SAE Credentialing Central - Elevating Knowledge

SAE Credentialing Central - Elevating Knowledge

SAE International is pleased to provide focused credentialing opportunities for engineers and other professionals in the ground vehicle and aerospace industries. Through SAE Credentialing Central, individuals are able to earn SAE Certification by successfully passing industry-vetted exams, derived from industry-generated bodies of knowledge. Additionally, certain programs that provide training followed by an industry-vetted exam provide the opportunity to earn an SAE Certificate of Competency.

SAE offers the following Credentialing Programs:

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Vehicle Electrification (VE) Program (I.D.# CVE1200): The VE program focuses on competency and application of VE safety, components, systems and design. The program offers the:

Design Review Based on Failure Modes (DRBFM) Program (I.D.# CDR1200): The DRBFM program focuses on competency and application of philosophy, preparation, change point FMEA, design review, and actions results and feedback. The programs offers the:

">Multiple Course Certificates: Each individual is required to complete a set number of courses and assessments to receive a certificate in the designated field of study. Current offering certificates in:

Benefits of Earning SAE Certificates or Certification:

Credentialing Value to YOUR ORGANIZATION

">SAE and Kettering University Professional Certificate in Automotive Systems: Earn a SAE Professional Certificate in Automotive Systems and transfer up to 8 credit hours to Kettering University's MS degree in Engineering.