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New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled SAE Aerospace Material Specifications

July 2018

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Document Committee Status Title
AMS2477B AMSB Revised Conversion Coating for Aluminum Alloys Low Electrical Resistance Coating
AMS2759/12B AMSB Revised Automated Gaseous Nitrocarburizing Controlled by Potentials
AMS3793D AMSP Stabilized Tape and Webbing, Textile, Para-Aramid Intermediate Modulus
AMS5027G AMSE Revised Steel, Welding Wire 1.05Cr - 0.55Ni - 1.0Mo - 0.08V (0.26 - 0.32C) Vacuum Melted, Environment-Controlled Packaging
AMS5848E AMSF Revised Steel, Corrosion-Resistant, Bars, Wire, Forgings, Extrusions, Tubing, and Rings Wear and Galling Resistant 8.0Mn - 4.0Si - 17Cr - 8.5Ni - 0.13N Solution Heat Treated