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New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

October 2018

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Document Committee Status Title
J1124_201810 TEVES15 Reaffirmed Glossary of Terms Related to Fluid Filters and Filter Testing
J1277_201810 TECCTTS1 Reaffirmed Method for Assessing the Cleanliness Level of New Hydraulic Fluid
J1939/21_201810 TETES7 Revised Data Link Layer
J2118_201810 TECOPTCS2 Reaffirmed Braking Performance - Asphalt Pavers
J2698_201810 TETES2 Reaffirmed Primary Single Phase Nominal 120 VAC Wiring Distribution Assembly Design - Truck and Bus
J2963_201810 TETCBS4 Issued Summary of Stop Lamp-Related Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and NHTSA Interpretations, Relative to ATC, Stability Control Interventions, Engine Retarders/Exhaust Brakes
J3089_201810 TEVFC Issued Characterization of On-Board Vehicular Hydrogen Sensors
J3120_201810 TERSC Issued Sound Level Determination for Snowmobiles under Typical Trail Operating Conditions
J631_201810 TEVES3 Revised Radiator Nomenclature