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Electronic Component Sourcing & COVID-19: Important New Research

Available Until May 19, 2021

Sourcing for electronic components is unlike traditional supply chain commodities. Changes due to supply market volatility, part complexity, shortening lifecycles, and unique cost drivers make it extra challenging for sourcing professionals to plan appropriately. In the current COVID-19 environment, these changes are amplified. This 60-minute Webinar presents the findings of a market survey with more than 200 sourcing, product operations, and supply chain professionals about their current challenges and best practices surrounding electronic component sourcing. Experts share insights drawn from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global electronics value chain and demonstrate a solution to empower new product introduction and strategic sourcing teams. Sponsor: Supplyframe

Eyes in the Sky: Drone Technology

Available Until May 19, 2021

This Technical Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media examines some of the cutting-edge technologies being designed into modern unmanned air vehicles – from those used by the military for surveillance and reconnaissance missions to those being applied in civil, agricultural, and commercial applications. Sponsors: National Instruments, Protolabs, Tektronix, Teledyne OPTECH

SWaP-C: How to Maximize PCB Space With Connector Selection

Available Until May 15, 2021

Connectors are often the last components considered during a high-reliability PCB design, yet they account for a considerable amount of board space and a large percentage of the overall bill-of-material value. When specified correctly, the resulting savings in PCB space can be significant. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this 30-minute Webinar investigates the common mistakes made during connector selection and how they can be avoided. It also provides practical tips on selecting the right connector for the job. Sponsor: Harwin, TTI

Top 10 Challenges in Evaluating Medical Devices for MRI Safety

Available Until May 7, 2021

Safety concerns for patients with metallic implants who require MRIs include magnetic forces, torques, radio-frequency-induced heating, gradient-induced heating and vibrations, unintended stimulation, and device malfunction. One challenge in evaluating radio-frequency-induced heating is determining the worst-case device. MED Institute has used validated simulation tools to identify the worst-case device size, configuration, material, orientation, and MRI scanner for a range of medical devices. Hosted by Medical Design Briefs, this 60-minute Webinar examines the challenges that medical device manufacturers face when evaluating devices for MRI safety and looks at a case study using COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software to predict the worst-case device size for RF-induced heating. Sponsor: COMSOL

How Single Pair Ethernet Streamlines Aircraft Networks

Available Until May 7, 2021

Bandwidth-hungry electronics are increasing on aircraft as passengers and crews expect more from in-flight entertainment, cabin lighting, security and freight monitors, and other features. A significant amount of wiring and connectors is required to enable these capabilities, and designers need to implement smarter connectivity solutions without adding weight. This 60-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, explores how the adoption of Ethernet technology is evolving to support the SWaP and performance needs of modern aircraft cabin networks. Sponsor: TE Connectivity

Recombinant Chromogenic Assay as Alternate Methods for the Bacterial Endotoxins Test (BET)

Available Until April 29, 2021

Hosted by SMi Group Ltd., this interactive 50-minute Webinar provides an overview of the global status of recombinant reagents for BET and a hands-on session on kinetic chromogenic testing. Other topics include data interpretation, troubleshooting kinetic chromogenic assays, and the equivalency of the recombinant reagents to LAL reagents. Sponsor: Associates of Cape Cod

Advantages of Smart Servo Steppers vs. Smart Brushless Servos

Available Until April 28, 2021

For years the difference between brushless servos and step motors was understood. All that has been blurred with servo vector control of step motors and the growing popularity of smart motors. Understanding these technologies is key to selecting the best product for specific applications. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this 30-minute Webinar takes an in-depth look at smart servo steppers and smart brushless servos, presenting a product comparison to help you make an informed decision. Sponsor: Nanotec

Rapid Decompression and Sealed Containers: Why Choose Magnet Valves?

Available Until April 23, 2021

When transporting sealed containers by air, protecting against rapid decompression is a constant concern. Traditionally, spring-actuated valves have been used to address this design challenge. Magnet-actuated valves are a relatively new technology that provide advantages over spring-actuated valves in these situations. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this 30-minute Webinar explains how magnet valves can provide instant full-flow pressure equalization more consistently than traditional spring valves. Sponsor: AGM

Analyzing Vibration Examples with Free Software Toolbox

Available Until April 22, 2021

Testing and development engineers need to analyze shock and vibration data through every stage of product development, manufacturing, transportation, and maintenance, but this data analysis can be complex. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this 15-minute Tech Talk examines the many analysis functions available to help engineers in their quest for actionable data. Sponsor: enDAQ

Optical Coating Design

Available Until April 22, 2021

Most precision optics, whether used in scientific, medical, industrial, or military applications, incorporate some type of thin film coating to enhance their capabilities. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media delves into some of the more popular types of coatings, what they do, and how they're applied. Sponsors: Alluxa, COMSOL, PG&O

High-Powered Directed Energy Laser Projects: Destroy the Target, Not Everything Else

Available Until April 14, 2021

Correct laser power levels and stability are necessary for the development of military weapons. Also crucial is ensuring that lasers destroy only the target in test. How is this accomplished and how are these solutions best used? Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this 30-minute Webinar discusses these issues as well as how recent technological advancements in laser capture and analysis have been applied to high-powered directed energy projects. Sponsor: Ophir

What to Know: Forming Thin Metal Parts

Available Until April 7, 2021

Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this short Tech Talk examines best practices for forming photochemically etched metal components. Topics include the major methods of metal forming and the types of tooling needed when forming thin metal. Also discussed are the material dimensions, tolerances, and features achievable through forming. Sponsor: Fotofab

Overcoming Mediocrity in Cylindrical Laser Processing of Medical Devices

Available Until March 24, 2021

Hosted by Tech Briefs Media and Medical Design Briefs, this 40-minute Webinar focuses on ways to improve tubular laser processing systems. An expert discusses machine design fundamentals that can drastically affect throughput and quality, control techniques that get the most out of a given machine, and laser coordination techniques to uncouple material processing quality from motion optimization. Sponsor: Aerotech

Thermal Management Crisis: Knowing Your Passive Solution Options

Available Until March 11, 2021

When engineers move beyond a basic copper or aluminum heat sink, they’re tasked with learning about all the options for thermal management. A more powerful passive technology is often their first choice to avoid the added complexity and maintenance of fans or pumps. This 45-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, explains the basic principles of the technologies as well as the elements of designing them into their systems. Sponsor: Advanced Cooling Technologies

Using Simulation to Design Robust Adhesively Bonded Structures

Available Until February 27, 2021

Engineers are increasingly relying upon adhesive bonding to improve the mechanical performance of their structures and devices. However, a challenge is predicting when an adhesive or bonded interface will fail. This 60-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, looks at using simulation software to predict the strength and improve the performance of adhesively bonded structures. Sponsor: COMSOL

Testing and Inspecting 3D-Printed Parts

Available Until February 20, 2021

As additive manufacturing and 3D printing of production parts become more common in the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries, these parts will require advanced inspection and testing to ensure they meet requirements for structural strength and stability. Whether plastic or metal, 3D-printed production parts will be tasked with performing comparably to traditionally manufactured parts in certain applications. This 60-minute Technical Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media addresses quality control measures, post-processing techniques, and recommendations for ensuring the safe performance of these parts. Sponsors: Exact Metrology, Nikon, Protolabs, Renishaw

3D Printed Metals Are Not All the Same

Available Until February 19, 2021

As metal 3D printing becomes a popular means for the rapid prototyping and production of metal parts, it can be difficult to navigate the various technologies and materials. What kind of parts can you expect from a metal 3D printer? Do they vary from system to system? To help you make the right choice, this 45-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, breaks down popular metal 3D printing methods and their inherent strengths and differences. Sponsor: Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Maximize Productivity and Minimize Costs with New Aerospace Structural Adhesives

Available Until February 13, 2021

This Webinar presents new aerospace adhesive solutions for aircraft assembly and demonstrates how they can help manufacturers achieve up to an 80 percent increase in productivity, reduce inventory complexity, and lengthen the lifetime of assembled parts. Manufacturers can additionally save valuable weight by replacing mechanical fasteners with a 75 percent lighter solution. Sponsor: Huntsman Advanced Materials

A Review of Ionizing Radiation Sterilization Modalities

Available Until January 28, 2021

The use of high-energy ionizing radiation for sterilization purposes is a proven method for the inactivation of microorganisms on healthcare, food, and general industrial products. But what modality is the best option for the sterilization of your product? Hosted by Tech Briefs Media and Medical Design Briefs, this 45-minute Webinar examines the advantages and disadvantages of gamma, electron beam, and X-ray technologies to help you find the correct option for your product. Sponsor: Sterigenics

Modeling Interactions in Energy-Based Medical Devices Using COMSOL Multiphysics®

Available Until January 23, 2021

This 60-minute Webinar, hosted by Medical Design Briefs and Tech Briefs Media, examines how to design, simulate, and prototype energy-based medical devices. Topics include applications of energy-based medical devices, how modeling and simulation can be leveraged to assist in rapid prototyping and technology development, the steps required to model an aesthetic medical device, and how the natural physics of the system can result in complex requirements for the power supply. Sponsor: COMSOL

Enhance Product Design and Dependability with Advanced Coating Technologies

Available Until December 4, 2020

Parylene conformal coatings enhance the reliability of products in a wide range of applications, including LEDs, sensors, medical implantables, and elastomers. The rapid growth of intelligent IoT devices and consumer electronics highlights the need for advanced protection in mass-produced electronics. Headphones, smart watches, and other wearables require a high level of protection from sweat and accidental spills. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar explores the use of Parylene coatings across various applications and provides an overview of their unique properties and benefits. Sponsor: Specialty Coating Systems

Deep Dive: A New Look at Catheter Materials

Available Until December 3, 2020

This 30-minute Webinar, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, focuses on advancements in catheter shaft componentry with a deep dive into film cast technology – specifically, polyimide and lubricious polyimide. A mix of polymer material science, specifications of film cast products, and engineering considerations for polyimide use are discussed. Also covered are new developments for other catheter components such as high ratio heat shrinks for reflow operations as well as peelable heat shrinkable fusing sleeves. Sponsor: Zeus

How to Achieve Traceable Measurements of Opto-Electronic Devices

Available Until November 14, 2020

The characterization of opto-electronic and electro-optical components for photonic high-speed data transmission is critical as these components not only form the building block of the communication systems but also define the future of high-speed data in various domains of communication. Measuring the responsivity of components is crucial. This Tech Talk, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, examines the importance of leveraging a vector network analyzer based opto-electronic testing solution that provides specified, traceable measurements of O/E, E/O, and O/O devices with convenience and ease. Sponsor: Anritsu

The Road to Parametric Release for EO Sterilization

Available Until November 12, 2020

Parametric release can be invaluable to companies by accelerating their sterile product’s release to market. But how can it be achieved? This 45-minute Webinar, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, defines parametric release, reviews its advantages, and provides a practical way to implement it. Sponsor: Sterigenics

How 3D Printing Is Changing the Development of Orthopedic Devices

Available Until November 7, 2020

Thanks to 3D printing, prototyping orthopedic implants has advanced beyond prototyping, blurring the lines between prototyping and product development. This 60-minute Webinar, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, features experts from 3D Systems, Yxlon International, and the Hospital for Special Surgery, who explore the advantages of 3D printing in the world of orthopedics. Sponsor: Protolabs

Sustainable Innovation in Medical and Health Care Applications

Available Until November 5, 2020

This 30-minute Webinar, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, focuses on how innovative solutions can bring tangible benefits to the medical sector and its supply chain. Today’s medical products demand more from materials used in a variety of applications from medical and dental devices to prosthetics and other equipment. Discussed are examples of how problems can be solved via material selection, material development, and alternative ideas that provide greater freedom to design complex shapes. Sponsor: EMS-GRIVORY America

SERS: Fast, Portable Identification of Trace Opioids

Available Until October 30, 2020

Rapid identification and quantification of opioid drugs is of great importance in the face of an ongoing opioid epidemic in the U.S. Yet techniques for trace analysis of these opioids, particularly for fentanyl, the main driver of the current crisis, are often not readily accessible. Hosted by Medical Design Briefs, this 60-minute Webinar examines a rapid, highly sensitive, and reliably quantitative technique for trace fentanyl analysis that uses a portable Raman spectrometer. Sponsor: Hamamatsu

The Finishing Process: Preparing Advanced Medical Textiles for Implantation

Available Until October 29, 2020

Implantable medical textiles undergo a rigorous finishing process before becoming viable medical device components used in stents, hernia mesh, or synthetic ligaments. Suppliers employ a variety of finishing techniques to ensure functional integrity. In this 10-minute Tech Talk, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, an expert in medical textile-forming technology examines eight finishing processes for medical textiles and explains how different techniques impact the final fabric. Sponsor: Secant Group

Modeling Microfluidic Devices with COMSOL Multiphysics

Available Until October 24, 2020

This 60-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, discusses how to enhance modeling and design processes for lab-on-a-chip and organ-on-a-chip devices and other microfluidic systems. Dr. Matthew Hancock of Veryst Engineering shares methods for simulating microfluidic devices and systems in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software for the purpose of studying and predicting design performance and behavior. A live demo shows how to set up an example model of a micropump with fully coupled fluid-structure interaction. Sponsor: COMSOL

From Sensor to Cloud: Do You Know the Crucial Parameters in Your Measuring Chain?

Available Until October 23, 2020

Essential to every measurement is understanding the basics of the entire measuring chain. False or low-quality data doesn't improve just because it's in a cloud, and even the smartest algorithms can't bring back information that wasn't captured. Correct sensor selection, proper signal conditioning, and appropriate data acquisition hardware are crucial. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this 60-minute Webinar examines the important steps of a measuring chain, from sensor to cloud. It includes insights into sensor selection, cabling influences, signal conditioning, and data acquisition systems. Sponsor: Kistler

How to 3D Print Parts with Demanding Tolerances

Available Until October 17, 2020

Just because a 3D printer has high resolution doesn’t mean parts will be accurate. Understanding material options and how to optimize the part-to-print workflow is essential to getting the most value out of 3D printing. This 60-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, shows how to 3D print high-quality, precise parts used in a rotor casting machine gear case. It also discusses the pros and cons of various engineering-grade materials. Sponsor: Formlabs

The Importance of Signal Routing to Maximize Automated Test System Performance and Reliability

Available Until October 15, 2020

When designing an automated test system, an important but often overlooked task is the development of a signal routing subsystem that connects the test instrumentation and switching elements to the device under test. Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this 60-minute Webinar presents the various challenges that are faced when architecting a cabling and interface system. It also discusses the impact that design decisions have on the overall performance of the test system. Sponsor: Pickering Interfaces

Military Robotics

Available Until October 10, 2020

This one-hour Technical Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media examines the use of technology to ease the risk and burdens faced by modern warfighters. An audience Q&A is included. Sponsors: Allied Motion, New England Wire Technologies, Protolabs, Renishaw

Precision Bellows Couplings: 3 Secrets to their Success

Available Until September 26, 2020

Precision bellows couplings are used for transmitting dynamic precision motion between two fixed shafts and can help machines run faster and more accurately. In order for them to be successful, three key issues must be addressed: sizing, misalignment tolerances, and proper handling. This 12-minute presentation, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, offers insight on where and why bellows couplings are used, as well as four formulas for their sizing and selection. Sponsor: R+W

NASA Discusses Advances in Photonics for Space and Commercial Applications

Available Until September 18, 2020

NASA is working with U.S. industry and academia to develop photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for use in sensors, analog RF applications, and computing and free space communications. PICs provide reduced size, weight, and power that is critical for microprocessors, communication buses, processor buses, advanced data processing, and science instrument optical systems, subsystems, and components. In this 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media, an expert from NASA describes the use of PICs for integrated physical, chemical, and biological sensors, as well as lab-on-a-chip systems and remote sensing instruments. Sponsor: Liquid Instruments

Behind the Curtain: Advanced Textile-Forming Technologies for Medical Devices

Available Until September 18, 2020

The evolution of textile knitting, weaving, and braiding continues to impact the performance of stents, ligaments, sutures, and surgical instrumentation. OEMs can gain a deeper understanding of how these devices and components reach their final stages by taking a behind-the-scenes look at the complex processes involved in medical textile production. In this 10-minute Tech Talk hosted by Medical Design Briefs, an expert in medical textile-forming technology breaks down the process by addressing: yarn preparation and textile process flow; core processes of textile-forming technologies (knitting, weaving, and braiding); how different forming technologies affect the final fabric; and the pros and cons of selected fabrics. Sponsor: Secant Group  

A Deep Dive into Metal 3D Printing

Available Until September 17, 2020

Hosted by Tech Briefs Media, this Webinar examines how to optimize your design through part geometry, surface finish, secondary operations, and other considerations. It discusses direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), which is an industrial 3D printing technology that is changing the way metal parts are manufactured. Because DMLS is an additive manufacturing process, organic designs, complex features, and internal channels can often be easily created. As with any process, however, DMLS does come with some limitations that can cause design challenges. This 30-minute Webinar takes a look at how to overcome these process limitations in order to optimize designs for an ideal outcome on the final part. Sponsor: Protolabs

Solving Complex Measurement Problems with PXI

Available Until September 17, 2020

The PXI platform is one of the primary test and measurement standards in use today and is being deployed to solve a range of complex measurement problems. This 60-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, examines the latest PXI specification updates and discusses how two systems integrators are using the PXI platform to develop high-performance solutions that employ multiple LF/RF/uW channels, synchronization, and support high test throughput. Sponsor: PXI Systems Alliance

Effective EV Thermal Management for Drive Range Performance

Available Until September 13, 2020

Nearly all OEMs are pledging to release an electric or partially electric vehicle in the next few years. This trend is extending into larger vehicle segments such as long haul trucks and buses. With traditional internal-combustion-engine vehicles, one of the biggest challenges is thermal design – in particular, getting rid of a large amount of excess heat. While EVs do not have such a large heat source, thermal management of their systems is no less important. This Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media and SAE International, evaluates thermal and e-powertrain systems and their effect on EV drive range. Also examined is the addition of autonomous features that may affect the overall design, including the potential drive range of the vehicle. Sponsor: Mentor

Sterilization of Optical Fibers for Medical Devices: What You Need To Know

Available Until September 12, 2020

Optical fibers are found in many areas of medicine from cardiology to dentistry to medical sensing. Before they’re used in the human body, they must be sterilized to ensure they’re free of microorganisms. This 10-minute presentation, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, reviews a study that investigated the effects of different sterilization methods on the performance of optical fibers used in medical devices. It discusses effective sterilization techniques and explains their advantages and disadvantages in certain applications. Sponsor: OFS

Solve Your Thermal Challenges Quickly and Easily

Available Until September 12, 2020

Design engineers who are working on a thermal application problem may not know the best product needed to solve their challenge. There are custom, breakthrough solutions that can deliver a competitive advantage. This 30-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, examines new online design tools for heating, sensing, and control solutions in thermal applications involving internal or external liquids, flowing liquids or gas, internal or external solids, and more. Sponsor: Watlow

Cooling Strategies for High-Power Electronics Cabinets

Available Until September 11, 2020

When electronics are tightly packaged into sealed enclosures, the combination of power and environmentally sealed designs creates a thermal challenge. Designers want to achieve higher power densities while gaining efficiencies in packing and weight. How do you accomplish this without compromising the application’s lifespan or increasing the amount of maintenance required? This 30-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, examines the fundamentals of cabinet cooling, with an emphasis on efficiency and reliability. The thermal technologies covered include sealed enclosure coolers, HiK™ Plate heatsinks, and loop thermosyphons. Additionally, solutions for real-world design challenges are presented. Sponsor: Advanced Cooling Technologies

Infrared Imaging Technology

Available Until September 10, 2020

Infrared imaging works by detecting electromagnetic radiation emitted from or reflected off the target material in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s used in a variety of applications from scientific to military to industrial. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media delves into some of the latest advances in the art – and science – of infrared imaging. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentations. Sponsors: FLIR, Teledyne DALSA, Telops

Freeform Optics Design for Illumination Applications

Available Until September 5, 2020

Freeform optical elements give designers in the lighting and display markets new degrees of freedom when it comes to creating innovative optics for visual applications. Freeform lenses provide additional freedom to design lenses or reflectors that solve challenging problems such as off-axis lighting or complex illumination patterns. However, these same freeform elements can add a layer of complexity to the design process. That’s where software comes in. This 30-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, shows how modern optical design software can help simplify the process by allowing the user to automatically test and optimize a large number of parameters to meet a user-defined goal. Sponsor: Lambda Research

Strategies to Manage Obsolescence in Aerospace and Defense Already

Available Until September 2020

Test engineers spend 50 percent of their time or more dealing with obsolescence in their test program sets. This Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media and SAE International, discusses different solutions to overcome obsolescence challenges and explores best practices in operations implementation, hardware acquisition, and software design to reduce the sustainment burden of handling obsolescence in test systems long before the equipment goes end of life. Sponsor: National Instruments

The Future of Modeling is Here

Available Until August 29, 2020

Software that was once the complete tool for mathematical modeling is now the platform to develop simpler, more focused simulation applications. Expanding the use of mathematical simulations to a larger audience of engineers increases the efficiency of accurately modeling processes and decreases the time it takes to bring products to market. The simulation engineer knows the physics, but the design or manufacturing engineer knows the device process. This 30-minute Webinar traces the development of mathematical modeling of complex and multiphysics phenomena from its beginnings to where it is today and where it will be tomorrow. Sponsor: COMSOL

SOSA and Its Impact on OpenVPX

Available Until August 13, 2020

The new Sensor Open System Architecture (SOSA) being spearheaded by the Air Force, Army, and Navy seeks to develop standards and architectures that provide uniformity, interoperability, and open architectures while simultaneously driving down procurement and operational costs for new C4ISR platforms. This one-hour Technical Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media examines the impact this new initiative will have on OpenVPX. Three of the industry's leading experts provide insight on this important topic. An audience Q&A is included. Sponsors: Atrenne, Elma Electronic, Kontron, Meritec, Pentek

The Next Giant Leap: Back to the Moon and On to Mars

Available Until August 7, 2020

Humanity is moving out into the solar system, starting with a sustainable return to the Moon and then to Mars. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media describes how the collaboration of government, commercial partners, and international allies lays the foundation for the forward path to the Moon in preparation for Mars. Learn how NASA and its partners will send humans back to the Moon by 2024 with a sustainable presence by 2028. Sponsors: AirBorn, CS Hyde, Deposition Sciences Inc., Motion Dynamics Corp., Navitar, National Instruments

Game-Changing Interconnect Technology for Space Exploration

Available Until July 15, 2020

This 30-minute Webinar is serving as the launch of a new state-of-the-art interconnect system for OEMs and design engineers. It examines the latest disruptive technology that combines the benefits of fiber with the ease and reliability of copper for space, military, and aerospace applications. Experts discuss how the technology solved the challenges that a major prime contractor in the space market had using fiber interconnects. Sponsor: AirBorn

ISO 26262 Compliance, Innovation, and Time to Market: How to Deliver All Three

Available Until June 26, 2020

How to comply with functional safety standards without compromising either speed of development or innovation is addressed in this 60-minute Webinar hosted by Tech Briefs Media. It describes how this challenge can be met with an agile model-based design process that leverages intelligent centralized management. Sponsor: SimuQuest

Establishing Maximum Acceptable Dose

Available Until June 25, 2020

Manufacturers utilizing ionizing radiation for sterilization purposes need to establish the maximum acceptable dose for the specified product. Compliance to the ISO 11137 standard requires an experimental program that demonstrates that a product treated with the maximum acceptable dose meets its specified functional requirements throughout its defined lifetime. This 45-minute Webinar, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, focuses on radiation interaction with materials and the proper design of experiments to establish a product’s maximum acceptable dose. Sponsor: Sterigenics

Hydraulic Cylinders and the Search for the Perfect Seal

Available Until June 20, 2020

Large-scale manufacturers, such as those in the agricultural and construction industries, are tasked with finding a balance between the cost and performance of their hydraulic cylinders. This 17-minute Tech Talk, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, explains how to achieve that goal by optimizing advanced sealing technology. In the process, material and component costs can be reduced by as much as 40 percent. Sponsor: Freudenberg

Fiber Extrusion for Medical Devices 101

Available Until June 19, 2020

The demand for polymer-derived fibers and yarns for medical device components gives OEMs and fiber extrusion experts exciting opportunities to work together. Creating components for a finished medical device depends on a mutual understanding of each organization’s needs and capabilities. What steps are involved in polymer extrusion? What equipment is commonly used? What are some innovation examples in fiber and yarn spinning? This 12-minute Tech Talk, hosted by Medical Design Briefs, walks through several basic facets of fiber extrusion for medical devices. Sponsor: Secant Group

Getting a Grip on Friction

Available Until June 18, 2020

Friction is the reason bearings exist. This 13-minute Tech Talk, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, delves a little deeper into the influences of friction with respect to rotation, heat generation, and bearing function and failure. Along the way, techniques and enhancements that offer a path toward more efficient systems and reduced power requirements are presented. Sponsor: Schaeffler Group USA Inc.

All Roads Lead to FMEAs

Available Until June 11, 2020

FMEAs are one of the many tools used to discover failures at the earliest stages in design or manufacturing. This 30-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, focuses on how software is effectively reducing the cost and effort associated with building FMEAs using lessons learned and best practices. Sponsor: Omnex Systems

Uncovering Non-Obvious Variables in Surface Preparation Processes for Bonding and Coating

Available Until June 13, 2020

Surface preparation for bonding and coating operations includes manual and automated processes, which frequently include some combination of solvent wiping and abrasion, among other uncontrolled preparation methods such as ultrasonic parts washing and plasma treatment. These processes can be very effective if implemented with proper process control feedbacks. This 30-minute Webinar, hosted by Tech Briefs Media, presents a compendium of variables that have been uncovered during failure analysis of common bonding operations. It also shows how awareness of these variables permits implementation of simple process control steps that significantly increase bond reliability. Sponsor: BTG Labs

Eyes in the Sky: Military Drone Technology

Available Until June 6, 2020

This one-hour Technical Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media examines some of the cutting-edge technologies being designed into modern military unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as UAVs. An audience Q&A is included. Sponsors: Equipto Electronics Corp., FLIR, Tektronix

Expanding Vehicle Development Testing with Wheel Force Transducers

Available Until May 30, 2020

Wheel force transducers make it possible to obtain high-quality data in an efficient manner for road testing of ground vehicles. In this 30-minute Webinar, engineers discuss the development of a new transducer system and its use for improving vehicle development. Topics covered include an overview of the design and its advantages, the use of wheel force transducers with medium and heavy trucks, and an explanation of CAN bus and EtherCAT interfacing. Sponsor: PCB Piezotronics