Aerospace document templates announced by SAE

A giant step was taken!

In April 2003, the SAE E-Document Production area provided the SAE Aerospace Committees with Word format templates that document sponsors can use in the development of SAE Aerospace Standards.

In response to the needs of the committee members, the templates were developed in Microsoft Word software, which is easy to use and accepted worldwide.

Several templates (text, parts, AMS) along with instructions were designed to meet the requirements of all aerospace technical committees. The templates clearly identify the required sections of each document and have preset fonts and style tags for ease of use.

SAE is also pleased to announce the release of a new aid for technical committee members, "Using Microsoft Word to Prepare SAE Reports." This document was authored by a member of the SAE A-5 Landing Gear Systems Committee, Robert Mackness of The Boeing Co. Mackness initiated this document as a means to assist individuals not familiar with the various aspects of Microsoft Word. A recognition award was presented to Mackness at the May A-5 Meeting.

The development of the templates also provides SAE with the ability to provide editable Word files to the committees to use in the five-year review and revision process.

Templates designed for use by the ground vehicle and heavy-duty standards committees will be released in the near future.