Students construct paper sailboats and test the effect of different sail shapes, sizes, and construction methods to meet specific performance criteria. Friction, forces, the effect of surface area and design are some of the physical phenomena students encounter in this challenge.

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Jet Toy

Students make balloon-powered toy cars that meet specific performance criteria like; travels far, carries weight, or goes fast. Jet propulsion, friction, air resistance and design are the core scientific concepts students explore in this challenge.

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Gravity Cruiser

Student teams design and construct a vehicle that is powered by gravity. A weighted lever connected to an axle by string rotates on its fulcrum; as the weight descends it causes the axle attached to the string to rotate, propelling the cruiser forward. Concepts explored include potential and kinetic energy, friction, inertia, momentum, diameter, circumference, measurement, graphing, and constructing a prototype.

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Programming Each Other

Students learn about thought processes involved in converting problems into subproblems and logical steps. Teams investigate the characteristics and write examples of flawed instructions as well as effective programs, using technical terminology to explain their revisions.

An exciting and unique feature of this challenge is that it is “unplugged”, enabling students to identify, explain, and apply computational learning through hands-on activities.

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Navigating the Digital Universe

Through blended hands-on and digital activities, elementary students learn how to engage with technology and navigate the digital world in a positive, safe, and responsible way. With the help of Chancellor Axel, President Teddy, and their trusted robot Maze, students explore five planets to learn about digital safety, communication, literacy, and ethics. Students apply their knowledge by creating a public service announcement to broadcast across the digital universe and teach others how to be good digital citizens.

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