Alternate Refrigerants Research

Mobile A/C System Energy Requirements*

Vehicle Interior Temperature Considerations*

CRP1234-4 Final Report
Final Report*

MRB - AC6 White Paper*

CRP 1234-4 Executive Summary

MRB CRP Project Presentations

CRP1234 Test Results*
CRP1234 Project Summary*

2007 AARS Presentations
2006 AARS Presentations
2004 AARS Presentations
2003 AARS Presentations

Phase I Scope of Work*
Summary of Comments* - (Updated November 27, 2000)
ARCRP Phase I Final Report Summary*

November 2002 ARCRP Overview Report*

Phase II Scope of Work/Solicitation*

SAE I-MAC Cooperative Research Program Scope/Solicitation*

GWP-150 Scope/Solicitation*
Potential Sponsors*
Chemical Suppliers*

Contact Information:
Gary Pollak

Alternate Refrigerants Symposiums
Air Conditioning and Heating Technology Center

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