification of process exceptions or special requirements.

8. SAE standards may not include or relate to the creation of a qualified products list (QPL). • Can include the QPL as a section or attachment for historic reference.
• Introductory notice references the use of the accelerated procedure.
• QPL information will not be changed until a revision is made.
• Revise the document within three years after conversion.