SAE Standards Development

SAE Counterfeit Parts Avoidance Standards Adopted by the DoD

Two SAE International standards on counterfeit parts avoidance that were developed under the auspices of the G-19 Counterfeit Electronics Parts Committee were adopted by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) in March.

The two standards are: The DoD adoption raises the profile of these standards, and is further indication that SAE is a leader in the field of counterfeit parts mitigation. DoD representatives serve on the SAE committees that develop these standards.

AS6171 standardizes inspection and test procedures, workmanship criteria, and minimum training and certification requirements to detect suspect/counterfeit electrical, electronic, and electromechanical parts. The standard ensures consistency across the supply chain for test techniques, and mitigates the technical risk of performing insufficient inspections and tests to determine suspected counterfeit EEE parts.

AS6496 identifies the requirements for mitigating counterfeit products in the Authorized Distributor supply chain by the Authorized Distributor, establishing requirements, practices and methods to mitigate the risk of fraudulent/counterfeit parts entering the supply chain.