SAE Standards Development

Air Data Computer Standard Being Revised

AS8002–Air Data Computer—Minimum Performance Standard is being revised by the A-4 Air Data Working Group of the Aircraft Instruments Committee.

The current version of the standard (AS8002A) was published in 1996, and work on the revision, which began in January 2016, is intended to make the standard reflect the current state of the art, according to Air Data Working Group Chair Patrick Moynihan, Principal Engineer, Mechanical–Sensors & Integrated Systems, UTC Aerospace Systems.

Balloting on the revised version of the standard, which covers air data computer equipment, is expected to occur later in 2017, with the goal of publishing the revision in 2018. Significant progress was made during the working group’s meeting at UTAS in Burnsville, MN, from May 23-25, said Moynihan.

The revision will update the standard’s requirements for minimum altitude performance, barometric corrected altitude, and environmental standards. U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Technical Standard Order (TSO) C106 refers to AS8002A for the minimum performance requirements that must be met to receive TSO authorization. Updating the standard will eliminate the need for companies to request approval for deviations to the current out-of-date version, thus simplifying the process for the certification of air data computers.