Microchip AI & Machine Learning Basics and Solutions 

Available Until December 14, 2022

This presentation discusses how embedded machine learning can reduce costs and improve efficiency, exploring its benefits for applications such as smart embedded vision, smart predictive maintenance, and smart human machine interfaces. Sponsors: Avnet and Microchip Technology

Developing Multipoint FMEAs

Available Until October 19, 2022

An FMEA (failure mode effects analysis) traditionally incorporates only single-point faults. This 40-minute Webinar examines functional safety FMEA with multipoint faults. By constructing an FMEA using requirements from system, hardware, and software development, it’s possible to link the FMEA with the FMEDA (failure mode effects and diagnostic analysis) and FTA (fault tree analysis). The presentation shows an FMEA including both single- and multipoint faults and incorporating safety mechanisms as preventive controls. Sponsor: Omnex

Understanding TISAX: Automotive Industry Cybersecurity Requirement

Available Until August 24, 2022

Since information security systems are under attack, companies in the automotive supply chain face questions on how to protect their data with a robust security system. The first step to securing information systems and intellectual property is adopting TISAX – a Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange. This 30-minute Webinar examines how TISAX covers general information security, prototype protection, and data protection (EU GDPR) with an approach based on Maturity Models. Sponsor: Omnex

Design Challenges to Adopt Ethernet in Commercial Transportation

Available Until June 24, 2022

Manufacturers are designing more data-intensive features into trucks, buses, special-use vehicles, agricultural, and heavy-duty construction equipment. The trend is similar to what we’ve seen in the automotive market: rear-view and side-view cameras, infotainment systems, sensors, GPS, and comfort controls. This 60-minute Webinar examines how these features are being designed for the industrial and commercial transportation market. Sponsor: TE Connectivity

Best Practices for Quality Assurance in Automotive SPICE

Available Until June 22, 2022

This 30-minute Webinar examines best practices for conducting and managing QA in an Automotive SPICE Project. It discusses how to plan your process and audit activities. It also covers how to conduct work product quality checks and why you need to include mechanical, hardware, functional safety, and cybersecurity into the assessment criteria and checklists. Sponsor: Omnex

Ford CSR: Creating Family, Foundation, and Part FMEAs with AQuA Pro Software Using RFMEAs

Available Until March 31, 2023

Ford has updated its customer specific requirements. Its new CSR discusses family, foundation, and part FMEAs and requires Ford suppliers to adopt an FMEA software package by July 1, 2022. Ford is also requiring reverse FMEAs (RFMEAs) to be implemented into process FMEAs (PFMEAs). This 30-minute Webinar explains how to create family FMEAs, foundation FMEAs, and part FMEAs with Omnex AQuA Pro software using RFMEAs. The latest innovations, including multipoint FMEAs and linked FMEA and 8Ds, are also examined. Sponsor: Omnex