Impact of Mil-Spec reform

Many of the military specifications that were transferred to SAE are now in the process of being revised by the responsible SAE technical committees. The changes to these documents may impact your company, especially those that include QPLs. Participation by all stakeholders is vital.

The SAE AE-8 Aerospace Electrical/Electronic Distribution Systems Committee and its subcommittees will be meeting the week of October 20-24, 2003, in conjunction with the SAE Aerospace Electrical Interconnect Systems Symposium, in Nashville, TN. The subcommittees include Distribution Systems, Protective Devices, Switches, Relays, Connectors, Terminating Devices and Wire & Cable.

For details on this meeting, visit the committee's online Public Forum or contact Elizabeth Demoratz, SAE, at

In addition, the SAE Avionics Systems Division (ASD) will be meeting in conjunction with the AE-8 Committees. Joint subcommittee sessions are being scheduled to address issues related to connector and contact problems related to MIL-STD-1760. Further details on the ASD activity can be obtained at the division's online Public Forum at or contact Becky Lemon, SAE, at