Using a Holistic Approach for Integrated Optimization of Electric Powertrains

Available until May 2, 2025

Batteries, motors, and inverters make up the essential trio of any electric powertrain, and each of these has a significant impact on the cost, range, efficiency, and performance of an electrified vehicle. Too often, though, these components are designed and optimized separately, instead of being optimized together, as a system. This 45-minute Webinar will present a methodology for exploring the design space of these components while understanding not only the component-level trade-offs, but also their complex effects on system-level performance. Sponsor: Gamma Technologies

Implementing New APQP and Control Using Electronic Workflows

Available until May 1, 2025

The 3rd Edition New Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) manual and 1st Edition Control Plan are in the early rollout phase. OEMs in the U.S., along with some in Europe, are requiring Electronic FMEAs and the new APQP and Control Plan. Now is the time to embrace electronic APQP, Control Plans, and linked FMEAS (both DFMEA and PFMEA). There are significant changes found in both the APQP and the new Control Plan manuals that not only address the needs of the latest ICE and hybrid vehicles, but also address those of new electric vehicles. In this 30-minute Webinar, experts will discuss what they consider the most significant changes found in the new manuals as well as how to best address the latest release of the APQP and Control Plan. Sponsor: Omnex Systems

Mastering Software Complexity in Automotive: Is Release Possible Within a Few Days?

Available until April 25, 2025

Advancements in software continue to push the automotive industry forward, but with these advancements come software complexities that can make the difference between success and failure. This 30-minute Webinar will look at the reasons for prevailing complexity in automotive software development. In addition, it will cover application software development, integration of software into an ECU, and integration of the solution into vehicles — all from an OEM’s point of view. The program also will analyze interaction and the organizational level, identify problems, and explain feasible solution options to help attendees reduce their software development time. Sponsor: Synopsys

Electromagnetic Heating Simulation – Emerging Medical Applications

Available until April 24, 2025

Simulation plays a critical role in developing medical devices, which continue to improve the health and lives of millions of people around the world. However, because of significant variability in the human body, engineers must assess the performance of their medical device designs for a wide range of conditions. This helps ensure greater patient safety and is less expensive than in vivo or in vitro testing. Many medical devices use multiple physics, making multiphysics simulation an excellent tool for simulating the different aspects of the medical devices simultaneously. This 60-minute Webinar will provide a live demonstration of an electromagnetic heating simulation using the COMSOL Multiphysics® software. Sponsor: COMSOL

Intro to 3D Printing Solutions: Low-Risk Manufacturing Investments

Available until April 23, 2025

3D printing has become a vital part of the manufacturing process across almost every industry, whether it be with early prototyping and design validation, manufacturing aides, or end-use parts and products. With an abundance of additive manufacturing solutions and technologies out on the market, navigating the landscape can be daunting. Where do you start? How can your organization explore 3D printing solutions while mitigating risk and managing capital investment? This 30-minute Webinar will address all these questions and more, providing an overview of what you should be considering when thinking about integrating a 3D printer into your operations. Sponsor: Hawk Ridge Systems

How Artificial Intelligence Is Empowering Warehouse Automation

Available until April 18, 2025

The warehouse industry is changing. Labor shortages are driving AMR adoption in warehouse and logistics environments, and artificial intelligence (AI) empowers warehouse automation. AI-powered algorithms optimize order-picking routes, considering factors such as product characteristics, picking frequency, and real-time order priorities. By intelligently sequencing orders and optimizing travel paths, warehouses can improve order accuracy, increase throughput, and reduce labor costs. AI allows AMRs to make decisions autonomously but without sacrificing safety. In this 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs, attendees will learn how companies can achieve significant productivity improvements by harnessing AI for warehouse management. Sponsors: Hawk Ridge Systems, IFS, SICK

The Moon and Beyond from a Thermal Perspective

Available until April 17, 2025

Countries worldwide are actively engaged in advancing lunar exploration initiatives, channeling substantial resources into the development of rovers, terrain vehicles, landers, power-generation systems, and space stations. However, the pursuit of these ambitious endeavors is accompanied by significant technical hurdles, with thermal control systems emerging as a focal point in the overarching system architecture discussions. Join this 60-minute Webinar to embark on an expedition into the realm of mission-critical thermal management strategies. Our journey begins at the International Space Station, where we delve into the intricacies of active, system-level thermal control mechanisms. These systems predominantly leverage pumped fluids in conjunction with passive heat transfer and rejection components. Venturing onward, we navigate through the challenges of "Surviving Lunar Night," where we analyze cutting-edge technologies such as variable conductance heat pipes, loop heat pipes, thermal control valves, and thermal switches. Drawing insights from NASA's VIPER and Sequential Phase II programs, we unravel the complexities of ensuring thermal stability in lunar environments. Our odyssey culminates with an exploration of thermal management strategies envisioned for future nuclear-power- generation systems. This includes a discussion of high-temperature heat pipes and cold-side heat rejection systems. We invite you to join this expedition as we navigate the nuances of achieving optimal thermal management across the lunar surface and the expanse of s pace beyond and answer your questions in an audience Q&A session. Sponsor: ACT

Building an Automotive EMC Test Plan

Available until April 16, 2025

The vehicles we drive are getting smarter and more connected — and that connectivity presents opportunities for system interference, creating potentially hazardous situations for vehicle operators and passengers. Performing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing on vehicles and components can identify potential issues before they occur. This 30-minute Webinar will explain the ins and outs of automotive EMC test plan development and how to ensure a strong foundation early in the process. It also will discuss key topics, ranging from basic information to why the EMC test plan is crucial to a successful test effort. Learn information an EMC test plan needs, consequences of an incomplete test plan, and more. Sponsor: Element

Unleashing Epoxy's Potential: Ensuring Hermetic Sealing in Modern Electronics

Available until April 11, 2025

Engineers, designers, and manufacturers face challenges when seeking reliable and efficient hermetic sealing solutions for their electronic devices. However, advanced epoxy can provide exceptional hermetic sealing solutions to help overcome the challenges of environmental protection in modern devices. This 30-minute Webinar will delve into the world of hermetic sealing and explore the capabilities of epoxy in today's advanced electronics. This session will provide knowledge to ensure optimal performance and longevity in next-generation electronics. Topics include the critical need for hermetic sealing in modern electronics, epoxy's advantages, and more. Sponsor: Douglas Electrical Components

Tech Update: 3D Printing for Transportation in 2024

Available until April 9, 2025

Today, OEMs and tiered suppliers face increasing pressure to swiftly introduce innovations in road and rail. With the proliferation of technologies and suppliers in additive manufacturing (3D printing), obtaining an overview of the latest developments poses challenges for designers, engineering heads, operations, and additive manufacturing professionals. This 60-minute Webinar will provide a concise overview of recent advancements in 3D printing and take a look at where the latest developments can change the equation for 3D printing. Attendees will stay up-to-date and learn about the latest 3D printing developments, impact on transportation OEMs and tiered suppliers, specific material test data for transportation manufacturers, relevant applications like surface texturing, on-site, fast implementation applications such as eggshell molding for silicon parts, and how to create an impact in their own operations in 2024. Sponsor: 3D Systems

SAE Battery & Electrification Summit

Available until April 3, 2025

The future of mobility is powered by battery technology. By 2028, the automotive battery market is expected to generate more than $70 billion in revenue. As the demand for sustainable power alternatives changes mobility design standards, how can engineers successfully prepare for the electric revolution? Hosted by Battery & Electrification Technology magazine and SAE International, the online Battery & Electrification Summit offers two days of expert insight, innovation, and emerging applications for design engineers and managers. You’ll hear from expert speakers as they discuss the latest technologies, products, and applications needed to successfully navigate this rapidly evolving market. Sponsors: KEYSIGHT, COMSOL, Avery Dennison, Elektro-Automatik, Micro-Epsilon

From Data to Decision: How AI Enhances Warfighter Readiness

Available until March 28, 2025

The U.S. Department of Defense relies on a network of supply, logistics, and maintenance functions. Maintaining an inventory of available and ready warfighting systems is critical for deterrence as well as waging a multi-front conflict. By integrating AI, the U.S. can improve force posture and readiness at home, augment a less-skilled workforce, and accelerate decision making under decentralized C2 and the ACE concept. In this 60-minute Webinar, attendees will discover how AI can address some of the DoD’s biggest sustainment challenges. In addition, the program will highlight real-world success stories, reveal learned best practices, and detail how AI meets the needs of our service members. Sponsor: SGS

Unveiling Trends in the Battery Industry: Insights from Third-Party Testing

Available until March 27, 2025

In the ever-evolving landscape of battery technology, staying ahead of industry trends is imperative for manufacturers, developers, and OEMs. Third-party testing provides a unique vantage point, enabling a comprehensive analysis of various form factors, chemistries, and sizes, rather than focusing on a singular product for a specific OEM. This 30-minute Webinar delves into challenges of battery technology advancements and offers insight into the latest trends with a showcase of the most requested chemistries, form factors, and tests associated with emerging battery technologies. Attendees will discover how stepping beyond the confines of testing a single product for a specific OEM allows for a holistic understanding of the evolving battery landscape. Sponsor: Element

Integrating Additive Manufacturing Into Aerospace Production

Available until March 26, 2025

Additive manufacturing offers cutting-edge applications for the aerospace industry. The latest manufacturing innovations utilized by the industry re-risk projects, accelerate program timelines, and save iteration costs, bridging the gap between prototype to production and much more. This 30-minute collaborative Webinar will explore the journey from design concept through full-rate production (FRP), showcasing the latest additive manufacturing technologies and how they are applied in “real world” aerospace examples.

Attendees can expect to learn more about rapid prototyping of production-representative components as well as tools to increase throughput and consistency in the manufacturing of highly complex aerospace parts. From the Markforged Metal X to the Form3+, there are a variety of printers offering solutions for the aerospace industry, and this program will explore how they lend themselves to productivity and efficiency on the shop floor. This Webinar also will touch upon a myriad of fixtures, tools, and prototypes, underscoring the versatility and breadth of additive manufacturing solutions, providing invaluable insights to help attendees stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of aerospace engineering and manufacturing. Sponsors: Hawk Ridge Systems, PTI Tech

EV Bodyshop Metrology: The Same but Different

Available until March 22, 2025

EV technology has followed a long, winding road, but in 2024, it’s clear the industry has made it to the fast lane. New chassis designs, larger casted parts, and complex assemblies are now on the factory floors and have just as high, if not higher, quality requirements than traditional ICE vehicles. However, until recently, metrology solutions have stayed in the past, but today’s new metrology offerings are empowering automakers to accelerate quality control in this EV-driven age. This 60-minute Webinar will open attendees’ eyes to the changing world of automotive production metrology, exploring the pioneering generation of laser radar metrology solutions that are ideally suited for the challenges of EV manufacturing. Sponsor: Nikon

How to Safely Control the Power to Your Vehicle

Available until March 21, 2025

Safety is becoming increasingly top of mind for fleet operators, vehicle designers, and manufacturers alike. It’s more important than ever to source and design-in reliable power control solutions that provide a safe interface for operators and technicians. This 60-minute Webinar looks at the available switching solutions on the market today that play an integral role in safely controlling power to commercial vehicles and other heavy-duty equipment. Find answer to questions like “What options do I have,” “How do I choose the right one,” and “How can these solutions be applied.” Learn more about the switching solutions that help enable a safer working environment, especially in harsh and demanding conditions. Sponsor: TE Connectivity

Digital Twins and Simulation for Accelerated Automotive Product Development

Available until March 21, 2025

Product-development simulation has emerged as a crucial component in cutting development time and cost, as well as helping to deliver superior quality and reliability. This 75-minute Webinar from the editors of Automotive Engineering examines the latest innovations in product-development simulation, including how digital twins are expanding into more areas of simulation and testing. An audience Q&A session will follow the technical presentations. Sponsors: Altair, COMSOL, dSPACE, Synopsys, VI-grade

Top 3 Factors Impacting the Useful Life of Medical Devices

Available until March 20, 2025

A proposed EPA rule on ethylene oxide sterilization emissions soon will take effect. How will these new requirements impact you and your customers, and what options exist? Material alternatives beyond metal are available that are compatible with multiple sterilization processes and withstand repeated cycles. This 30-minute Webinar explores alternative material options and comparative performance data of a specialty polyetherimide resin and polysulfones, both before and after undergoing sterilization processes. It examines variations in the data for the top three factors that can be affected by sterilization and can impact the useful life of medical devices: material strength, durability, and chemical resistance. Sponsor: SABIC

AI on the Ascent: Optimizing Factory Schedules for Peak Production

Available until March 19, 2025

Artificial intelligence (AI) can play a transformative role in manufacturing scheduling. Integrated AI technologies dramatically enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, and increase transparency on the shop floor by harnessing multiple sources. In this 60-minute Webinar, attendees will learn about real-world applications of AI in manufacturing scheduling, the challenges of implementing AI solutions, and practical strategies for integrating these technologies into manufacturing processes. This dynamic Webinar is deal for industry professionals and technology enthusiasts and offers comprehensive insight into leveraging AI for optimal scheduling and production outcomes. Sponsor: IFS

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Conference 2024

Available until March 6, 2025

Since most U.S. states are still only in the early stages of their EV charging infrastructure implementations, the organizations that build the chargers, connectors, and other key technological components – as well as deliver the actual power – are evolving as well. The third annual Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Conference 2024, an SAE Sustainability Event, brings innumerable state DOT officials from across the country together to share their infrastructure updates with each other and energy companies, charging companies, and other OEMs so they can all collaborate to determine the best way forward, together, to bring to reality the EV charging infrastructure we're all counting on. Sponsors: Keysight, Elektro-Automatik, dSPACE, Intertek, COMSOL

Advancing Software Development for the Future of Autonomous Military Vehicles

Available until February 29, 2025

Recent industry breakthroughs in self-driving vehicles are enabling the potential use of autonomous ground vehicles in military operations. The use of software to control navigation by fusing data from multiple sensors is a key enabler to the use of autonomous ground vehicle technology in military operations. Several Department of Defense programs are already prototyping and evaluating software that can be adapted to autonomous ground vehicles. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Aerospace & Defense Technology will analyze the maturity level of current software that can enable autonomous ground vehicle navigation. An audience Q&A session will follow the technical presentation. Sponsors: Hawk Ridge Systems, Sealevel

Revolutionizing Electric Mobility: Advancements in Physics Simulations and CAE Methods

Available until February 21, 2025

The transition to EVs demands a paradigm shift: Battery pack placement, chassis design, and suspension dynamics directly influence handling, safety, and comfort, and higher frequency vibrations pose added challenges. In the aerospace sector, the rise of eVTOLs brings unique design challenges, including advanced aerodynamics, propulsion, and structural dynamics, necessitate groundbreaking physics simulations for optimal performance. Join us for this 60-minute Webinar to explore how enhancements in physics-based simulations — which have emerged as indispensable tools to address these challenges — can bolster productivity and contribute to achieving sustainability goals. Sponsor: Hexagon

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness Priorities for EVs

Available until February 20, 2025

With EVs accounting for an increasing proportion of supplier and OEM product-development investment, what are the new vistas in NVH abatement? Modern methods for combating NVH issues include “adding” sound, which has emerged as an attractive technique to counter some specific NVH challenges, as well as many others. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Automotive Engineering will present evolving methods for addressing various aspects of EV NVH – and examine how ever-advancing simulation methods promise new possibilities for assessing and countering NVH issues in EVs. Topics include automotive sound design, NVH software and driving simulators, and exterior and interior noise. Sponsors: DEWESoft, imc, PCB Piezotronics

Hydrogen’s Promising Role in Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Available until February 8, 2025

As OEMs and fleet operators look to accelerate the decarbonization of their product portfolios, suppliers are ramping up their efforts to provide clean hydrogen-fueled alternatives. Development programs and real-world demonstrations in a range of heavy-duty sectors increasingly are proving their efficacy. In this 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Truck & Off-Highway Engineering, industry experts will discuss the latest advancements for H2 combustion engines and fuel cells as well as integration and implementation challenges for both on- and off-highway vehicles. Topics include fuel cell engines and markets for diverse applications and looks at real-world use cases. Sponsors: AGC, Backer Hotwatt, Cummins, Modine

Leveraging Today’s Extrusion Technology: Hollows and More!

Available until January 24, 2025

Modern extrusion technology offers manufacturers a chance to create more complex profiles that “put the metal where it is needed.” Complex hollow shapes offer particularly exciting opportunities, especially multi-void hollows. This 60-minute Webinar will go beyond extrusion fundamentals, addressing how to leverage complex profile creation to meet particularly demanding vehicle applications, and will explore complex hollow shapes with a focus on multi- void hollows. The presentation will emphasize some of the more interesting uses of multi-void hollows in today’s vehicles, especially BEVs, and will discuss the alloy, design, and processing considerations necessary to ensure success. Sponsor: Aluminum Extruders Council

Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace: Taking Your Production to New Heights

Available until January 17, 2025

Early additive manufacturing (AM) adopters in the aerospace industry are leveraging advanced 3D printing technologies from industry leaders like HP and Markforged to propel their production processes. This 30-minute Webinar will delve into the latest developments in aerospace and how AM is revolutionizing production beyond traditional methods. Viewers will learn about groundbreaking materials and cutting-edge machines that can propel aerospace manufacturing efforts into the future. The session will dive into real-world examples of creating aerospace parts in-house for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other commercial flight applications. Sponsor: Hawk Ridge Systems

NVH Prediction in Electric Powertrains: Considering Inverter and Motor Spatial Harmonics

Available until December 14, 2024

Much time and consideration from automotive engineers goes into analysis of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) since consumers expect their vehicles to provide as quiet and smooth a ride as possible. Modern technological advancements provide a multitude of opportunities to maximize design success in this area. In this 30-minute Webinar, industry experts will demonstrate a multi-physics workflow for capturing the NVH coming from electric powertrains. This includes electromagnetic, electrical, mechanical, and acoustic modeling to capture the effects of spatial harmonics of the traction motor, harmonics of the inverter and its controls, and bearing and housing design on acoustic performance of electric powertrains. Sponsor: Gamma Technologies

Understanding Technological Advancements in IR Detection Modules

Available until December 13, 2024

Choosing a detector with the right level of sensitivity for a specific gas analysis or spectroscopy application can be daunting no matter what is being measured. Discovering a detector with technology that enables measurements never thought possible could be groundbreaking, and understanding the technology results in successful decision-making. Gas sensing, spectroscopy, and leak detection are core applications where the market is booming and new regulations call for fast developments. This 30-minute Webinar will explore a cost-effective solution — designed for high-volume applications — with a built-in amplifier and temperature controller that provide constant responsivity over a wide range of ambient temperatures. In addition, experts will provide a look at selected applications for which the module is recommended. Sponsor: VIGO Photonics

The Path to ISO/SAE 21434 Cybersecurity Compliance

Available until December 12, 2024

Increased vehicle connectivity options are vital to providing the best driving experience for consumers. However, the adoption of over-the-air software updates, numerous connectivity protocols (including Bluetooth, WiFi, 5G cellular, USB), and in-car networks like CAN, MIPI, and automotive Ethernet, accelerates cybersecurity risks. To mitigate risk and satisfy consumer demand, SAE and ISO collaborated on the ISO/SAE 21434 Road Vehicles—Cybersecurity Engineering standard. This 60-minute Webinar will outline the fundamentals of the ISO/SAE 21434 as well as discuss the requirements and impact of a structured cybersecurity management system for the development of automotive grade IP throughout the automotive product lifecycle. Sponsor: Synopsys

Electrifying Off-Highway Drivetrains

Available until December 7, 2024

The variety of vehicle sizes and extreme duty cycles found in construction, mining, and agricultural applications poses unique challenges to the engineers working to develop optimal electrified drivetrain solutions. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Truck & Off-Highway Engineering reviews the latest technology advancements and engineering efforts to bring durable, cost-effective electric machines that offer sustainable solutions to these demanding operating environments. An audience Q&A session will follow the technical presentation. Sponsors: Allegro Microsystems, Deutronic, dSPACE, Elektro-Automatik, Element, Summit Interconnect

What Really Changed: A Look at the Updated FDA Guidance Document for ISO 10993-1

Available until December 5, 2024

In September 2023, the FDA released a new revision to its guidance document on the use of ISO 10993-1, which focuses on the evaluation and testing of medical devices within a risk management process. The first question to ask when a new revision is released is, “What changed?” Then a follow up question is, “How does that impact my device and/or submission?” This 60-minute Webinar will review the changes to the FDA’s guidance document as well as how to assess the revision’s impact on different situations. Speakers also will review some of the unchanged information to highlight lessons learned on the practical application of the guidance document. Sponsor: Nelson Labs

The Smaller the Part, the Bigger the Advantages of Miniature Aluminum Extrusions

Available until November 21, 2024

The reliability, durability, and performance of small and miniature parts in a product or sub assembly depends on the material used, the manufacturing process, and the ability of the producer to deliver a product that meets all the specifications and requirements. Aluminum extrusions and parts are widely used across industries — including aerospace, automotive, electronics, sports, and U.S. military — and offer many advantages when used in small and miniature parts. This 60-minute Webinar explores the technical challenges and issues associated with small parts and solutions to these problems as well as the truth in the adage, “The smaller the part, the bigger the advantages of miniature aluminum extrusions.” Sponsor: Minalex

Aerospace Additive & Advanced Manufacturing Summit

Available until November 9, 2024

With the emergence of 3D printing and other new advanced manufacturing techniques as viable, effective, and cost-efficient options for manufacturing new parts, long-time aerospace, space, and defense organizations, as well as those new to these markets, have found immediate success. Therefore, SAE International’s inaugural Aerospace Additive & Advanced Manufacturing Summit will focus on cutting-edge manufacturing that supports the modernization and sustainment in defense and commercial AM applications. Join us for two days of presentations, which will showcase the methods and opportunities for developing and commercializing advanced manufacturing processes and standards. Sponsors: American Additive Manufacturing, Xometry, COMSOL, Taiyo Yuden

Precision, Control, and Repeatability: Harnessing the Power of UV Curing in Medical Manufacturing

Available until November 8, 2024

Ultraviolet (UV) curing technology has evolved into an indispensable tool for manufacturers in the medical devices industry, where precision and reliability is paramount. UV curing enables the bonding, sealing, marking, and coating of a variety of substrates in compliance with stringent quality requirements. Achieving optimal results in hinges on meticulous control of the UV exposure process. UV systems with precise control can empower manufacturers to refine curing parameters, thereby enhancing efficiency and quality. This 30-minute Webinar will delve into the transformative capabilities of modern UV curing systems and explore how it can revolutionize the curing process in medical manufacturing. Sponsor: Excelitas Technologies

Diversifying Your 3D Printing Line for Medical Device Success

Available until Tuesday, November 7, 2024

There are numerous advantages to using multiple print technologies as part of a holistic additive strategy to effectively service medical industry applications. This 20-minute Tech Talk will explore these advantages and provide insight into which 3D-printed materials are suitable for medical devices as well as special considerations for optimizing an additive lab for seamless workflows across different print technologies. Attendees also will see industry-specific case studies that highlight the advantages of top-of-the-line print technologies including HP multi-jet fusion and Formlabs SLA/SLS in the medical space. Sponsor: Hawk Ridge Systems

Integrating Thermal, Mechanical, and Fluid Dynamic Design Elements When Mitigating TRP

Available until November 2, 2024

Mitigating or preventing thermal runaway propagation (TRP) continues to be one of the most challenging aspects of module and pack design. This 60-minute Webinar will explore considerations engineers must address when developing a thermal runaway propagation strategy for Li-ion batteries. Topics include specifics of the thermal, mechanical, and fluid-dynamic design envelope within a Li-ion battery; the order in which those three elements’ challenges should be addressed; design tools to help visualize the problem and its potential solutions. An audience Q&A session will follow the technical presentation. Sponsor: Aspen Aerogels

High Optical Power SOA and DFB Lasers for High Performance Photonic Systems

Available until November 1, 2024

Semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) and distributed-feedback (DFB) lasers are critical in photonics systems like optical communication and automotive coherent LiDAR. Both applications are required for high optical power sources to achieve longer range and greater detection distance. When a DFB laser and SOA are properly paired, together they can achieve a superior detection range for LiDAR or transmission distance for optical communication and data centers. This 30-minute Webinar will provide insight into choosing the best high output power SOAs and DFB laser diodes for various high-performance optical and photonic systems. An audience Q&A session will follow the technical presentation. Sponsor: SemiNex

Software Solutions for Battery Management System Applications With AUTOSAR

Available until Thursday, October 26, 2024

As demand for electric vehicles continues to increase, so does the demand for improved performance, faster charging time, increased range, and longer battery life, along with improved safety. These demands drive rapid technological advancements in EV battery designs. As batteries become more powerful and complex, more sophisticated BMS architectures are needed to ensure safety and reliability of EVs. Therefore, the ability to enable ASIL D functional safety values from the hardware all the way into the application layer software is critical. This 60-minute Webinar will outline performance and functional safety capabilities with HVBMS and AUTOSAR software to accelerate automotive development. Sponsor: Elektrobit

October 2023 Battery & Electrification Summit

Available until Wednesday, October 25, 2024

The online Battery and Electrification Summit – presented by Battery & Electrification Technology magazine and SAE International – brings together industry experts to explore the latest advancements and trends in battery and electrification technology. The FREE event offers two days of expert advice, insight, problem-solving ideas, and emerging applications for engineers and their teams in the aerospace/defense and automotive/commercial vehicle space. Each day’s agenda features four hours of panel discussions, technical sessions, and more. Sponsors: Keysight, COMSOL, HORIBA, Avery-Dennison Performance Tapes, Micro-Epsilon, Element, Nikon, TE Connectivity, Pickering, INSTRON, Iwaki America, Taiyo Yuden, MOCAP

How Additive Manufacturing Can Increase Efficiency in EV Production

Available until Thursday, October 19, 2024

Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, acts as a catalyst, propelling the shift towards efficiency in electric vehicles (EVs), autonomous systems, and beyond. AM offers significant advances across EV production, enhancing vehicle systems like connectors and routing components, optimizing thermal management, and employing custom jigs and fixtures. This 60-minute Webinar will delve into the world of AM and its transformative impact on electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and the next generation of mobility as well as explore how AM can supercharge component and system development, verification, and manufacturing processes. Sponsor: 3D Systems

Instrument Building 101: Design Your Solution for Molecular Diagnostics

Available until Wednesday, October 18, 2024

Designing a solution for molecular diagnostic instruments involves a complex system of hardware, software, firmware, consumables, and chemistries working together. These factors need to function synergistically to provide the highest possible sensitivity and specificity for an accurate test result and analysis. Whether an instrument will be designed for an end-to-end molecular diagnostic instrument or on a smaller scale, the number of components and lead time required to integrate these can take years. This Tech Talk provides options for reducing development time by using configurable pipetting, gantry, and liquid handling OEM parts with component options that support specific assay needs. Sponsor: Tecan

Accelerate Electric Vehicle Development with HPC and Unified Design and Simulation

Available until Wednesday, October 18, 2024

Today's intense market pressure means electric vehicle (EV) design and analysis work must be completed quickly, accurately, and affordably. This 60-minute Webinar explores the benefits of using a unified design, modeling, and simulation process in combination with high-performance computing to accelerate the development of new electric drive systems. Speakers will discuss methods to improve efficiency of key simulation workflows — such as electromagnetics, thermal management, gear lubrication, and noise and vibration. The Webinar will also provide details on innovative compute architectures and platforms to help product development teams accelerate simulation throughput. Sponsors: Dassault Systèmes Simulia, AMD

Engineering Processes for Digital Knowledge Workers

Available until Tuesday, October 17, 2024

Digital engineering is revolutionizing the way aerospace and defense systems are being designed, developed, and maintained. Enabling digital knowledge workers is crucial for its success. This 60-minute Webinar will explore the benefits of a holistic and fully model-based approach. Using detailed customer cases, speakers will combine value stream and process mapping to open new perspectives for redesigning, streamlining, and automating digital knowledge work. The Webinar will also show how to involve both leadership and the frontline in defining such a process architecture and demonstrate modern tooling to secure a successful rollout. Sponsor: UL Solutions

Miniaturized Solutions for Battery Development

Available until October 12, 2024

Within an electric vehicle (EV) battery system, the battery management system (BMS) is the electronic system that manages the battery pack and the cells. The BMS is critical for optimum battery performance and safety, meaning it must operate with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. It must be robust enough to withstand the environment it occupies yet remain compact and lightweight while limiting any additional bulk to the overall battery pack. This 60-minute Webinar will explore the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in BMS and identify key requirements needed for a highly integrated and optimized BMS. Sponsor: TE Connectivity

Introduction to the Integration of Digital Switching and Modules in Commercial Vehicles

Available until October 11, 2024

What switching solution do you choose when you first move from a fully mechanical system to a digital one? How do you manage the system change including everything from hardware to software integration? In this 30-minute Webinar, attendees will learn how to create an entire digital switching system for a commercial vehicle. Design engineers, purchasers, and anyone involved in managing the migration from a mechanical switching system to a digital switching system will benefit from this event, which will look at the latest in customizable, programmable digital switching systems and offer methodology for choosing the best digital switching solution for individual commercial vehicle applications. Sponsor: Littelfuse

Scan-Based and Project Design for Medical

Available until October 10, 2024

The medical uses for 3D scanning go beyond CT or scanning limbs; often there are hundreds of patient-specific parts that must be archived, referenced, and approved. With highly detailed scanners, professionals can now confidently convert their physical inventory to a digital format for easier sharing and file editing. This also opens the door for data management and automation in approval processes, speeding up lead times for patients to receive critical medical needs. This 30-minute Webinar will explore the process of scanning medical components as well as how to use product data management (PDM) in file automation. Sponsor: Hawk Ridge Systems

Choosing a Silicone for Operation in Harsh Thermal Environments

Available until October 5, 2024

In extreme environments, materials tend to break down, crack, or become brittle, and in space applications, there is added risk of silicone contamination. However, silicones have been used in aircraft and aerospace applications for decades. Their unique properties allow them to maintain function in extreme heat and cold while absorbing stress between substrates with different coefficients of thermal expansion rates during thermal cycling. This 30-minute Webinar shows how to select the best silicone for operating in extreme temperatures based on intended function and examines silicones for extreme temperatures that are formulated to specifically mitigate the risk of contamination. Sponsor: Avantor

Leveraging Electronics Digital Twins on AWS to Accelerate Software-Defined Vehicle Validation

Available until October 4, 2024

Digital twin platforms enable industries to dramatically reduce costs and deliver products faster. Software-defined vehicles are one such automotive industry application that benefit from digital twins. By transitioning from a physical testing environment to an electronics digital twin based on virtual ECUs, OEMs are reducing their development and validation effort, resulting in higher productivity. This 30-minute Webinar explores the electronics digital twin concept using next-generation virtual ECU technologies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) including the technologies and key considerations to deploy, scale, and expedite automotive software-driven vehicle validation. Sponsor: Synopsys

Next-Gen UAM and Unmanned Aircraft Summit

September 26-27, 2024

Regulations for AAM and UAM are evolving at a breathtaking pace, while the technologies behind automated and unmanned aircraft are advancing even faster. As the landscape for air transportation changes, how can designers and OEMs prepare themselves for success? Presented by SAE International and Aerospace & Defense Technology magazine, the inaugural UAM and Unmanned Aircraft Summit offers insights into the future development of automated and unmanned aircraft. During this free, two-day event, experts from around the world will gather to discuss the latest news, challenges, and opportunities facing both commercial and military urban air mobility and unmanned aircraft.

High-Resolution, In-line X-ray Imaging for Lithium-Ion Battery Inspection

Monday, September 25, 2024

In-line, high-resolution X-ray imaging involves the real-time capture of high-resolution X-ray images of objects in motion or within a manufacturing process for monitoring and detailed inspection of objects without disrupting their production flow. For li-ion battery cell inspection, in-line X-ray imaging allows for the non-destructive testing of internal defects, the correct measurement of gap separation of the anode and cathode, and identification of foreign material trapped in the cell structure. This 30-minute Webinar will look at X-ray imaging as a tool to enhance product reliability, optimize manufacturing processes, and maintain the highest standards of quality assurance. Sponsor: Hamamatsu

Accelerating Product Development With the Digital Twin

Thursday, September 21, 2024

Advances in Industry 4.0 are enabling engineers to take their designs into the digital realm, where they can envision how their designs will survive in the real world. A digital twin of the product allows designers to rapidly create new iterations and experiment with different configurations, all without building expensive prototypes. Before a single prototype is constructed, engineers can test their designs virtually to ensure the highest quality. In this 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs, learn how to accelerate and optimize the product design and development process using the digital twin. Sponsors: COMSOL, dSPACE, IFS, Maplesoft, Sealevel, Synopsys

The Road Ahead: From R-134a to R-1234yf Refrigerants

Wednesday, September 20, 2024

R-1234yf refrigerant is on the road to replacing R-134a as the refrigerant of choice in multiple applications. This is influencing industry activities from major OEMs that produce vehicles and equipment to the aftermarkets that service them. From cars to trucks to EVs, R-1234yf delivers on the requirements of environmental responsibility, safety, performance, and applicability. This 60-minute Webinar will dive into R-1234yf’s properties, safety, and classifications as well as how it offers a solution for facing the phase down of R-134a. An audience Q&A session will follow the technical presentation. Sponsor: Chemours

Maximize Fleet Availability With Virtual Twins

Wednesday, September 13, 2024

Aerospace companies must maximize the availability of their fleets while anticipating and mitigating costly disruptions. Data is the key. Extracting the full value of exponential amounts of complex data in the context of its usage can help reduce support costs and downtime, providing a competitive advantage. Innovative companies are benefiting from virtual twin experiences and big data analytics technologies on a collaborative platform for efficient and effective digital maintenance, repair, and overhaul. This 60-minute Webinar will demonstrate how aerospace companies can implement predictive analytics to achieve continuous improvement with data science. Sponsor: Dassault Systèmes

Reducing the Need for Physical Prototyping With Sensor Design

Available until August 31, 2024

Sensors play a critical role in enabling automation for a variety of industries, and the numbers and types of sensors have grown significantly in recent years. This growth can be attributed to the new and better ways engineers are detecting physical or environmental changes and converting them to measurable data. Many of these sensors use principles from multiple areas of physics and chemistry, making multiphysics simulation an excellent tool for simulating different aspects of the physical system simultaneously. This 60-minute Webinar will teach attendees how multiphysics simulation captures the physical behavior of sensors more accurately than single-physics simulations and includes a live demonstration. Sponsor: COMSOL

Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Commercial Vehicles

Available until August 24, 2024

A combination of perception and navigation sensing systems — radar, lidar, RGB, and thermal cameras; inertial MEMS/IMUs; and ultrasonic sensors — is required for future advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and SAE Level 4/5 driving automation. During this 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Truck & Off-Highway Engineering, experts Dan Zula, Dr. Andreas Wendel, and Ben Hager will discuss the challenges and opportunities unique to sensor integration in commercial vehicles including safety and reliability concerns in real-world operating conditions. Sponsors: DEWESoft, dSPACE, Pickering, Summit Interconnect, Yokogawa Test & Measurement

Virtual Twins in Battery Engineering

Available until August 17, 2024

With the rising popularity of battery EVs, our world is becoming more dependent on batteries. These disruptive changes are driven by regulations and consumer demands. Batteries are highly complex systems that require advanced engineering methods at all levels. The complete value chain faces challenges designing and integrating high-energy and high-density battery systems. These make finding ways to optimize battery performance over a range of operating conditions while promoting safety and reducing costs of paramount importance. This 60-minute Webinar explores how using a modern, end-to-end solution can help those along the battery value chain meet these growing engineering requirements. Sponsor: Dassault Systèmes

Modern DAQ Systems: Concepts for Flexible Test and Measurement

Available until August 15, 2024

The goal of data acquisition (DAQ) is to obtain accurate and reliable data that can be used for analysis, monitoring, and control purposes. This 45-minute Webinar introduces viewers to the basic tasks and features of DAQ systems for test and measurement applications in the electromechanical field. During the presentation, basic implementation concepts will be compared and discussed, with focus put on the role of the PC and relevance of modularity and spatially distributed topologies. Flexibility as a decisive criterion for the selection of suitable and future-proof measurement equipment is the common thread of these considerations. Sponsor: imc

Adaptable Healthcare Solutions Designed for Safety and Security

Available Until August 1, 2024

Improved security and performance in modern and future healthcare products hinges on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and adaptive computing. This five-part Webinar series examines the solutions these technologies offer for manufacturers looking to better risk management methods for embedded medical devices, gain a competitive edge, bring products to market faster, and improve overall processes. Sessions include Adaptable AI for Healthcare, Part 1: Medical Imaging; Adaptable AI for Healthcare, Part 2: AI for the Human Lifecycle; Winning Risk Management Methods for Medical Device Embedded Systems; Get to Market Faster With Innovative Medical Imaging Technology; and Transforming Healthcare With High-Performance and Adaptive Computing. Sponsor: Avnet

Evolving Transmission Technology for Vehicle Electrification

Available Until July 27, 2024

With electric drive expanding into the propulsion equation across all vehicle sectors, the role of the transmission is quickly evolving. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Automotive Engineering looks at the latest thinking on transmission designs and strategies for the wide range of battery-electric and hybrid-electric vehicles surging into the passenger-vehicle and commercial/off-road markets. An audience Q&A session will follow the technical presentations. Sponsors: AAM, COMSOL, Elektro-Automatik, Gamma Technologies, Intertek, Synopsys

Improving Automotive Data Connectivity with Crimping Tooling Solutions

Available Until July 26, 2024

Crimping solutions for data connectivity will play an important role in the future of connected vehicles, but these tooling products bring with them new technical challenges — such as the need to crimp multiple times to get a final product. This 60-minute Webinar will explore these technical challenges and how they will affect the automotive industry moving forward, as well as offer solutions to address these problems. Topics include: Challenges of providing complete data connectivity solutions in the future of connected vehicles, how engineers are developing high-quality tools tailored to customer-specific needs, and unique values crimping solutions create for data connectivity. Sponsor: TE Connectivity

Fundamentals of Power Measurement

Available Until July 25, 2024

Although DC power measurements can be fairly straightforward, complexities with AC power measurements arise when dealing with distorted waveforms, fluctuating power factors, and multiple phases, which introduce intricacies that complicate an otherwise simple measurement process. This 60-minute webinar will provide an informative dive into the various fundamental aspects of power measurement. This webinar includes: A look at multi-phase measurements and measurement techniques, a review of practical applications, and real-world examples of multi-phase measurements. An audience Q&A session will follow the technical presentation. Sponsor: Yokogawa

Incorporating Zinc Die Casting Thin-Wall Technology into Lightweight Automotive Applications

Available Until July 20, 2024

In recent years, much research and development has been accomplished in thin-wall technology within the zinc die casting industry. These developments have shown the ability of zinc die castings to be comparable in strength and weight to other lighter-weight materials — at a lower cost. This 30-minute Webinar will detail advancements in thin-wall technology and the zinc die casting industry. Topics include an in-depth look at recent research accomplishments in thin-wall technology and a showcase of today’s processing technology in the zinc die casting industry. The speakers will take questions from the audience in a session following the technical presentation. Sponsor: International Zinc Association

Design Automotive Electronics to Meet SAE J3168 Standards

Available Until July 19, 2024

Automotive electronics suppliers are facing increasingly complex challenges as they look to meet OEM and industry reliability standards including SAEJ3168. Simulation offers an efficient and effective means to address requirements outlined in these specifications and standards including those related to mechanical shock, vibration, thermal cycling, and others that have historically been addressed using physical testing. This 30-minute Webinar will explore the challenges facing these automotive electronics suppliers as well as how simulation provides solutions to those challenges like component life predictions for electronic systems that can be used for comparison to desired product lifetime goals. Sponsor: Ansys

Returning to the Moon with Robots

Available Until July 18, 2024

The Artemis 1 Mission is a step closer to launch. Before NASA returns humans to the Moon in 2024, a fleet of lunar landers will precede them and look for potential landing locations and resources for the planned, crewed Artemis missions. As part of the CLPS program, NASA is funding four commercial companies to deliver robotic payloads to the Moon’s surface with seven CLPS Moon landing missions planned between 2022 and 2024. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs takes a closer look at the technologies needed for safely landing these payloads and the scientific capabilities that will pave the way for humans landing on the Moon. Sponsors: Boker’s, COMSOL, maxon, New England Wire, Pickering, Sealevel

Combining 1D and 3D Multi-Physics Modeling Methods for Thermal Runaway Propagation Analysis

Available Until July 12, 2024

Thermal runaway propagation is a key safety challenge when designing a battery system, but studying thermal runaway events at the pack-level has historically heavily relied on expensive pack-level experimental tests using prototype batteries or 3D CAE analyses. Because the cost of a single test in either scenario is very high, both options allow for only a handful of scenarios to realistically be studied. Empirically driven heat predictions do not account for the history of cells leading to their thermal runaway events. In this 60-minute Webinar, attendees will learn how to build a predictive model for thermal runaway propagation using the new capabilities of advanced simulation tools. Sponsor: Gamma Technologies

Laser Cutting of Medical Stents

Available Until June 29, 2024

As humans live increasingly longer lives, medical technology is improving the quality of those lives. To combat the rise in ailments such as obesity and cardiovascular disease that accompany longer lifespans, the medical industry is turning to state-of-the-art technologies such as laser processing. In this 10-minute Tech Talk, learn more about the advantages of using state-of-the-art laser technology to process stents and other cardiac devices in this rapidly changing world of advanced medical technology. Viewers will be able to submit questions for the speaker. Sponsor: TRUMPF

Mastering the Challenges of the Software Defined Vehicle: Digital Life Experiences

Available Until June 28, 2024

Rapid growth is projected for the digital cockpit market, and customers expect a seamless digital experience whether inside or outside of their vehicles. Due to increasing complexity, challenges emerge for OEMs when designing and developing digital cockpit systems for the software-defined vehicle. These systems begin with a methodology emphasizing technology innovation, safety, integration, testing, and verification. Therefore, interoperability with other systems must be engineered to work effortlessly together. This 60-minute Webinar will explore the fundamentals of managing increasing complexity while developing next-generation digital cockpit systems. Sponsor: Elektrobit

5 Ways to Test Wearable Devices

Available Until June 27, 2024

Trends in wearable technology follow those of the broader biomedical and electronics industries — devices are getting smaller, smarter, and easier to use. Wearables in healthcare have moved toward solutions that reduce the device profile, provide more integration with smartphone apps, and most importantly enable patients to receive their treatments at home instead of in a doctor's office. To fully evaluate all aspects of these devices, rigorous mechanical testing is required. This 30-minute Webinar will break down ways to test and evaluate these wearable devices. Topics include trends in wearable technology, an overview of mechanical testing for wearable devices, and more. Sponsor: Instron

Traction-Motor Innovations for Passenger and Commercial Electric Vehicles

Available Until June 22, 2024

With nearly every automaker and commercial-vehicle manufacturer transitioning to electric propulsion, traction motor design and development is in an explosive phase. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Automotive Engineering will explore what is top of mind for drive-motor engineers and developers looking to maximize efficiency and power while simultaneously delivering product differentiation as the electric-vehicle market expands. An audience Q&A session will follow the technical presentations. Sponsors: Allegro Microsystems, Boker’s, COMSOL, dSPACE, Elektro-Automatik, Horiba, Yokogawa

Selecting the Right OEM Syringe Pump for Your Liquid-Handling Application

Available Until June 21, 2024

Knowing you’ve chosen the right pump for your liquid-handling application is key to success and peace of mind. For instrument designers choosing an OEM pump supplier, it’s important to select one equipped to offer the advice, solutions, and innovative and reliable liquid handling to best suit individual needs. This 10-minute Tech Talk will dive into the ins and outs of today’s syringe pumps, removing the confusion of selecting the syringe pump that’s right for your liquid-handling application. Attendees will hear from an industry expert with more than 14 years of experience in the medical devices and biopharmaceutical industries, with advanced knowledge of syringe pumps. Sponsor: Tecan

Solving Complex Thermal Challenges of Today’s Space Market

Available Until June 15, 2024

With growing demands for satellite capabilities, cislunar innovation, and lunar surface technologies, thermal management is becoming a hot (and cold) topic in the space industry! Thermal solutions for complex challenges — such as surviving lunar night for rovers, managing the hot and cold side of nuclear power generation, and controlling environment in space habitats — are essential. This 60-minute Webinar will cover technologies being used in current flight environments and technologies being developed for future missions. This event features a high-level overview of technology options for a variety of missions and more. Sponsor: Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT).

Microelectronics Data Security: Better with Formal Methods

Available Until June 14, 2024

Whether you are developing Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) for mobile and wearables, automotive, aerospace, defense, data centers, or entertainment, securing your proprietary data and customers’ information is critical to your company’s long-term success. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in these systems — at the network, system, device, or chip levels. As SoC designs get more complex, this 30-minute Webinar aims to show chip designers how they can best ensure secure data is handled correctly inside the chip while reducing deployment time. Learn the role of formal methods for security verification, key challenges of formal verification and why addressing them is critical, and more. Sponsor: Synopsys

How Metal Additive Manufacturing Is Driving the Future of Tooling

Available Until June 8, 2024

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) is a rapidly growing technology used to create high-quality metal parts that were previously impossible to manufacture. Now, with access to larger format printers that feature build chambers over 500 mm across, engineers are looking at new possibilities for AM implementation. This 60-minute Webinar will delve into the challenges of AM tooling and how advanced metal AM technology helps overcome them. It also will examine how the larger build plates give tooling designers access to larger format printing for die inserts with a quality surface finish — a full order of magnitude beyond what previously existed in the industry. Sponsor: Velo3D

Battery Recycling & Reuse Summit

Available Until June 6, 2024

As the ground vehicle industry shifts to electric vehicles, it must search for increasingly efficient and inexpensive means of production and materials sourcing, including recycling and reuse. While there are many promising strategies for recycling batteries, there also are numerous barriers to resolve. SAE International's inaugural Battery Recycling & Reuse Summit will convene mining, energy, mobility, and policy leaders to discuss the latest news, updates, challenges, and opportunities surrounding battery reuse and recycling. This free event will explore industry insights, circular supply chains for li-ion batteries, ML approaches for batter assessment, and more. Sponsors: TE Connectivity, Verder Scientific

Accelerate Software Innovation Through Target-Optimized Code Generation and Virtual Prototypes

Available Until June 1, 2024

Increasingly complex automotive systems are driving the need for new and powerful E/E architectures, and new technology is emerging that offers a significant computational increase compared to previous generation SoCs. To deliver solutions, model-based design (MBD) workflows must be deployed to handle this new level of complexity and solutions that optimize microcontrollers for development challenges in e-mobility, advanced control and signal processing functions, and deployment on multicore microcontroller architectures. This 30-minute Webinar will explore a workflow in which virtual prototypes can substitute the physical target for much of that traditional MBD workflow. Sponsor: Synopsys

Temperature Measurement: From Sensor to Data Acquisition

Available Until May 25, 2024

Choosing the appropriate approach and equipment for temperature measurement is key to successful testing applications. In this 45-minute Webinar, attendees will find an overview of the major sensors and methods that are relevant for temperature measurements in typical testing applications. It will explore environmental conditions, practical instrumentation, and handling aspects to help users find the best-suited approach for their applications and select appropriate equipment for data acquisition. Topics include major temperature sensors, relevant selection criteria for testing and monitoring applications, signal conditioning and measurement amplifiers, and more. Sponsor: imc Test & Measurement

High-purity Silicone Adhesive Solutions for Medical Device Assembly

Available Until May 24, 2024

Manufacturers have long relied on silicone adhesives to assemble life-changing medical devices, from cochlear implants to gastric balloons to insulin pumps. Choosing the best silicone for your application requires an understanding of several key factors such as cure characteristics, temperature, rheology, surface preparation, and inhibition. This 30-minute Webinar will examine these silicone selection considerations that can impact both the manufacturing process and end-use performance. Topics include medical-grade silicone adhesive types, choosing the best silicone solution, optimizing production, proper substrate surface prep, and more. Sponsors: Avantor, NuSil

How to Control Robots with Gestures: A Two-Part Series

Available Until May 23, 2024

Understanding how to build and implement gesture control in robotics is an integral step in the development of smart applications. This two-part Webinar series will explore how to train and deploy deep learning models and integrate them into the Robot Operating System (ROS2) with cutting-edge, cost-optimized programmable logic and system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions. Each 60-minute Webinar will use a fun robotics application to demonstrate the development steps required to create the foundation designs, as well as how to augment these designs with hardware accelerators. Part I will describe how to train an ML model for gesture recognition, and Part II will describe how to integrate the model into an ROS2 graph. Sponsors: Avnet, AMD

SOSA and the Future of Military Computing

Available Until May 18, 2024

The future of military computing must involve much more commonality and standardization within each branch of the armed forces. SOSA is not a new concept, as the standard and approach has existed for decades, but SOSA’s widespread adoption is new and comes due to the current convergence of technology and a drive by the government agencies to develop a unified, technical, open systems approach to complex systems such as radar, EO/IR, SIGINT, and communications. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Aerospace & Defense Technology will highlight some of the lessons learned as SOSA moves towards program requirements as well as the ultimate goal we are aiming for. Sponsors: Summit Interconnect, Sealevel

Cell to Pack: Laser Applications in EV Battery Manufacturing

Available Until May 17, 2024

The battery pack is the most cost-intensive and safety-critical component housed within an electric vehicle. To manufacture a battery pack that meets the stringent production requirements of high productivity and exceptional quality, industrial lasers — when coupled with unique processing optics — play a crucial role in the manufacturing process, from cell to pack. This 10-minute Tech Talk aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the various laser applications utilized in the EV battery manufacturing process. Topics include laser use during the manufacture of EV batteries, optimal laser type selection, processing strategies, and more. Sponsor: TRUMPF

Space Communications and Navigation Summit: The Power of Optical & Quantum Technology, Networking, & Interoperability

Available Until May 16, 2024

For the first time ever, leaders in the space communication and navigation community come together to discuss the technology required to build and navigate a holistic space ecosystem. This unique summit will foster discussions surrounding new and emerging technologies, such as optical communications, radio frequency technologies, networking, quantum devices, and interoperability efforts. This free, one-day summit, which takes place over four hours, offers sessions featuring program and technical leaders from NASA centers and offices who will speak to the growing importance of developments in space communications and navigation. Sponsored by PI