SAE Alternate Refrigerant CRP Schedule

Budget: The proposed SAE CRP budget to evaluate Alternate Refrigerant Systems is $590,000. Commitment for total funding must be complete before SAE can place the facility under contract.

The test program will be conducted as identified in the 12 page, SAE Alternate Refrigerant Cooperative Research Program*, document (Washington Revisions November 7, 2000, update November 27, 2000).

The program will include system evaluation of the following:

The responsibility of the "Expert Advisor" team will be to provide an overview and verification of the systems tested, verifying the components as being representative of production (capable) "state of art" systems. They will also validate the testing procedures, accurate data collection and reporting.

Coordination for the assembly of the specific test system will be the responsibility of the individual team members working in concert with the entire "expert advisor" team.

The "Expert Advisor" Team will oversee the following task items:

Time Table

Preliminary test facility visits by "Core Team"December 15, 2000
Solicitation letter for project fundingJanuary 01, 2001
Test facility selection (MACS meeting)January 19, 2001
Deadline for project commitmentFebruary 02, 2001
System optimization and start of testingMarch 02, 2001
Interim Report 1August 01, 2001
Interim Report 2October 01, 2001
Completion of testingDecember 07, 2001
Final reportJanuary 15, 2002

There will be additional interim reports issued as deemed necessary by the "Core Group" and "Expert Advisor" members.

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Funding Levels
Summary of Comments*

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