Using Data Analysis Software to Model Semiconductor Yield and Define Optimal Process Space

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Data analysis software is used extensively throughout all sectors of the semiconductor industry. These sectors include product, yield, and integration engineering; process and equipment engineering; quality and reliability engineering; and more. In this 60-minute Webinar, we will take on the role of a process integration engineer at a semiconductor fabrication company and learn how they can use data analysis software to quickly generate an analysis workflow. This workflow will reshape, join, and cleanup data from different data sources and assess variable importance, as well as generate an interactive yield dashboard and a predictive yield model and define a process window to optimize yield. Sponsor: JMP Statistical Discovery

The Road to Zero Prototypes: Live from VI-grade’s ZERO PROTOTYPES Summit 2024

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Join our live webinar launching VI-grade's 2024 ZERO PROTOTYPES Summit. In this session, Guido Bairati, VI-grade's Managing Director, will introduce the "Road to Zero Prototypes" concept for today’s automotive industry, and Ben Bryson, President of HBK, will share how this aligns with HBK's mission. Tune in for EDAG Engineering's keynote, "Zero Prototype Lab - Facing Vehicle Attribute Development," where Jonas Grötzinger will highlight the importance of vehicle attributes in enhancing the driving experience and how EDAG’s innovative Zero Prototype Lab enables the automotive development process to be redefined for emerging technologies and regulatory frameworks. Don't miss this chance to explore groundbreaking solutions shaping the future of automotive engineering. Sponsor: VI-grade

Maximizing Efficiency and Speed on the Factory Floor With Modern LiDAR Scanners

Friday, May 17, 2024

For those who work with industrial equipment, on a factory, or in the field, finding errors and planning installations can be a costly and time-consuming process to do efficiently. New technology, however, has allowed unprecedented capabilities to capture the needed information to make critical decisions faster than ever with the help of 3D scanning. The results are more reliable, efficient, and streamlined workflows, enhanced precision, and accelerated production cycles through simplified scanning of large spaces and equipment. This 30-minute Webinar will shine a spotlight on cutting-edge scanning by discussing the Artec Ray II, a fast and precise LiDAR scanner used to digitize large industrial equipment and spaces. Sponsor: Hawk Ridge Systems

Transforming Transportation Manufacturing: Unlocking Growth with Sustainable Energy Solutions

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

In the U.S., traditional manufacturing processes are being disrupted by various factors. Companies in the transportation industry are making big investments in new production lines and plants at a time when interest rates are high and competition for qualified staff is fierce. As they embark on these expansions, one key question leaders must consider is whether to take a business-as-usual approach to deploying the vital, yet tertiary, systems that power their operations onsite or explore new paradigms, all while considering cost. This 60-minute Webinar will focus on how an onsite utilities-as-a-service model can help companies better fund, design, and deploy all the systems that heat, cool, and power manufacturing operations. Sponsor: ENGIE North America

The Future of Drug-Delivery Devices

Thursday, May 23, 2024

The Future of Drug-Delivery Devices Drug-delivery devices not only provide a controlled and sustained release of therapeutic agents but also enable personalized medicine and targeted therapy. The continuous advancement of materials science, microfabrication techniques, wireless technology, and personalized medicine is driving the evolution of drug-delivery systems. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Medical Design Briefs examines the factors that determine the right delivery system. Topics include: The movement away from highly complex pump delivery systems toward less-expensive disposable models; the history and future of transdermals; and how and why transdermals function, among other topics. Sponsors: COMSOL, maxon

Accelerating the Software Development Life Cycle for the Software-Defined Vehicles

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of automotive technology, the paradigm shift towards software-defined vehicles (SDV) heralds a new era of innovation, connectivity, and efficiency. To keep up with these changes, customers need state-of the-art development environments that enable them to create high-quality software in the shortest possible time while maintaining lower costs. Continuous integration, deployment, and testing (CI/CD/CT) is a key enabler for developing software packages for the SDV. Specialized modern technology provides users the ability to efficiently utilize automation workflows in electronic control unit (ECU) integration to enable CI/CD/CT up to the vehicular level. This 60-minute Webinar will present the key aspects of creating and working on an ECU integration project. It will include a demonstration of how a high-performance tool will enable users to achieve productivity and structure in the software development lifecycle. Sponsor: Elektrobit

Applying Model-Based Design to SDV Development: A Practical Example

Thursday, May 30, 2024

The shift towards software-defined vehicles (SDVs) is driving a significant change in how we design, build, and validate software. This change means we need to carefully balance software integrity, safety, and security with the push for continuous innovation. Model-Based Design (MBD) stands as a key strategy to navigate these software challenges, now enhanced to better align with DevOps methodologies. This 30-minute Webinar will explain how MBD can be integrated with DevOps and cloud technologies to enable continuous, scalable software releases and meet the evolving needs of modern automotive engineering. It will showcase the latest advancements in MDB that support critical aspects of SDV development. Sponsor: Mathworks

Product Compliance Challenges for Wireless Radio Devices in Vehicles

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Designing wireless products for normal commercial environments is well understood by most designers. However, because vehicle regulations are different from the normal Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or European Commission (EC) marking requirements, manufacturers often struggle to find, test, and certify to ensure they meet all the applicable requirements, given that most EMC requirements relate to performance, whereas automotive EMC is all about maintaining vehicle safety. This 30-minute Webinar will shine light on the industry and legislative requirements to ensure that manufacturers can create compliance strategies that are right for their products such as such as sensors, ECUs, receivers, and broadcast reception equipment. Sponsor: Element

Building Strong Defenses: Enhancing Supply Chain Resiliency in the Defense Industry

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

As defense organizations face evolving threats and disruptions, ensuring a robust and resilient supply chain becomes paramount. Those in the industry, whether defense industry professionals, supply chain managers, or decision-makers in the defense sector, need valuable insights and strategies to enhance supply chain resiliency. This 60-minute Webinar will delve into the critical topic of supply chain resiliency and its significance in the defense industry. The session will explore key strategies and best practices for enhancing supply chain resiliency in the defense sector as well as discuss the challenges faced by defense organizations — including geopolitical risks, technological advancements, and global uncertainties. Sponsor: IFS

Testing New Unmanned Aircraft Technologies

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Unmanned aircraft are one of the fastest growing areas of modern technology — whether we’re talking about military hunter/killer and surveillance systems, remotely piloted vehicles for civil and agricultural applications, or the systems proposed for future commercial applications. How are developers testing the electronics, mechanical, digital, and other new technologies being integrated into unmanned aircraft? This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Aerospace & Defense Technology will attempt to address this question while exploring some of the test equipment developers and operators are using to test new unmanned aircraft technologies. Sponsors: ALM Positioners, Boker’s, Hawk Ridge Systems, Sealevel, Summit Interconnect

Virtual Twin as an Accelerator of ADAS and AD Development

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Autonomous driving (AD) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) represent a critical domain in the automotive sector’s future. AD/ADAS capabilities, though, are challenged by increasing development complexity, cost, regulations, and more. Many OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers lack the right application and specialized resources to meet evolving demands for autonomous mobility. This 45-minute Webinar explores technology that offers an end-to-end approach to AD/ADAS and delivers advanced functionality driven through software transformation and engineering services. It highlights how a new application enables continuity of data across ADAS stages and systems, enhancing safety and reducing cost. Sponsors: Capgemini, Dassault Systèmes

Innovating Aircraft Interiors: How to Decrease Weight and Optimize Parts Production

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Today, aircraft manufacturers encounter various challenges, from meeting flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) requirements to optimizing parts production. When seeking the right product for a specific production, assembly, or repair operation, there are numerous factors to consider. It's crucial to find solutions that meet industry standards and federal regulations governing material performance in aircraft — including strength, flexibility, flame retardancy, noise reduction, and weight. This 60-minute Webinar will explore innovative new adhesives and void filling materials that are designed to work with composites and engineered alloys to achieve weight savings as well as how advanced chemistry is benefiting aircraft interiors. Sponsor: Huntsman Advanced Materials