Funding Contribution Levels

Level IVehicle Manufacturers and System Suppliers$35,000.00

Level I contributors will receive a copy of status reports, a complete final report and any requested original data.

Level IISystem Component and Other Suppliers$16,500.00

Component suppliers of test material can receive original data on their specific component tested.

Approved appropriate travel costs for "Core Group" and "Expert Advisors" members may be credited for reimbursement from the operating budget to their respective company.

To minimize the possibility of misinformation, all data and reports supplied to Level I and II contributors will remain proprietary to the CRP participants and will not be distributed or released to others. When the project has been completed and reviewed and the "Core Group" has approved the "General Project Overview Report", it will be made available to non-participants and the general public. The decision to release will be at the discretion and under the terms of the "Core Team".

Note: Should the project be completed under budget, any excess funds will be held in escrow for future phases of the project or returned, on a prorated basis, to the CRP participants.

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Scope of Work*
Summary of Comments*

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