U.S. Army TACOM initiative launches a new G-11 RMSL Division and Probabilistic Methods Committee meeting

The SAE G-11 RMSL Division and Probabilistic Methods Committee will meet October 6-8 at the Best Western Sterling Inn, Sterling Heights, MI. The meeting is co-sponsored by U.S. Army Tank-automotive & Armaments Command (TACOM). The meeting will provide an industry/government/academia forum to review RMSL technology; reliability and probabilistic technology; reliability-based design methods; software reliability; and maintainability standards. With more than 100 members including members with national/international standing, the mission of the G-11 Probabilistic Methods Committee is to "enable/facilitate rapid deployment of probabilistic technology to enhance the competitiveness of our industries by better, faster, greener, smarter, affordable, and reliable product development."

This meeting will be highlighted with keynote speakers including U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) Commanding General Paul Kern, U.S. Army TACOM Commanding Major General N. Ross Thompson, and U.S. Army Ordnance Center (AOC) Commanding Brigadier General Lenaers. In addition, four strategic issue sessions are arranged to address reliability and probabilistic technology for army, industry, and academia. The attendee-focused meeting will offer a session "Response to Strategic Issues" panel discussion.

In addition to the regular G-11 Committee, this meeting will have participation of a new G-11 Ground Vehicle Subcommittee that was established at the spring 2003 meeting at West Palm Beach, FL, to address issues of uncertainty, durability, and reliability of ground vehicles specifically. This meeting will kick-off the understanding, formation, and future plans for participation and making an impact on this critical Army initiative. There is a burgeoning realization among the ground vehicle community that, due to manufacturing, loading, and model uncertainties, it is necessary to consider uncertainty and reliability in the integrated product and process development. The Ground Vehicle Subcommittee will provide value to both the DoD and the automotive industry by working to standardize a methodology and commercialize the application of that methodology via software products so that the tools will be available to industry and government. These new tools will improve the quality of vehicles, enable warranty extension for commercial vehicles, and reduce maintenance and logistics issues for both industry and the military.

For more information on Army undertaking, contact David Gorsich at GorsichD@tacom.army.mil or K.K. Choi at kkchoi@ccad.uiowa.edu; on G-11 technical matters, contact Suren Singhal at suren.singhal@msfc.nasa.gov; and on registration for the meeting, contact SAE G-11 Representative, Kerry Tielsch, at ktielsch@sae.org. To ensure your active participation, please register early by contacting Kerry.