Joint A-5/A-6 Technical Symposium

Peter Amos, Chairman Committee, A-6 Aerospace Actuation, Control and Fluid Power Systems and Tom Nemcheck, Chairman Committee, A-5 Landing Gear Systems, have announced a joint A-5/A-6 Technical Symposium to take place during the 2003 Aerospace Congress & Exhibition (ACE). The Symposium will be held at the Wyndham Hotel, in Montreal, Canada, on Thursday September 11, 2003, starting at 8:30 a.m to approximately 5:00 p.m. The two Chairmen report great interest in this unique event, which takes full advantage of the opportunities created by the ACE concept of many committees meeting at the same time to provide a recognized proactive and enabling forum for international aerospace standardization.

"A-6 deals with actuation and control systems and fluid power systems integration, as well as the role of components within aircraft control systems," Amos explained. "It is of necessity that there is a good deal of mutual interest in the work of many committees. A-6 works closely with, and has members who regularly attend and cooperate with A-5, G-3, AE-5, AE-7, AMS-CE, and several other committees."

"For years A-6 has arranged co-located meetings with AMS-CE (Elastomers Committee) to assist members who wish to attend both AMS-CE and A-6, particularly those from the sealing industry," Amos said. "With the great importance of landing gear, steering, and braking systems—in terms of overall aircraft systems design, power requirements, safety, reliability, and redundancy—we are very excited with this joint event. It has great significance at the systems integration level, as well as at the component level, with special challenges in the areas of valves, actuation, sealing, hoses, tubing and fluids"

"I fully agree," Nemcheck said. "A-5 deals with aerospace landing gear systems, which include aircraft landing gear, wheels, tires, brakes, and brake controls including anti-skid systems. A-5 has members who attend or coordinate with A-6, G-12 and AGE-2."

Current industry trends have placed increasing emphasis for major system integration on the landing-gear community. A-5 is responding to this challenge with a guide for landing-gear system integration, AIR 5451, which is currently in ballot. Joint meetings such as this provide a cohesive strategy for extending communications and linkages to SAE committees and divisions under the Aerospace Council for addressing the challenges presented by this total systems responsibility. A-5 has a high level of interest for collaborating with committees responsible for other aircraft airborne systems and ground-support equipment, which interface to the landing-gear system. There is also great interest in collaborating with committees who influence the environment within which the landing gear and its components must operate."

In keeping with the spirit of cooperation at ACE, the joint symposium will be open to all registered attendees from any of the SAE Aerospace Committees meeting held in Montreal during ACE.