CAESAR® Fact Sheet

Anthropometry—The study of human body measurements especially on a comparative basis.

Generate 3-D surface data to revise current anthropometric databases of civilian males & females ages 18-65 of various weights in the U.S. and Europe.

• Update & augment current body measurement database:
- Collecting new body measurements
- 2,500 U.S. & 2,500 European civilians
• Collect, analyze, and report new database in a format useful to scientists & engineers around the world

• age
• data collection location
• date
• education level
• ethnic group
• family income in the past year
• gender
• present occupation

• Reduces guesswork about body surface measurements making it easier to use in computer-aided design & rapid prototyping.
• Alleviates dependency of the measurements on subject's positioning when measured, allowing extraction of almost infinite number and variety of measurements long after subject has moved on.
• First viable method for capturing 3-D data of subjects in realistic postures.
• Reduces measuring differences between measurers making data sets collected by different groups more comparable (non-contact system).


December 1997Start Up Meeting
January 1998Pilot Test Procedures
March 1998First Remote Scan Set-Up
April 1998Data Collection Begins U.S.
December 1998Preliminary Data From First Site Delivered
Summer 1999Data Collection Begins in The Netherlands
Late 2000Data Collection Begins in Italy
Late 2000U.S. and Netherlands Data available
Early 2001Italy Data Sets available
September 30, 2000U.S./North America Data Collection Complete
September 1, 2000Dutch Data Collection Complete
February 1, 2001Italian Data Collection Begins
March 30, 2001U.S./N.A. Data Delivery
May 30, 2001Dutch Data Delivery
September 2001Italian Data Collection Complete
December 2001Italian Data Delivered

• 3-D Landmarks
• Data Extraction Tool
• Demographic Data
• Documentation Summaries
• Electronic 3-D Scans
• Univariate Measurements

Partners (partial list)
• BAE Systems
• Bertrand Faure
• The Boeing Company
• Case Corporation
• Caterpillar Inc.
• DaimlerChrysler
• Dayton Hudson
• Deere & Company
• Ford Motor Company
• Gap Inc.
• General Motors
• Georgia Institute of Technology
• Herman Miller
• International Truck and Engine Corporation
• Jantzen Inc.
• Johnson Controls Inc.
• Laboratory of Accidentology, Biomechanics & Human Behavior
• Lear Corporation
• Lee Company
• Levi Strauss & Company
• Lockheed Martin Aeronautical
• Magna Interior Systems Engineering
• Mazda North American Operations
• Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
• Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
• Public Technologies Multimedia, Inc.
• Sara Lee Knit Products
• Sears Manufacturing Company
• Transport Canada
• Vanity Fair, Inc.
• Visteon

Total Project Cost: $6,000,000
Partner Fee: $50,000

SAE is no longer accepting partners in this project. CAESAR data is projected to be available to the public approximately June 2002. Please check this website for further updates.

Primary SAE Contact
Gary Pollak
SAE International
400 Commonwealth Drive
Warrendale, PA 15096-0001
Phone: 724/772-7196
Fax: 724/776-0243

Documentation Available
• Executive Summary
• Fact Sheet
• Scope & Deliverables

Industry Spokespeople
Kathleen Robinette
Armstrong Labs
2255 H St AL/CFHD
WPAFB, OH 45433-7022
Phone: 937/255-8810
Fax: 937/255-8752