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New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

May 2018

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Document Committee Status Title
J1383_201805 TEVLCS4 Revised Performance Requirements for Motor Vehicle Headlamps
J1939DA_201805 TETES7 Revised J1939 Digital Annex
J1953_201805 TETCBS2 Revised Brake-Stroke Indicator Design Guideline for Cam or Disc Air-Brake Actuators
J2042_201805 TEVLCS10 Revised Clearance, Sidemarker, and Identification Lamps for On-Road Vehicles 2032 mm or More in Overall Width
J2275_201805 TEVES7 Reaffirmed Internal Combustion Engines - Piston Ring-Grooves
J2717_201805 TEVVDC Revised Tests to Define Tire Size (Geometry), Mass, and Inertias
J2731_201805 TEVVDC Revised Low Speed Enveloping Test with Perpendicular and Inclined Cleats
J2801_201805 TEVVBC6 Stabilized Comprehensive Life Test for 12 V Automotive Storage Batteries
J2904_201805 TEVES7 Reaffirmed Power Cylinder Friction: Mechanisms
J2928_201805 TEVBCS3 Reaffirmed Brake Rotor Thermal Cracking Procedure for Vehicles Below 4 540 kg GVWR
J3014_201805 TEVLCS6 Reaffirmed Highly Accelerated Failure Test (HAFT) for Automotive Lamps with LED Assembly