Technical Standards Board Members

Candidate Company Affiliation
Mark Bohley Honeywell Aerospace Member-at-Large
James Colson US Army Member-at-Large
John Cristiano University of Michigan - Dearborn Member-at-Large
Donna Eaton General Motors LLC Member-at-Large
Robert Gruszczynski Volkswagen of America Member-at-Large
Laura Hitchcock The Boeing Company Member-at-Large
Robert Ireland Airlines for America Member-at-Large
Pascal Joly Airbus Americas TSB Chair
Nand Kochhar Ford Motor Company MVC Chair
John Lenkeit Dynamic Research Inc SVEC Chair
Lou Moreiras Consultant (Retired) MPPC Chair
Chad Peterson Entegee Engineering Technical Group Member-at-Large
Andy Pickard Rolls-Royce Corp Aero Council Chair
Arunkumar Sampath Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd Member-at-Large
Gregory Saunders US Dept of Defense SMC Chair
Bruce Smith General Motors LLC MVC Chair
Don Smolenski Evonik Oil Additives F&L Council Chair
Ron Strong Lear Corporation Member-at-Large
Bart Terburg Osram Sylvania Past-Chair
Steve Uhrich Vermeer ConAg Council Chair
Brad Van Riper Truck-Lite Co Inc Member-at-Large
Dennis J. Winn Accuride Corporation Member-at-Large: Membership Chair
Richard Wood SOLUS-Solutions & Technologies LLC T&B Council Chair
Mark Zachos DG Technologies Member-at-Large