New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

May 2022

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Document Committee Status Title
J1459_202205 TEVTDTS15 Revised V-Ribbed Belts and Pulleys
J1791_202205 TECMTCS2 Stabilized Self-Propelled Sweepers and Scrubbers, Dual Position Driving Controls and Displays
J1939DA_202205 TETES7 Revised J1939 Digital Annex
J1976_202205 TEMNMPPLS3 Reaffirmed Outdoor Weathering of Exterior Materials
J224_202205 TEVSSCDCA1 Revised Collision Deformation Classification
J2360_202205 TETDFLDC3 Revised Automotive Gear Lubricants for Commercial and Military Use
J2915_202205 TEVSSTS7AW Revised H-III5F Spine Box Update to Eliminate Noise
J2943_202205 TEVEM Issued Recommended Practice for Filter Weighing of Particulate Matter Emissions
J2976_202205 TEVODO Reaffirmed Speedometer and Odometer Systems for On-Highway Vehicles
J3054_202205 TEVD Revised TP1.6 Vehicle Diagnostic Protocol
J308_202205 TETDFLDC3 Revised Axle and Manual Transmission Lubricants
J30_202205 TEMSFCCS6 Revised Fuel and Oil Hoses
J3266_202205 TEVBES2E Issued Automotive Air-Conditioning Service Ports, Final Report, Recommendations
J442_202205 TEMFDED1A Revised Test Strip, Holder, and Gage for Shot Peening
J445_202205 TEMFDED1A Revised Metallic Shot and Grit Mechanical Testing