Electropolishing for the Aerospace Industry

Available Until January 7, 2020

Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Tech Talk examines why and how electropolishing prevents premature aircraft part failures and increases cycle life. The 13-minute presentation discusses how electropolishing works, its benefits, and four case studies that show how the process is used on a variety of parts made of different alloys to solve problems, improve quality, and save time. Sponsor: Able Electropolishing

ToF & FMCW Automotive LiDARs: Design Challenges

Available Until December 11, 2019

Fully autonomous vehicles require an array of sensory systems to provide information about the vehicle’s surroundings. LiDAR is one of the leading systems for empowering these vehicles by providing the necessary high-resolution, 3D views refreshed at a standard video rate. Engineers, researchers, and startups have experimented with a variety of automotive LiDAR concepts, pointing to two viable configurations: time-of-flight (ToF) and frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW). Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar focuses on both types of LiDAR, discussing their physics principles and pointing out their pros and cons. It also examines the challenges associated with designing each type of LiDAR. Sponsor: Hamamatsu

Full Up Jet or No Go: The Paradox of Reliable RF/Microwave Signal Transmission

Available Until December 6, 2019

When it comes to reliable RF/microwave signal transmission, the military aerospace industry has reached a mission critical juncture. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar offers deep industry expertise and real-case examples, including how using the wrong cabling solution negatively impacts a final outcome through schedule disruption, downtime, and underperforming systems. Sponsor: Gore

The Latest Technologies for Energy Harvesting

Available Until December 4, 2019

This 60-minute Webinar on energy harvesting is part of the Technical Webinar Series from the editors of Tech Briefs Media. Three experts will look at the latest technologies related to this important subject area. Explored will be energy harvesting with solar panel / Li-ion battery hybrids and the deployment of hybrid solutions that combine solar PV panels with industrial grade Li-ion batteries to deliver a long-term renewable power supply. Also discussed will be harvesting energy for low-power electronics, focusing on technology for harvesting small amounts of electrical energy (up to 200 nanojoules per cycle) from mechanical motion. The Webinar also examines the use of batteries for long-life remote devices in harsh environments and explains the differences between industrial and commercial batteries and their use with energy harvesting. A Q&A is included. Sponsor: Tadiran Batteries

Reduce the Risk of Equipment Failure with Efficient Wire Termination Solutions

Available Until November 29, 2019

Reducing the risk of failure is a top priority when designing an electrical system. By making the best selections and ensuring proper installations of the termination, you can be sure your end product meets industry standards that work in your application. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar looks at an efficient process to properly crimp and install connections and discusses what to look for to ensure quality performance and reliability while reducing service work. Sponsors: Heilind, Panduit Corp.

Introduction to Radiation Dosimetry and the Mathematical Model

Available Until November 13, 2019

In this Webinar hosted by Medical Design Briefs, an overview of radiation dosimetry is given with emphasis on dosimetry principles and calibration methods in order to maintain measurement traceability. In addition, an introduction to the mathematical model is provided with emphasis on how it can be used to complement radiation dosimetry and assist with the validation of an irradiator change. Sponsor: Sterigenics

New Developments in Catheter Shaft Components

Available Until November 6, 2019

This Webinar, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, focuses on catheter shaft componentry with a deeper dive into polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) liners and fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP). The information provided contains a mix of polymer material science, specifications of extruded fluoropolymers, and engineering considerations for fluoropolymer use and processing. Also covered are new developments for PTFE as well as FEP heat shrink including ultrathin extruded liners and peelable heat shrink. Sponsor: Zeus

From Launchpad to Landing: Next-Generation Materials for Mars and Beyond

Available Until October 23, 2019

Today's aerospace companies have set their sights on traveling further than ever before. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar discusses silicones, epoxies, and polyurethanes used for thermal protection in space as well as how to meet ASTM E595 low outgassing requirements for adhesives in crew capsules and satellites. Also covered are adhesive and sealant products for the extreme temperature fluctuations encountered in reusable launch vehicles. Sponsor: Momentive

Removing Thermal Roadblocks with Passive Thermal Management Tools and Tactics

Available Until October 17, 2019

As device power levels increase and foot prints decrease, design engineers are facing increasingly difficult thermal management challenges. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar reviews the fundamentals of heat pipes and discusses best practices for their design and implementation into the next level assemblies. Topics covered include    passive thermal management solutions and heat pipe modeling guidelines. Sponsor: Advanced Cooling Technologies

3D Printing: Industrial vs. Desktop

Available Until October 16, 2019

Over the past few decades, 3D printing has grown from an emerging technology to an essential manufacturing process. This Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, compares the current capabilities of desktop 3D printing to industrial-grade additive manufacturing processes. It also explores different outsourcing options and how to determine the right process for a specific application. Sponsor: Protolabs

Case Study: Integrated Mechanical Testing with Non-Contact Measurement Solutions

Available Until October 10, 2019

Trilion Quality Systems has partnered with MTS Systems to offer an array of test solutions. This Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, presents case studies that demonstrate the integration of MTS loading solutions with ARAMIS non-contact sensors for measuring material properties, characterizing failure modes on structures, validating FEA, and performing dynamic and vibration analysis. Sponsors: Trilion Quality Systems, MTS Systems

At the Crossroads: Examining Intersection of Modern Soldier with AR, IoT, and Network Security

Available Until October 9, 2019

How many of today's standard technologies were nothing more than science fiction a few years ago? Connectors, cables, sensors, and accessories that could transform defense are in production but have not been widely applied. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar examines how new technologies might be integrated into the battlefield. Sponsor: TE Connectivity

Discover How Unique Cable and Connector Solutions Are Taking 3D Printing to New Levels

Available Until October 2, 2019

The need for rapid prototyping and quick turn sampling is critical in today’s marketplaces. This Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, explores how cable and connector systems can enable 3D printing and discusses innovative products that can provide space savings and unique cable routing solutions. Sponsors: Heilind Electronics, TE Connectivity

GaN Reliability: What Gives?

Available Until September 26, 2019

Gallium Nitride (GaN) compound-semiconductors are having an impact on electronic and electrical circuits and systems being developed today. As GaN moves from “research novelty” to “market reality,” proving the reliability of this technology is critical for realizing military, space, and commercial market applications. This Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, addresses some of the philosophical and technical complications that challenge consensus on industry guidelines for qualification and reliability assurance. Sponsor: Accel-RF

Connectivity and IoT: What’s Next for Medical Devices?

Available Until September 25, 2019

With the advent of IoT connectivity, the opportunities for medical device manufacturers are endless. The automatic transmission of medically relevant data through IoT connected devices will revolutionize the way data is analyzed. Doctors will be able to assist their patients better with the instant sharing of data. But how do medical device manufacturers capture all of the value when building a connected medical device and produce a complete solution that meets a critical need? What are the lessons learned and the risks involved? This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Medical Design Briefs examines the criteria necessary to be part of the revolution. Sponsors: Kontron, Macadamian, Protolabs

Thermal Application Leak Test Solutions

Available Until September 20, 2019

Unintentional leakage is undesirable for many reasons: quality or process performance; product damage or lifetime; economics; spillage and environmental damage. The leak detection method chosen is determined by the maximum allowable quantity of gas or liquid that may be permitted to flow through a leak or leaks within a specified time. This 30-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, explores leak detection solutions that have been developed for thermal products including leak test spectrum, IHX patent-pending technology, and flexible tooling designs. Successful applications are also reviewed. Sponsor: Vacuum Instruments Corp.

Light-Cure Solutions for the Aerospace/Defense Industry

Available Until September 19, 2019

“Light-Cure Solutions for the Aerospace/Defense Industry: Improve Your Bottom Line with the Speed of Light” is a Tech Briefs Media Group-hosted Webinar that discusses the advantages and benefits of light-curable materials for the aerospace and defense industry. This includes conformal coatings, encapsulants, ruggedizing materials, shallow potting compounds, camera module adhesives, wire tacking adhesives, gap fill/form-in-place gaskets, and maskants. Sponsors: Dymax, Electronic Coating Technologies

From Prototyping to Factory 4.0

Available Until September 18, 2019

New 3D printing innovations are transforming manufacturing by significantly changing cost structures, opening new markets, and disrupting supply chains. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this 45-minute Webinar examines 3D printing’s fundamental value propositions for manufacturing as well as three paths that make 3D printing a necessity in the digital manufacturing age. Sponsor: Stratasys

Designing Surgical Tools with Multiphysics Simulation

Available Until September 13, 2019

Designing surgical tools that heat tissue for necrosis requires understanding the temperature distribution that develops during the use of the device. Multiphysics simulation enables designers to understand the interaction of the heat source with the body in order to develop devices that target specific tissue without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. This Webinar, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, looks at the development of a model of a surgical device designed to remove adenoids. It also includes a live simulation demo and Q&A session. Sponsor: COMSOL

Breakthrough Technology in Plastics Recycling

Available Until September 12, 2019

Global production of polylactic acid (PLA) is increasing dramatically as it becomes the biodegradable plastic of choice for a wide range of medical and industrial applications. However, PLA requires a specialized recycling plan. This Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, examines what’s needed to prepare for the PLA revolution. Sponsor: Zeus Industrial Products

New Power Technologies Reduce Failures, Improve Reliability

Available Until September 11, 2019

In this Webinar hosted by Tech Briefs Media, experts discuss three technologies that apply to power distribution and how these solutions are reducing failures and improving reliability in the field. They are: power connectors that provide fully protected header terminals in a small package; a new high-current interconnect system that improves PCB and bus bar alignment; and laminated bus bar applications for efficient manufacturing processes. Sponsors: Heilind Electronics, Molex

Additive Manufacturing: Exploring the Possibilities for Tooling and Printing Composite Parts

Available Until September 6, 2019

3D printing’s advanced manufacturing capabilities open the door for new applications to support composite fabrication. During this Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, you’ll hear a panel of composite leaders from Dassault Falcon Jet, Orbital ATK, SSL, and Santa Cruz Bicycles discuss how additive manufacturing is making an impact in the area of composites and why FDM specifically is filling an important role in their work. Sponsor: Stratasys

Understanding Machine Vision for Industrial Inspection

Available Until August 23, 2019

Machine vision is a vital tool for optimizing and monitoring industrial processes. This 60-minute Technical Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media looks at machine vision systems and how to choose the appropriate components for a particular application. It also examines what to expect the system to do – or not do – and how the proper choice of cameras and optics can ensure the highest level of performance. Sponsors: Allied Vision, Chroma, Omron, Radiant Vision Systems

Is Your Enclosure an Antique?

Available Until August 21, 2019

You no longer use a flip phone so why are you still using a unibody gray box? This 15-minute Tech Talk, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, examines the benefits of designing with modular enclosures and shows how to save time, labor, and money; leverage flexibility and strength for easy customization; and be safer, smarter, and future-proof in all your enclosure designs. Sponsor: Rittal North America LLC

Spacecraft Thermal Management: Board, Box, and System Level Solutions

Available Until August 15, 2019

Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar discusses thermal management products and design options for satellite systems. It covers enhanced heat transfer options such as heat pipes with various space flown working fluids, thermal storage with phase change material modules, and system level design considerations. Sponsor: Advanced Cooling Technologies

Biosensor Technology: Driving Advances in Healthcare

Available Until August 9, 2019

Biosensors and point-of-care devices are poised to change the delivery of healthcare. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Medical Design Briefs explores cutting-edge developments and their role in the future of medical devices. Biosensor technology can be used in cheap, disposable point-of-care devices or can be used to provide continuous monitoring in implantable devices. Measurement in biomedicine presents unique challenges in both implementation and interpretation. These ideas are discussed with examples from current research including solid microneedle arrays for use in sepsis and therapeutic drug monitoring. Sponsor: Dassault Systemes

New Process for Chemical Recycling of PLA Under Mild Conditions

Available Until June 20, 2019

This 10-minute Tech Talk, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, presents a novel method for recycling PLA using low-temperature, low-pressure reactions with alcohol or water. PLA is used in many applications from food packaging to implantable medical devices. Because of its sensitivity to thermal degradation, it’s difficult to recycle and actually becomes a contaminant in the plastics stream of municipal solid waste. Thanks to a newly discovered process, different grades of PLA can be removed from a stream of commingled plastics and broken down to give high-value chemicals. The method has low capital and operating costs, is well-suited to industrial recycling processes, and is consistent with the concepts of sustainability and a circular economy. Sponsor: Zeus

From Rockets to Race Cars, Thick Multidirectional Composites Provide Unique Design Alternatives for Lightweight Metals

Available Until June 19, 2019

The next big thing in composites has been around for more than 40 years. Multidirectional carbon/carbon composites have been used in solid fuel rocket motors for decades. However, the introduction of polymer matrix materials is enabling new growth of this technology. This 30-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, discusses material design, analysis, and use considerations of multidirectional reinforced composites to drive application performance. Sponsor: FMI

Best Practice Implementation of Parametric Release for EO Sterilization

Available Until June 19, 2019

This 15-minute Tech Talk, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, describes the benefits of parametric release and how best to establish a compliant and capable process design. Topics include: what is parametric release, how can it benefit the manufacturer, what are the current requirements as stated in the ISO 11135: 2014 Standard, what are some of the best practices in setting and challenging parametric limits, and how to ensure your parametric limits are adequate moving forward with routine production. Sponsor: Sterigenics

Lowering the Risk of Transit Electrification with Informed, Model-Based Strategies

Available Until June 13, 2019

In response to climate change concerns, many municipalities are working to increase the use of public transit while reducing the carbon emissions generated by that transit. To ensure an optimized implementation of electrified bus fleets, the National Research Council of Canada worked with Maplesoft to develop a model-based approach to simulate the electrification needs of a public transit authority. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar discusses a comprehensive set of tools and services that can help transit authorities determine the best electrification strategy for their city and become environmentally friendly while running an efficient electric fleet that lowers risks and saves money. Sponsor: Maplesoft

Six Best Practices for Optical Product Design Teams

Available Until June 12, 2019

Optical product development managers often face challenges in bringing projects to the finish line on time and on budget. A modern approach to the design process can drastically increase the chances for success, improving optical performance, cutting product development time dramatically, and reducing costs. This Webinar offers six best practices for developing cutting-edge optical products. Sponsor: Zemax

Making the Switch: Adopting LEDs for Light Curing

Available Until June 8, 2019

LEDs are becoming even more popular for use with light-curable materials. However, making the switch from broad-spectrum to LED curing energy sources is seldom a matter of simply replacing conventional lamps with LED units. To ensure success, the chemistry of the material must be compatible with the specific LED system chosen, and any necessary application-specific adjustments must be made. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Audio White Paper explores how to go successfully from broad-spectrum to LED curing energy sources. Sponsor: Dymax

Defining a Sparkle Measurement Standard for Quality Control of Anti-Glare Displays

Available Until June 6, 2019

Anti-glare films are applied to displays to minimize reflections and ensure information is viewable. The variable surface structure of the film allows ambient light to be diffused evenly but can also compete with the pixel geometry of the display as light is emitted through the film. A visual effect called sparkle can cause low display clarity. Measuring perceived sparkle ensures that the user experience drives the manufacture of anti-glare displays. In this Webinar, an expert on this topic presents a method for repeatable sparkle measurement across users, devices, and systems, with quantifiable results that correlate to human visual perception of display quality. Topics include the effect of sparkle on display quality and setting a sparkle tolerance based on human visual perception. Sponsor: Radiant Vision Systems

Chemical Characterization and Toxicological Risk Assessments: A Smart Approach to Biological Evaluation

Available Until May 30, 2019

Changes to the general guidance for biocompatibility testing dictate a new approach to biological risk assessment for all types of medical devices. During this webinar, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, experts provide the framework for a new approach to biological evaluation, including regulatory guidance, anticipated changes to ISO 10993, Chemical Characterization studies and testing, and toxicological evaluations. Sponsor: Eurofins Medical Device Testing

Signal Source Challenges Facing Quantum Computing and Research

Available Until May 23, 2019

There is a huge rush to explore quantum phenomena and develop technologies based on quantum physics. In developing these technologies, there are common challenges facing researchers who are using signal sources to stimulate, measure, and get feedback from their quantum experiments. This Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, covers a high-level view of how quantum experiments are triggered, the signal sources that are being used, and the challenges that come with scaling, signal conditioning, and synchronization. Sponsor: Tektronix

The Future is Now for Metal 3D Printing

Available Until May 22, 2019

Plastics are the most common materials for 3D printing but are not always the best choice. Metal 3D printing has benefits that make it an attractive alternative; for example, strong prototype and production parts can be made that are fully dense. 3D printed metal parts are used in a variety of applications, from medical implants and machine tools, to automotive and aerospace parts. This 60-minute Technical Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media shows how metal 3D printing systems work, the benefits of choosing them, and the many applications that can be addressed. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentations. Sponsors: Altair, Proto Labs, Renishaw

How to Select Spring-Loaded Connectors for Today’s Interconnect Applications

Available Until May 17, 2019

Much of the focus on today’s portable devices relates to their increasing functionality, lifetime, and convenience of operation. This would not be possible without the availability of highly reliable and proven connector technologies that facilitate miniaturization and connectivity. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this 11-minute Audio White Paper looks at the fundamentals of spring-loaded connectors and how to specify them for optimum performance. It also discusses methods by which manufacturers assess and demonstrate reliability. Viewers will be able to download a white paper on the topic. Sponsor: Mill-Max

Numerical Simulation of Microfluidic Devices

Available Until May 17, 2019

Carl Meinhart of the University of California, Santa Barbara discusses the numerical simulation of several exemplary microfluidic problems, such as the world’s fastest valve, in this 60-minute Webinar hosted by Tech Briefs Media. Numerical simulation of microfluidics phenomena includes fundamental academic research as well as the development of commercial products such as inkjet printheads and genomic and proteomic chips. The Webinar also includes a demo in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software that shows how to develop optimal geometries for electrokinetically driven flow systems. Sponsor: COMSOL

Design for Manufacturability, Cleanability, and Serviceability

Available Until May 16, 2019

Designing durable medical devices is challenging due to the rise of superbug threats, which is causing more stringent disinfecting protocols throughout medical facilities. This Webinar, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, uncovers how to make devices stronger and disinfectant-ready – getting closer to a goal of zero failures. It includes design tips on cleanability and serviceability, as well as manufacturability design advice from an expert in part and tool design. Sponsor: Eastman

Regulatory Landscape for EO Residue Levels in Medical Devices

Available Until May 15, 2019

Hosted by Medical Design Briefs, this Webinar provides an overview of EO sterilization and the status of ISO standard 10993-7:2008, which serves as an international authoritative document for medical device manufacturers. Also covered are: testing according to product category and product use, concomitant EO exposure, topical contact, special product categories, test method and validation, fugitive EO emission from EO treated products, and legislation regarding EO emissions in the supply chain. Sponsor: Sterigenics

Fiber Optics 101

Available Until May 10, 2019

Nothing has changed the world of communications as much as the development and implementation of fiber optics. This 12-minute presentation provides the basic principles needed to work with this one-of-a-kind technology. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Audio White Paper explains why fiber-optic systems are superior to metallic conductors, transmitting signals with more information than even coaxial conductors, and looks at refraction, attenuation, dispersion, and bandwidth. Viewers will be able to submit questions and download a new white paper on this topic. Sponsor: OFS

Choosing the Appropriate Assembly Platform

Available Until May 4, 2019

There are five critical factors to consider when looking for the most cost-effective solutions for complex assembly automation problems. After these are addressed, it’s important to determine the best transport and tooling actuation technology—non-synchronous, synchronous, or synchronized. This Tech Talk from Tech Briefs Media takes a brief look at the five key factors to be explored and then offers the pros and cons of each transport and tooling actuation technology to show how to find the correct solution for an assembly automation problem. Sponsor: The Arthur G. Russell Co.

Stop Using Strain Gages

Available Until May 2, 2019

Learn how to measure non-contact strains and displacements with advanced optical metrology. This Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, looks at 3D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and its ability to measure non-contact 3D coordinates, displacements, and strains of materials and structures. Certified as equivalent to standard mechanical testing tools, 3D DIC is used across industries for improving the quality and accuracy of data collected to understand mechanical behavior of components or validate FEA models. Sponsor: Trilion

Disposable Syringe Reliability with Light-Cure Adhesives

Available Until April 27, 2019

One of the challenges of disposable syringe production is how to attach the stainless steel cannula or needle permanently and safely to the plastic hub. This 15-minute presentation examines the needle bonding process and offers advice and guidelines for selecting the best adhesive. Hosted by Medical Design Briefs, this Audio White Paper focuses on light-cure adhesives and the importance of upfront research and testing to ensure reliability of the syringe assembly. It also looks at a cost-effective needle-to-hub assembly. Viewers will be able to submit questions and download a white paper on this topic. Sponsor: Dymax

Integrating Infection Prevention: 3 Commonly Asked Questions about UVC LEDs

Available Until April 26, 2019

An increase of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, the growing sector of people 65 and older, improved access to healthcare in developing countries, and strict reporting guidelines are propelling the demand for new infection-prevention methods. UVC LEDs offer healthcare OEMs the ability to address these challenges with proven technology that reaches beyond traditional surface wipe protocols. This MDB-hosted Tech Talk covers three questions often posed early in the technology evaluation process of UVC LEDs for the advancement of infection prevention. Sponsor: Crystal IS

Choosing Innovative Climate Control Products in Industrial Applications

Available Until April 25, 2019

Mission-critical electronic components are getting smaller and more efficient, but they’re also generating greater heat within enclosures. It’s imperative that heat load be removed to avoid heat-related downtime and prolong equipment life. It’s also very important to have Internet of Things capability, which allows communications between different platforms. This TBMG-hosted Tech Talk explores various climate control products and how to determine which type is best for an environment/application. The 10-minute program also covers recent innovations, such as remote communications, within climate control products. Sponsor: Rittal North America

The Future of VME/Rugged Computing in the Military

Available Until April 24, 2019

VMEbus is the most common form factor used in military computer systems. Developed in 1981, it’s still widely used today because not only are there so many legacy systems in the field, but it also has proven to be very adaptable and upgradeable, giving birth to offshoots such as VME64, VXIbus, and VPX. In addition, this platform has the support of VITA. This 60-minute Technical Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media and a panel of distinguished experts examines some of the more popular types of VME and VPX platforms and their benefits. Sponsors: Artesyn Embedded Technologies, Elma Electronic, Kontron

How Robotics Are Revolutionizing Rehabilitation

Available Until April 12, 2019

Robots are playing an increasingly important role in healthcare, helping people regain motor skills lost to injury. Examples include therapy robots that help injured patients regain their motor functionality, and stroke rehabilitation, through the application of advances in robotics and neuroscience, that restores movement. This 60-minute Technical Webinar from the editors of Medical Design Briefs looks at the technologies driving these robotic developments as well as some case studies and examples of robotic rehabilitation in action. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentations. Sponsors: Maxon, New England Wire Technologies, Universal Robots

Case Studies of Medical Device Package Failures

Available Until April 5, 2019

Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar focuses on medical device package failures and avoidance strategies. The information provided is designed to help understand failures observed during package testing, their likely origins, and steps that can be taken to prevent defects in products. Case studies are included. Sponsor: WESTPAK

How to Select the Optimum Permanent Magnet Material for Your Application

Available Until March 28, 2019

Modern permanent magnet materials offer a wide range of magnetic, thermal, and mechanical characteristics. Selecting the optimum material solution for a specific application can be confusing. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar examines major material types and guidelines for choosing the best option for an application and environmental conditions. Sponsor: Magnet Applications

Ensuring COTS Semiconductor Reliability with Tin-Lead Robotic Hot Solder Dip

Available Until March 20, 2019

The sourcing of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components, combined with the EU’s RoHS directive, has resulted in the dominance of pure tin and lead-free solder alloys on semiconductor and other microelectronics terminations. As a result, there is an emerging awareness within mission-critical industries of failure modes affecting these components — electrical shorts due to formation of conductive “tin whiskers” and solder joint fractures related to degraded metallurgical properties. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar focuses on the ability of Robotic Hot Solder Dip (RHSD) to remove the risks associated with tin whiskers while enhancing solderability and solder joint reliability. Sponsor: Corfin Industries

5 Ways to Master Complex Features in Rapidly Manufactured Injection-Molded Parts

Available Until March 15, 2019

When designing for plastic injection molding, especially in a speed-focused process, some things are more challenging than others. By evaluating a few creative options, even the most difficult challenges can be overcome. This Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, takes an in-depth look at designing complex geometries for rapid injection molding, applying a non-traditional, rapid manufacturing approach to a traditional procedure to accomplish intricacy. Sponsor: Proto Labs

Smallest Precision Cycloidal Reducers

Available Until March 13, 2019

Design engineers may find that an ultra-low or no backlash flex spline reducer lacks torque density or the ability to tolerate torque shock. This Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, looks at the technical functionality, product features, and capabilities of miniature TwinSpin cycloidal reducers for applications that require zero backlash from a cycloidal reducer. Also discussed are applications that have benefitted from these miniature reducers. Sponsor: DieQua

High-Performance Thermal Management Solutions: Pumped Two-Phase Cooling and Loop Thermosiphons

Available Until March 7, 2019

Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar examines the fundamentals of two high-performance thermal management solutions: pumped two-phase cooling and loop thermosiphons. Major benefits of pumped two-phase systems, as well as both the differences and similarities with pumped single-phase systems, are discussed. The Webinar also looks at loop thermosiphons (a passive high-performance thermal management alternative) and other thermal solutions for high heat flux applications in optics, power electronics, and laser applications. Sponsor: Advanced Cooling Technologies

How to Choose the Right Adhesive for Your Electronic Application

Available Until March 6, 2019

This Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, is a practical discussion on choosing an adhesive, coating, or potting compound for challenging electronic applications. It includes navigating the selection process while keeping in mind service conditions, desired properties, and processing constraints. Six case studies are included. Sponsor: Master Bond

Trends in Automotive E/E Systems Engineering:

Available until February 8, 2019

“Trends in Automotive E/E Systems Engineering: Master Your Challenges with Automotive SPICE and Process Management” is a 60-minute Webinar that examines the impact of current trends on E/E systems engineering and discusses complexity, AUTOSAR, safety, security, PLM, distributed development, and agility. Professor Bernd Hindel, Method Park’s CEO, demonstrates the relevance of Automotive SPICE® for the performance assessment of development processes. The Webinar also explores how to uphold product quality on the journey to develop the “car of the future” with effective process management. Sponsor: Method Park

How to Specify and Size Electromechanical Linear Actuators

Available Until January 31, 2019

Despite the performance improvement of control electronics and algorithms over the past decade to help mask deficiencies in linear actuator selection and application, it’s still incumbent on the automation engineer to try to identify and provide the right set of parameters to better assure project success. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar looks at the mnemonic A.C.T.U.A.T.O.R. to assist the system designer in checking for the minimum basic specifications to define a linear actuator. Sponsor: Rollon Corp.

Solving Simulation Challenges with Statistical Methods

Available Until January 30, 2019

As design cycles tighten and engineering systems become more complex, companies are challenged to get the most out of their simulation and testing capabilities. There are a number of challenges to leveraging CAE models, and statistical methods can provide a powerful and viable solution. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar focuses on strategies for handling three classes of CAE modeling challenges: (1) insufficient or inadequate sampling of a design space, (2) high computational expense of simulations, and (3) disagreement of simulation models with physical tests. Sponsor: SmartUQ

Nonlinear Structural Mechanics Modeling

Available Until January 25, 2019

Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar analyzes the nonlinear structural behavior of a complex system by making a series of assumptions about its geometry and physical behavior. The goal is to create a mathematical model with the minimum complexity required to produce meaningful simulation results while avoiding the introduction of unnecessary computational costs. The Webinar includes a demo in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software and a Q&A session. Sponsor: COMSOL

Reliable Measurements for Smart Data Logging Systems

Available Until January 24, 2019

Datalogging is used in a wide variety of applications – from simple ad hoc lab bench measurements to sophisticated component test applications. Across the board, engineers are spending too much time programming and installing drivers when their main goal is to capture and log reliable, sensor-based measurement data. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar discusses how configuration-based, wireless solutions with custom triggering and alerting features can enable engineers to complete data logging tasks quickly. Sponsor: Measurement Computing