Systems Management Council Hosts Inaugural Meeting

SAE International's new Systems Management Council (SMC) held its first meeting in February.

The SMC is an interdisciplinary, cross-sector council responsible for developing, maintaining, and evolving standards that are not specific to a single industry sector such as Aerospace or Ground Vehicle. The council will deal with the standardization impacts of strategic issues confronting multiple industries, responding to needs for standards for reference in regulation, acquisition, safety, and many other areas.

The council is responsible for managing the overall health and performance of systems management standards activities by providing strategy, policy, and guidelines. Committees that will be part of the SMC include those working in the areas of configuration management, human systems integration, system safety, reliability, enterprise information and data management, and life-cycle logistics supportability.

"The formation of the SMC is a momentous step for SAE International, in that it will allow sector-agnostic committees—such as G-33 Configuration Management, G-47 Life Cycle Logistics and Supportability, and G-41 Reliability—to broaden committee membership and use/adoption of published standards," said David Alexander, Director, Aerospace Standards, SAE International.

New SMC Chair Greg Saunders, Director, Defense Standardization Program Office, will be integral in aligning the SMC with SAE International's organizational priorities and strengthening global industry support.

At its first meeting, the SMC discussed its strategic goals, its work with government agencies, and the development of working groups. The council's next meeting will be June 26-29 in Denver, CO.