SOSA and the Future of Military Computing

Available Until May 18, 2024

The future of military computing must involve much more commonality and standardization within each branch of the armed forces. SOSA is not a new concept, as the standard and approach has existed for decades, but SOSA’s widespread adoption is new and comes due to the current convergence of technology and a drive by the government agencies to develop a unified, technical, open systems approach to complex systems such as radar, EO/IR, SIGINT, and communications. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Aerospace & Defense Technology will highlight some of the lessons learned as SOSA moves towards program requirements as well as the ultimate goal we are aiming for. Sponsors: Summit Interconnect, Sealevel

Cell to Pack: Laser Applications in EV Battery Manufacturing

Available Until May 17, 2024

The battery pack is the most cost-intensive and safety-critical component housed within an electric vehicle. To manufacture a battery pack that meets the stringent production requirements of high productivity and exceptional quality, industrial lasers — when coupled with unique processing optics — play a crucial role in the manufacturing process, from cell to pack. This 10-minute Tech Talk aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the various laser applications utilized in the EV battery manufacturing process. Topics include laser use during the manufacture of EV batteries, optimal laser type selection, processing strategies, and more. Sponsor: TRUMPF

Space Communications and Navigation Summit: The Power of Optical & Quantum Technology, Networking, & Interoperability

Available Until May 16, 2024

For the first time ever, leaders in the space communication and navigation community come together to discuss the technology required to build and navigate a holistic space ecosystem. This unique summit will foster discussions surrounding new and emerging technologies, such as optical communications, radio frequency technologies, networking, quantum devices, and interoperability efforts. This free, one-day summit, which takes place over four hours, offers sessions featuring program and technical leaders from NASA centers and offices who will speak to the growing importance of developments in space communications and navigation. Sponsored by PI

A Look Into New Silicone Elastomers for Low-Temperature Biopharma Applications

Available Until April 18, 2024

Cold storage and transport are essential for the development and delivery of vaccines, treatment and mitigation drugs, and customized cell and gene therapies. Silicone elastomers are widely used in tubing and gasketing parts of single-use containers to store these drugs. However, when exposed to temperatures below -50-degree Celsius, standard silicone elastomers may crystallize, causing system failure and resulting in the loss of highly concentrated and expensive drugs. This 10-minute Tech Talk highlights the need for alternative materials that can withstand extremely low temperatures and prevent drug wastage. Sponsor: Momentive

Specifying Laser Modules for Optimized System Performance

Available Until April 12, 2024

There are many factors to consider when specifying a laser diode module for your application, both technical and commercial. This 30-minute Webinar examines key criteria to consider when specifying or designing a laser module. Crucial specification criteria will be highlighted, parameters will be discussed — including mechanical, optical, and electronic design as well as laser diode selection — and application examples will be used to illustrate these parameters. Topics include: laser module specification parameters, mechanical integration, thermal management, laser diode selection, beam quality, and more. An audience Q&A will follow the technical presentation. Sponsor: ProPhotonix

SAE Media Group’s Battery & Electrification Summit

Available Until April 5, 2024

SAE Media Group’s Battery & Electrification Virtual Summit offers two days of expert advice, insight, problem-solving ideas, and emerging applications for engineers and their teams. The online event focuses on evolving battery advancements and requirements for aerospace/defense and automotive/commercial vehicle applications. Each day’s agenda features four hours of panel discussions, technical sessions, and more. Topics include the future of solid-state batteries, using machine learning in testing, the EV charging infrastructure, and much more. Sponsors: Keysight, COMSOL, MEDC, NI, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes, Elektro-Automatik, Micro-Epsilon, Specialty Coating Systems, SGS, CS Hyde, Marpos, New England Wire, Pickering.

How to Achieve Seamless Deployment of Level 3 Virtual ECUs for Automotive Digital Twins

Available Until March 30, 2024

Driven by the trend towards software-defined vehicles (SDV), more complex software stacks are now being integrated into innovative automotive E/E architectures. Today the early integration testing of automotive software is already supported by using virtual ECUs (vECUs). However, the production basic software (BSW) is often not included because the virtualization of the hardware-specific microcontroller abstraction layer (MCAL) requires a very high modeling effort. This 30-minute Webinar will explore a new technology for automated generation of Level 3 vECUs to support comprehensive testing for AUTOSAR Classic Platform (CP). The will event include live demonstrations. Sponsor: Synopsys

How to Collect Human-Centric Data to Train In-Cabin Technologies

Available Until March 29, 2024

Collected, human-centric data is essential to the success of Tier 1s and OEMs that must meet NCAP and Federal regulations for ADAS. These companies must navigate the complexities of collecting demographically diverse data — all with a need to do so at scale while accelerating time to market for OMS and DMS technologies. Through this 20-minute Tech Talk, attendees will learn how to navigate the logistics of collecting real-world, human data. Topics include: Managing nuanced collections involving infants, families, clothing and props, car accessories, global collections with varying sensor recording protocols, work packages operating in parallel, and more. Sponsor: Appen

Tailoring Additive Manufacturing to Your Needs: Strategies for Performance and Growth

Available Until March 29, 2024

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it's essential to have a deep understanding of your additive manufacturing (AM) technology of choice to unlock its full benefits. This 60-minute Webinar will explain how Gonzalez, a leading full-service integrator of tooling and assembly systems, maximizes the productivity and efficiency of 3D printing operations, with design and technology in mind. It will explore the key factors affecting the quality and performance of the 3D printing process, especially how to find the recipe that suits individual design needs and build criteria. Topics include: identifying crucial 3D print performance and quality factors, optimizing part, and more. Sponsors: HP, Gonzalez

Driver-Monitoring: A New Era for Advancements in Sensor Technology

Available Until March 28, 2024

With the expanding availability of “hands-off” driver-assistance systems and a new federal law requiring the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to mandate that all personal and commercial vehicles have a driver-monitoring system that can detect an impaired driver, advancements are underway to determine how driver-monitoring sensors — or fusion of sensors — can best serve these varied requirements. Lidar, vision, radar, and infrared all have specific advantages and are among the favored technologies. This 60-minute Webinar from Automotive Engineering will analyze the latest sensor innovations and strategies for driver-monitoring systems. Sponsors: Appen, Summit Interconnect, Viavi Solutions

Leveraging Machine Learning in CAE to Reduce Prototype Simulation and Testing

Available Until March 23, 2024

The ability to apply machine learning processes to engineering problems has revolutionized design and test across industries, but performing these processes can be challenging and time-consuming. However, a powerful software exists that can readily deploy machine learning and reduced order modeling techniques on simulation data, enabling engineers to reduce simulation and computation time from hours to seconds while maintaining high result-prediction accuracy. This 60-minute Webinar examines this software and the benefits to engineers, which reduce prototype simulation and product-development cycle time significantly. Sponsor: Hexagon

How to Maximize the Benefits of Medical Device Onshoring

Available Until March 22, 2024

Medical device manufacturers continue to confront supply chain continuity challenges, rising logistics costs, labor shortages, and overall production constraints. Successful onshoring, also named reshoring or nearshoring, can help mitigate these risks. This 30-minute Webinar examines the ways manufacturers can benefit from an experienced contract manufacturing organization (CMO), which assists with risk mitigation of these key challenges using its knowledge of the medical device field, quality-management system expertise, cost-reduction opportunities, and significant technical capabilities. Topics include the need for an experienced CMO, mitigating manufacturing risks, point-of-care biosensors, and more. Sponsor: Flexan

Optics & Coating Innovations

Available Until March 16, 2024

Precision optics are used in a variety of aerospace, industrial, scientific, medical, astronomical, and military applications. In addition to material selection and rigorous design specifications, optical performance is often enhanced by the application of thin film coatings. The problem most engineers encounter is determining not only what types of optics will work best for which applications, but also which coatings will deliver the best performance for a given application. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs magazine will examine some of the key considerations one must know to make those decisions. Topics include coatings for scientific, medical, maritime, and space, as well as thin-film optical phase coating design techniques. Sponsor: Alluxa

Laser Welding for E-Mobility: Challenges and Possibilities

Available Until March 8, 2024

Laser welding is a common joining method that has been used for years in combustion engine car manufacturing. Electric vehicles introduce a new set of welding challenges, starting from the materials needed to weld, such as copper and aluminum. In addition, the weld requirements are challenging, with higher requirements for mechanical strength, electrical conductivity, sealing, and others. The dynamic beam laser (DBL) is a new laser technology that enables supreme control on the thermal gradient, melt pool dynamics, and microstructure. This 60-minute Webinar will look at the ways the DBL enables manufacturers to replace joining methods such as brazing with laser welding to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Sponsor: Civan Lasers

The Road to Zero Prototypes: How to Dramatically Decrease the Need for Physical Prototypes

Available Until March 7, 2024

The global automotive industry has been transitioning from a prototype-heavy testing environment to an upfront simulation-driven approach, allowing OEMs and suppliers to save time and resources by testing and refining their designs virtually. However, subjective evaluation requiring physical prototypes remains the critical bottleneck to complete this transition. This 30-minute Webinar will outline the major building blocks for achieving a human-centric development approach, discuss critical success factors, and illustrate the progress some automotive companies have already accomplished in decreasing the need for physical prototypes. Sponsor: VI-grade

The Inside Track: Solutions for Automotive Testing

Available Until March 1, 2024

As the automotive industry rapidly evolves through electrification, connectivity, and autonomy, test equipment makers and test engineers are facing more challenges driven by a surge in systems functionality and complexity. Dynamic power supplies, HIL simulators, and many other instruments are required to enable tests of these drivetrain components. This 30-minute Webinar outlines the toughest automotive test challenges and provides solutions designed to validate the next breakthroughs and drive forward innovation by ensuring the device under test meets or exceeds all performance requirements, adheres to safety certifications, and successfully passes software regression testing, among other benchmarks. Sponsor: Analog Devices

Conformal Coatings for Product Reliability and Long-term Performance

Available Until February 28, 2024

Conformal coatings play an integral role in the protection of many consumer and industrial electronics, medical device, aerospace, defense, and automotive applications as engineers are tasked with designing their products with both performance and reliability in mind. As technologies continue to advance and are often required to perform in increasingly harsh operating conditions, designers can turn to a wide array of conformal coatings to provide durable, lasting protection. This 60-minute Webinar will examine a comprehensive range of coating solutions and the unique features and benefits they offer that enable engineers to select the best coating to protect a particular application. Sponsor: Specialty Coating Systems (SCS)

Why Model Batteries?

Available Until February 23, 2024

Detailed understanding of battery technology and the underlying physics processes is necessary to design high-performance, durable, and safe batteries. In this 60-minute Webinar, attendees will see how multiphysics simulation can help designers and engineers develop the next generation of batteries and facilitate the integration of such batteries into final electrical devices. This includes a detailed look at the Battery Design Module, an add-on to COMSOL Multiphysics® that includes predefined physics-based models with different complexity levels —from the detailed structures in a battery's porous electrode to the battery pack scale, including thermal management systems. Sponsor: COMSOL

Future Trends and Challenges for Connector Solutions in Industrial and Commercial Vehicles

Available Until February 21, 2024

With vehicle electrical architecture evolving, there is strong demand for connectors that deliver more features and benefits. That demand brings technical challenges such as higher density and a mix of contacts, making it essential to partner with engineers who develop robust connector solutions tailored to one’s specific needs. This 60-minute Webinar focuses on the technical considerations for connectors used in harsh-environment applications. Topics include higher density and easy-to-assemble connector solutions; increased electronics application; high-temperature and flammability considerations, and more. Sponsor: LADD Distribution

Extending ICE Life for Commercial Vehicles

Available Until February 16, 2024

The tide toward zero-emission propulsion solutions is inevitable, yet many industry experts temper aggressive electric-commercial-vehicle predictions with the reality that internal combustion engines will likely remain a staple of powertrain portfolios for decades to come. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Truck & Off-Highway Engineering examines how engineers are continuing to improve the performance of ICEs while also making them more climate-friendly and accounting for constraints such as legislation and viability. Topics include alternative/net-zero carbon fuels; hybridization; modifications for renewable use in diesel engines; combustion; legislation; decarbonization solutions; aftertreatment; and more. Sponsor: Stanadyne

EV Motor Improvement With Torque-Dense Materials and Advanced Powertrain Technology

Available Until February 15, 2024

Higher power, torque density, and increased efficiency in advanced electric motors for EV are key to improving performance. One way to realize these goals is by constructing the stator and rotor using high-induction, high-permeability, and low-loss soft magnetic materials, which provide a given EV design higher acceleration, improved range, higher payload capacity, and increased space savings. Recent advancements in the processing of thin, laminated stator and rotor stacks have enabled optimal motor performance. This 60-minute Webinar will examine these advancements and look at examples of power-dense and high-efficiency motors that use high-performance, soft magnetic alloys. Sponsor: Carpenter Electrification

Flexible Technology and Material Options for Automotive Capacitive Sensors

Available Until February 7, 2024

Today’s innovative sensors are transforming the automotive vehicle into a sophisticated electronic device on wheels, and the increased demand for electronic content in vehicles requires flexible materials and technologies that allow for space and weight savings. This 30-minute Webinar explores the delivery of these solutions, which utilize automated methods to optimize material use, reduce assembly steps, and deliver lower total cost of ownership while meeting the industrial designers' intent. This session will include an overview of capacitive technologies; available flexible materials and tech options for automotive applications; and how these solutions create a more efficient and affordable design process. Sponsor: Sheldahl

Better Products in Less Time: How Automation and Optimization Take CAE to the Next Level

Available Until February 2, 2024

Today’s CAE engineers are faced with the increasing complexity of processes and delivering results in shorter time. Within the engineering process, multiple disciplines like NVH, thermal-mechanical-electrical analyses, safety evaluation, tolerance management, cost, etc. must be considered. Improving one discipline could require a compromise in others. Connecting multi-physics simulation and multidisciplinary optimization becomes essential for workflows to manage different disciplines and teams. This 30-minute Webinar will demonstrate how automation and optimization take CAE to the next level and reduce overall turnaround as well as how it can help create optimal designs in automated workflows. Sponsor: Ansys

Advanced Solutions to Increase Range Capabilities and Reduce Cost in ToF and FMCW LiDAR

Available Until December 15, 2023

Cost, range, size, and reliability are all key challenges facing LiDAR design engineers. New technologies address these challenges in long-range ToF and FMCW LiDAR including a triple-junction, laser diode development and high-gain SOA arrays for LiDAR applications. The shrinking cost of 1,550 nm sources is making 1,550 nm viable, and a benchmark study showed a LiDAR with a triple-junction, laser diode at 1,550 nm generated 80 times more photons, resulting in a more robust 3D picture from point clouds. This 60-minute Webinar examines these and other advancements that innovations in triple-junction, laser diodes bring to LiDAR including increased range capabilities and lower costs. Sponsor: SemiNex

How to Analyze Spacecraft Thermal Performance with COMSOL®

Available Until December 14, 2023

Being able to predict and optimize designs and processes for spacecraft and satellites is critical. New advances in single-physics and fully coupled multiphysics modeling capabilities are enhancing the modeling workflow and simulation process, providing a deeper understanding of designs and processes and making the entire experience faster and more efficient. In this 60-minute Webinar, you will get an introduction to the new user interface in COMSOL Multiphysics® for satellite and spacecraft thermal modeling that makes it possible to compute albedo and planet infrared radiative loads and temperature fields over time. Attendees will see a live demonstration, and a Q&A session will follow the presentation. Sponsor: COMSOL

Design and Simulation of Sustainable, High-Performance Thermal Systems

Available Until December 13, 2023

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) today need to navigate multiple regulatory, commercial, technical, and environmental challenges all while developing their thermal systems. These challenges are only expected to grow more prevalent through the decade, and traditional development processes will be inadequate to overcome them. This 60-minute Webinar will explore a modeling and simulation approach to thermal systems development that aims to address current and future needs. Topics include key industry challenges, current approach and consequences, virtual twins as a catalyst for transformation, and more. Sponsor: Dassault Systèmes

Safety and Efficiency With Vehicle Motion Control

Available Until December 7, 2023

Sensing technologies and solutions that permit high-precision and dynamic position measurement in state-of-the-art automation and safety-relevant applications are essential in today’s automotive industry. Motion control systems are empowering new disruptive technologies that make off-highway vehicles safer, more energy efficient, and simpler for operators. This 60-minute Webinar will provide an overview of linear position sensors and includes an examination of how new motion control systems empowered by magnetostrictive technologies are enabling groundbreaking applications in off-highway vehicles. An audience Q&A session will follow the technical presentation. Sponsor: Temposonics

The Internal-Combustion Engine’s Next Phase: Innovations and Development Priorities

Available Until December 6, 2023

Although electric vehicles (EVs) are widely considered the transportation industry’s endgame, “sunsetting” the internal-combustion engine (ICE) will be a protracted process — one that will require countless engineering manhours to improve the ICE for its role in the propulsion evolution. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Automotive Engineering presents the latest innovations and ideas to keep the ICE compliant with ever-tightening global fuel-consumption and emissions regulations, as well as demanding and transitioning customer and commercial-market expectations, including optimizing conventional powertrain design into an electrified powertrain; ICEs’ role in the transition; new technologies; and more. Sponsors: SGS, Stanadyne

Developing the Ultimate Medical Sensor Technology

Available Until December 1, 2023 

Companies are now developing devices that work much like Star Trek’s Tricorder — the ultimate in noninvasive monitoring. Combined with a patient’s medical history, these devices rely on multiple sensors to make a quick and accurate assessment, diagnosing and monitoring illness with minimal interaction with the physician. Advances in sensors that are smart, wireless, and smaller than ever before are driving these innovations. Nanomaterials, such as graphene, are enabling the advancement of increasingly sophisticated sensors. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Medical Design Briefs explores the landscape of sensor technologies that are turning this sci-fi device into reality. Sponsor: COMSOL

Freedom in a Transformative Era for Vehicles: Rethinking Attachment Solutions With Tapes

Available Until November 30, 2023

The fast-growing prominence of electric vehicles and the rise of new players in the industry are spurring OEMs to reconsider everything about how a vehicle is designed and manufactured. These changes are reverberating throughout the industry and impacting design and production of cars with traditional internal combustion engines as well. Some of the changes can be challenging to accommodate with traditional mechanical fasteners, i.e., clips. This 60-minute Webinar explores the popular attachment/sealing tape alternative, as recent product introductions have brought with them enhanced performance and ease of application that may make them appropriate for attachment scenarios not considered before. Sponsor: 3M

Transforming the Future of Aviation by Utilizing Modeling, Simulation, and Training

Available Until November 17, 2023

The SAE International G-35 committee on “Modeling, Simulation, and Training for Emerging Aviation Technologies and Concepts” uniquely addresses the complete certification process from aircraft certification to training device to on-board pilot and remote operation. G-35 brings diverse global industry experts together to work to develop consensus standards and accelerate the process of certification and training. This 60-minute Webinar introduces the committee, its leadership, objectives, and involved stakeholders and discusses how G-35 is enabling digital transformation by integrating modeling, simulation, digital twin, and AI into end-to-end standards. Supported by: Siemens | Sponsored by: SAE International

Simulation for Sustainable Product Development

Available Until November 15, 2023

The impacts of climate change have created an impetus for companies to collectively embark on the journey towards a net zero economy. From clean energy to improving operational efficiency, a myriad of technologies is being fast tracked towards meeting low carbon targets. In this 30-minute Webinar, attendees will learn how simulation plays a vital role in realizing these goals efficiently through the entire product development process—coupled with virtual validation. Topics include: electrification, hydrogen ecosystem, materials and circularity, and manufacturing and operational efficiency. Sponsor: Ansys

Material Choices to Deliver Enhanced Reliability, Performance, and Differentiation

Available Until November 10, 2023

Control in transportation is changing on multiple fronts. Advances in vehicle safety systems are transferring operating responsibility from the human driver to the machine. We also can see changes to the electronic hardware and overall vehicle architecture precipitated by the volume of electronics required to create unique autonomous vehicles. With the increased number of new entrants and changes to the powertrain, car makers are finding ways to separate themselves from the competition, primarily through enhanced electronics. Car makers are now focusing more on system design and integration. In this 30-minute Webinar, attendees will learn critical factors for automotive engineers involved in that learning process. Sponsors: ESI Automotive, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

Electromagnetic Simulations for Automotive Design

Available Until November 9, 2023

As the automotive industry becomes increasingly connected and autonomous, wireless communication and remote sensing creates challenges that require consideration during system-wide integration. Installed antenna performance and government regulations that restrict emissions from electronic devices are just two such challenges. Integrating physics simulations earlier in the design cycle can reduce reliance on expensive measurements and development time. This 60-minute Webinar explores how existing 3D models can potentially be reused across multi-disciplinary analysis, including electromagnetics, which provides the necessary insight required to address modern engineering challenges. Sponsor: Dassault Systemes

The Evolution of Documentation: How to Adapt for New Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Requirements

Available Until November 8, 2023

Documentation and documented information requirements are evolving. The ISO 10010 Quality Management standard specifically addresses the documentation needs of a quality management system (QMS), but today’s documentation needs are evolving beyond the QMS to documentation requirements for embedded software for Automotive SPICE, the ISO 26262 Road Vehicles – Functional Safety standard, and cybersecurity management systems such as the ISO 21434 Automotive Cybersecurity Standard. This 30-minute Webinar will cover recommended documentation structures, process maps, processes, and work instructions using software. Sponsor: Omnex

Precision Pulsed High Voltage: Electroporation Enabling Medical and Life Science Innovations

Available Until November 7, 2023

Two key issues are driving the need for state-of-the-art power solutions: first, the rapidly increased rate of adoption of pulsed electric field and pulsed field ablation for next-generation electrosurgical treatments and, second, the advancements in life science innovations particularly in gene therapy and cell transfection. One of the biggest system-design challenges in electroporation applications is the precise control and delivery of high-voltage energy. This 30-minute Webinar will show how cutting-edge switching technologies can improve pulse rise/fall times with increased waveform accuracy and control, which is critical for electroporation-based innovations. Sponsor: Advanced Energy

Machine Learning for Narrowing the Simulation-Test Gap

Available Until November 4, 2023

Establishing how well a numerical simulation represents reality is critical for making simulation results more trustworthy for decision makers. This 60-minute Webinar will focus on statistical calibration, a machine learning process used to quantify uncertainties (both parameter and model form) in simulations as a means for narrowing the simulation – physical test gap. A calibrated machine learning model of a simulation even can be used directly for prediction, allowing for rapid analyses that wouldn’t be possible via direct evaluation of the simulation. Sponsor: SmartUQ

Overcoming the Challenges of RTCA/DO-160G Electrical and EMI Requirements

Available Until November 3, 2023

In the RTCA DO-160 Standard for Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment, aerospace and defense manufacturers face stringent requirements for testing environmental electronic and mechanical systems in aircraft. Meeting standard compliance is a complicated process—meant to ultimately ensure safety and reliability in all environmental conditions—that requires developing a well-configured test plan and obeying FAA regulations. This 60-minute Webinar dives into best practices for meeting the requirements of the standard to help attendees prepare for DO-160 EMI testing, as well as examines non-EMI sections, through the expertise of a DO-160 Committee Change. Sponsor: Element

Battery & Electrification Summit

Available Until November 2, 2023

As the demand for sustainable transportation initiatives grows, new innovations are changing how engineering teams approach mobility design and manufacturing. Join the online, semi-annual event presented by Battery Electrification Technology and hear from the industry leaders developing cutting-edge technologies and systems in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries. Register now and attend live technical sessions covering battery cell design, EV charging infrastructure, battery-electric ecosystems, and more. Sponsors: Keysight, Comsol, Element, Arnold Magnetic, Instron, Micron-Epsilon, Michigan Economic Development Coporation, SGS, CS Hyde, Nordson, Pickering, Taiyo Yuden, New England Wire, EaglePicher

Battery & Electrification Summit

Available Until November 2, 2023

As the demand for sustainable transportation initiatives grows, new innovations are changing how engineering teams approach mobility design and manufacturing. Join the online, semi-annual event presented by Battery Electrification Technology and hear from the industry leaders developing cutting-edge technologies and systems in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries. Register now and attend live technical sessions covering battery cell design, EV charging infrastructure, battery-electric ecosystems, and more. Sponsors: Keysight, Comsol, Element, Arnold Magnetic, Instron, Micron-Epsilon, Michigan Economic Development Coporation, SGS, CS Hyde, Nordson, Pickering, Taiyo Yuden, New England Wire, EaglePicher

Optimizing Power Converters: How Simulation Helps You Engineer Best-in-Class Power Electronics

Available Until October 27, 2023

Power converter design requires engineers to understand and analyze how integrated system requirements are met when making electrical subsystem design choices. There are many parameters that have effects on performance, cost, and efficiency of power electronics. Inherently, this analysis is a multi-physical problem, as electrical and thermal performance targets lead to tradeoffs between subsystems and design teams. This increase in complexity requires virtual analysis to streamline analysis and make design choices in a time-efficient manner, which is uniquely possible with the right tools. This 60-minute Webinar will walk through an integrated, communicative approach to design decisions for power electronics cooling and subsystem design. Sponsor: Gamma Technologies

The Inside Story on Thermoplastic Composites for Aerospace Product Design

Available Until October 26, 2023

There is growing interest in the use of thermoplastic composite materials within the aerospace and automotive industries. These materials can be manufactured into parts faster and at a lower weight and cost. Groundbreaking, high-performance engineered polymers are entering the market that, when combined with fiber reinforcements, is opening new doors for design and manufacture of thermoplastic composite parts. This 60-minute Webinar will explore modern advancements in thermoplastic composites and their benefits for the aerospace industry. Topics include: The benefits of thermoplastics versus metallics or thermosets, allowables databases—generation and use, and modelling approaches to composites and hybrids. Sponsor: Victrex

Innovative Materials for ADAS Challenges

Available Until October 25, 2023

Engineers of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) must strike a balance between performance and safety. 4D radar systems will bring additional challenges including higher RF reflection and ghost signals. This 60-minute technical Webinar presents innovative, durable, and dependable engineering polymer solutions to meet OEM requirements for radar and camera technology components. Topics include: Real-world examples of improved metal-to-plastic technology; new technology to manage transparency for higher GHz radars; thermoplastics that can withstand extreme low-warpage and camera bracket challenges; and more. Sponsor: DuPont

Removing the Costly Communication Glitch in Conceptual Design

Available Until October 20, 2023

The development of complex, multi-domain systems requires coordination across a technically diverse group of contributors. If these systems are expensive to build, test, or fix, it becomes increasingly desirable to explore, iterate, and refine the conceptual design virtually before physically realizing the system elements—when correction costs grow substantially. However, when a sender and receiver hold different viewpoints on these exchanges, the translation of viewpoint may “glitch” the information transfer. That is, data is exchanged, but the sender and receiver respond to the information from different viewpoints given their diverse technical domains. The effects of this “glitch” may be significant, but mostly undetectable until they grow into a costly system defect. This 60-minute Webinar will look at approaches to identifying, overcoming, and avoiding these glitches. Sponsor: Dassault Systems

Air Force Future Tech: The Next Frontier of Defense

Available Until October 19, 2023

For the past 75 years, the U.S. Air Force has pushed the boundaries of technology. From breaking the sound barrier to the establishment of the Space Force, cutting-edge innovations are at the core of the service’s mission to fly, fight, and win. As the demands of national defense continue to evolve, where is technology headed next? This 60-minute Webinar explores the major R&D initiatives, technology needs, and potential partnership opportunities throughout the Air Force. Sponsors: Keysight, Boker’s Inc.

Stop vs Delay: Designing a Thermal Runaway Prevention Strategy

Available Until October 18, 2023

China and the United Nations have mandated that battery electric vehicles provide a 5-minute window for passengers to exit the vehicle after detection of thermal runaway. While the 5-minute goal is a step forward for passenger safety, it may not go far enough. Single-cell thermal runaways that propagate to the module, pack, or vehicle level will, even at very low incident rates, dampen public acceptance of BEVs. A better goal, for both the consumer and the industry, is to stop thermal propagation entirely. This 60-minute Webinar discusses the ways in which aerogel-based thermal barrier materials can help achieve these goals—and do so within realistic space, weight, and cost constraints. Sponsor: Aspen Aerogels

Everything You Need to Know About Virtual ECU Abstraction Levels

Available Until October 12, 2023

Growing electronic/electrical (E/E) architecture complexity and software content in modern vehicles has propelled the use of virtualization-based testing to develop and validate functions and software components more effectively. The simulation of electronic control units (ECUs) as virtual ECUs (vECUs) has found rapid adoption in several phases of automotive development. This 30-minute Webinar will provide a greater understanding of the vECU levels and how to apply them, as well as how vECUs are helping solve current and future software test challenges. Topics includes: The various vECU types and abstraction levels and their applicability; a proposed expansion to the governing definition of vECU levels; a sharpened definition of the L4 abstraction level, and more. Sponsor: Synopsys

The Benefit of End-to-End EV Charging-Component Product Certification

Available Until October 11, 2023

Growing charging network capabilities have fomented electric vehicles (EV) acceptance. The need for safe, interoperable, and liability-reduced charging systems impacts not only the charging station, but also the charging system’s components and their effects on the EV’s systems. The IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE) Certification Body (CB) Scheme presents an opportunity to have an accredited laboratory test and verify to safety standards key affected automotive components and systems. Some certification schemes also go further—with routine audit testing of the product and factory surveillance—to provide assurance that end products and their components continue to meet high standards. This 60-minute Webinar offers a briefing on EV charging system product testing, including an explanation of the benefits of the IECEE CB Scheme for key EV components and systems, the application and certification process, and the value of EV product and system certification. Sponsor: bsi

Product Development Lifecycle Management: Optimizing Quality, Cost, and Speed to Market

Available Until October 6, 2023

As medical device original equipment manufacturers look to bring innovative devices to market, the balance of cost, quality and speed is critical. It is more important than ever to find a partner that will help optimize design for manufacturability, delivering a fast development process that is ready for full scale-up and commercialization while never sacrificing quality. This 60-minute Webinar will offer insight into: ways to accelerate early-stage prototyping and development; high-precision extrusion capabilities that solve unique challenges; high-precision silicone and plastic-molded medical parts for critical devices; a fully integrated solution for finished medical devices; and more. Sponsor: Trelleborg

Sensors Rated for Cryogenic Measurements

Available Until October 5, 2023

Why should one measure pressure and vibration under cryogenic conditions? Find out in this 30-minute Webinar, which will cover common applications of cryogenic measurement, the piezoelectric theory of operation, accelerometer and pressure sensor construction, and an overview of sensors and support hardware for cryogenic applications. In this session, you will learn how to select the correct sensor for cryogenic applications; which sensor performance parameters are affected by cold conditions; and design obstacles in developing cryogenic sensors. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation. SPONSORS: PCB Piezotronics, Endevco

When Milliseconds Count: The Impact of Adaptive Lidar on Perception Improvements

Available Until October 4, 2023

For autonomous systems to coexist with human drivers on highways, adequate reaction times are required for safe path planning. Hardware-centric lidars offer passive performance for redundancy but don’t optimize data to reduce the perception systems' reaction times based on operational domains. This 30-minute Webinar will examine how adaptive lidar can optimize output and allow higher-speed vehicle operation with graceful braking. Topics include: The importance of reaction times, with a comparison of human and machine processing cycles; a step-by-step overview of lidar-based perception systems; a look at inherent limitations of hardware-centric passive lidar systems; and more. Sponsor: AEye

Advances in Unmanned Aircraft: AI and Autonomy – Threats, Countermeasures, and Opportunities

Available Until September 29, 2023

Adoption of unmanned aircraft technology continues across military and civilian applications. As these vehicles become increasingly autonomous, questions arise about potential security threats, managing communication, and system reliability. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Aerospace & Defense Technology discusses the challenges posed by growing autonomy, new solutions for safe drone operation, and how implementing artificial intelligence (AI) can lead to major advances in unmanned aircraft. Topics covered include: Onboard and ground-based detect-and-avoid solutions that leverage AI; AI and computer vision for better decision-making; enhancing trust and resiliency of autonomous teammates for mission-level success; enabling collaborative autonomy; the emerging drone threat in sensitive environments; shortcomings of traditional, legacy C-UAS solutions; and more. Sponsors: Sealevel, Cinch, Maxon, Siemens, EaglePicher

Full-Field Optical Strain Measurement Systems for Materials and Structures Certification

Available Until September 28, 2023

Full-field optical strain is crucial for composites materials and structures. With the complexity of materials and designs, single-point sensors (strain and clip gages) are no longer relevant. Small urban air mobility (UAM/AAM) companies need to be able to validate their complex composite materials and structures with validated methods to the FAA. The FAA wants to make it easier for these small companies to navigate the certification process in what the FAA Director of Aircraft Certification described as a “New Golden Age of Aerospace.” In this 60-minute Webinar, you will learn what a full-field optical strain measurement system is and how this technology provides verified full-field measurements. Sponsor: Trilion

Modeling Inverse Kinematics: Improving Actuation Control in Industrial Robots

Available Until September 27, 2023

From small task robots to large industrial manipulators, an efficient solution to the inverse kinematics problem is a necessary part of the actuation control system. Using multiple examples, this 30-minute Webinar reviews the typical challenges and computational demands of numeric solutions and compares how the use of modern simulation tools can provide modeling options that reduce effort and make it simpler to connect with control systems. Discover how these techniques can be applied and are leading to innovation in actuation control strategies in industrial robots and manipulators. Sponsor: Maplesoft

Efficient Thermal Runaway Modeling for Sensitivity, Parametric, and Variability Analysis

Available Until September 26, 2023

Under certain off-nominal conditions, Li-ion cells can generate excessive heat and gas due to the initiation of several exothermic decomposition reactions, which result in a catastrophic failure known as thermal runaway. Thermal runaway is a highly complex phenomenon involving various physical and chemical processes such as heat and mass transfer, turbulent fluid flow, and chemical reactions. In addition, thermal runaway behavior of Li-ion cells is subject to variability, resulting in different possible outcomes depending on the trigger method, state-of-charge, age, configuration it is assembled into, and environment. The complexity of the physics involved and the variability associated with thermal runaway make it very challenging to model. This work aims to develop a systematically reduced thermal runaway modeling framework to conduct sensitivity, parametric, and variability analysis. Such a framework must be computationally efficient while considering the effects of various physics involved. This 60-minute Webinar offers a demonstration of the efficient multi-physics solution available within a platform for this use case. Sponsors: UL Research Institutes, Gamma Technologies

Expandable Epoxy Adhesives Improve Traditional Bonds and Enable Composite Design Performance

Available Until September 22, 2023

Highly toughened, expandable structural adhesives reliably join gaps while adding strength and rigidity to body-in-white strctures, chassis, and closures. When used in vehicle body construction between sheet metal cavities, these hybrid epoxy adhesives enhance the structural performance of the vehicle with minimal weight penalty as compared to alternative solutions. These products help provide superior joint quality with better adhesion in areas difficult to bond with their non-expanding counter parts. The technology has been successfully implemented in body shops to reinforce roof structures, panoramic roofs, and body structures to improve crashworthiness. This 60-minute technical Webinar will discuss how these new solutions can provide benefits beyond non-expandable adhesives, including a look at real-world case studies. This technology also can be used to augment the joining of similar and dissimilar substrates in areas of the vehicle where weld access may be limited and where design gaps can vary. Sponsor: DuPont

The Value of Sensor Simulation for Hardware-in-the-Loop Design Validation

Available Until September 21, 2023

With the recent advances in electrification and new technology developments in propulsion methodology, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test benches—historically the domain of production test—are becoming increasingly prominent in R&D. Where we used to see prototypes used in labs for validation, new R&D applications are rapidly emerging in the test bench market. Safety and cost efficiency are the main drivers for this shift in strategy. R&D teams have unique views on real-life applications; their specific needs and validation processes differ from the needs of production. Some test-and-measurement and real-time simulator companies have a long history of collaborating on HIL test applications, due to the ever-increasing need for expertly designed sensor simulation products for the verification of today’s “Smart” PCBs, among other reasons. In this 60-minute Webinar, speakers will analyze some of those differences that bring new challenges for companies designing HIL test benches and see how test and measurement companies have addressed the simulation challenges. This Webinar also will look at the tactics of implementing simulation and how to choose the right products for your applications. Sponsor: Pickering

In-Motion, Automatic Paint Defect Repair

Available Until September 20, 2023

With today’s new high-performance coatings, obtaining a high-quality finish is even more important. Modern high-performance, inline, car body surface inspection technology can bring users closer to achieving a near 100% defect-free coating within a current factory floor space. This 30-minute Webinar examines new in-motion, automatic paint defect-detection technology that scans up to 40,000 images, using up to 40 high-resolution cameras, on a moving line with short cycle times (less than 10 seconds). An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation. Sponsor: Konica Minolta

Streamline Your Functional Safety Systems to Save Time, Improve Performance, and Enhance Safety

Available Until September 19, 2023

Recent innovations in electrification and the addition of autonomy in off-road and highway vehicles has added to the complexity of on-board systems, with increasing embedded hardware and software driving the need for companies to comply with industry functional safety standards such as ISO26262 and others. This 30-minute Webinar will present a model-based approach to help attendees create better and safer functional safety systems. Topics include: an introduction to a state-of-the-art, integrated, model-based approach to systems/software analysis and development to streamline creation of functional safety work products and an explanation of how this system ensures safety by design, standards compliance, and other challenges. Sponsor: Ansys

Building the AI/ML Data Autobahn for ADAS/AV Development

Available Until September 14, 2023

ADAS/AV data systems face three important challenges: movement and management of terabytes to exabytes of data; massively parallel, complex data streams, including images, videos, LiDAR, radar, and vehicle data; and data silos created by data globally dispersed across hybrid infrastructure and geopolitical barriers. This 30-minute Webinar will benefit not only automotive ADAS/AV engineers and managers looking to overcome these challenges, but also those in other markets who are adopting AI/ML methodologies. The growing proliferation of cameras and IoT devices is creating data tsunamis in other markets, including surveillance, energy, and smart manufacturing, among many others. With ADAS/AD data growing exponentially, finding the high-speed on ramp for your data is the new high-impact, strategic focus area for engineering and IT leaders. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation. SPONSORS: Dell Technologies, Akridata

Building the AI/ML Data Autobahn for ADAS/AV Development

Available Until September 14, 2023

ADAS/AV data systems face three important challenges: movement and management of terabytes to exabytes of data; massively parallel, complex data streams, including images, videos, LiDAR, radar, and vehicle data; and data silos created by data globally dispersed across hybrid infrastructure and geopolitical barriers. This 30-minute Webinar will benefit not only automotive ADAS/AV engineers and managers looking to overcome these challenges, but also those in other markets who are adopting AI/ML methodologies. The growing proliferation of cameras and IoT devices is creating data tsunamis in other markets, including surveillance, energy, and smart manufacturing, among many others. With ADAS/AD data growing exponentially, finding the high-speed on ramp for your data is the new high-impact, strategic focus area for engineering and IT leaders. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation. SPONSORS: Dell Technologies, Akridata

Medical Device Biofilms: Slimy, Sticky, Stubborn, and Serious

Available Until September 13, 2023

Major advances in medical devices have been made over the last few decades, keeping thousands of people alive and improving the quality of life for others. At the same time, these devices (e.g., implants, catheters, in-dwelling devices, and contact lenses) can be the source of serious or life-threatening infections caused by the adherence and establishment of biofilms on the surface of the device. Due to the unique nature of a biofilm’s structure and its resistance to antimicrobial agents, minimizing the risk of biofilm formation poses great challenges. This 60-minute Webinar will explore current perspectives on and testing methods of biofilms. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation. SPONSOR: Nelson Labs

Improve Speed and Accuracy of Electronic Component Inspection with Automated Video Inspection

Available Until September 8, 2023

Manual microscopy is giving way more and more to video-measuring machines for inspection of semiconductor components, and manufacturing advancements in 3D video measuring solutions for the electronics industry is essential. Semiconductor circuitry is becoming increasingly miniaturized and design tolerances ever tighter. There has never been a greater need for repeatable, reproducible measurements to be taken at high throughput rates with equipment of high magnification and resolution.  Automated video measuring machines address these needs, providing an ideal platform for inspecting mini and micro-LEDs, MEMS and sensors, and wafer- and panel- level semiconductor packaging. Measurement accuracy can be increased three-fold, while measurement speed can be up to six times faster. This 60-minute Webinar will provide insight into the ways automated video inspection technology can improve electronic component inspection. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation. SPONSOR: Nikon

How to Increase Productivity in EV Design by Leveraging Thermal Simulation

Available Until September 7, 2023

In the electrification era, thermal management system design requires a complex approach to ensure vehicle performance and customer satisfaction. System design and controls influence vehicle range, cabin comfort, and vehicle performance, and it is important to use a robust approach to understand relationships and tradeoffs within these systems. Studies of fast-running, system-level models to detailed thermal analysis of subsystems are enabled by virtual analysis. Critical systems require proper cooling to meet performance and range requirements. With the increasing scope of model capabilities comes the need for quick and efficient editing capabilities. This 60-minute Webinar showcases how thermal analysis can be utilized within the GT platform—from early conceptual design to detailed component thermal—through examination of real-world use cases and a step-by-step workflow demonstration. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation. Sponsor: Gamma Technologies

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Making Medical Devices Smarter

Available Until August 25, 2023

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are enabling medical devices to provide important insights to clinicians as they gather data generated during healthcare delivery. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has identified earlier disease detection, more accurate diagnosis, and development of personalized diagnostics and therapeutics as opportunities for high-value applications. Early detection can be a game changer for diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s, enabling patients to receive life-saving therapies sooner, but other applications such as interpreting MRI images or improving medication adherence are also benefiting from AI and ML. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Medical Design Briefs reviews the pathway to integrating this technology successfully. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation. SPONSORS: Maxon, Sterling Medical Devices, Teledyne, Trelleborg

Integrated Modeling and Simulation of Airframe Structures in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Available Until August 23, 2023

Integration of modeling and simulation in a common platform enables rapid evaluation of airframe design changes. This 60-minute Webinar will discuss how an airframe that is subject to design modification can be evaluated for structural performance. Topics include: Rapid turn-around time enabled by design-simulation associativity and a common architecture; demonstration of parametric exploration of the design space; evaluation of the structural performance of an airframe design modification; and more. SPONSORS: Dassault Systèmes

The Role of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives in the Electric Vehicle Battery Pack

Available Until August 9, 2023

Various design trends and engineering challenges are driving interest in new and effective bonding solutions for EV battery pack materials. These solutions include high-performance tapes that feature pressure-sensitive adhesives. Such tapes not only provide effective bonding, but also help address issues related to flame retardancy, boosting dielectric strength and protecting pack materials. In this Tech Talk, experts showcase pressure-sensitive adhesive technology, discussing why it is a sound solution for a wide range of pack applications and providing an overview of the company’s capabilities related to EV batteries. SPONSORS: Avery Dennison Performance Tapes

Next-Generation Optics and Coating Technology

Available Until August 11, 2023

Precision optics are used in a variety of industrial, scientific, medical, astronomical, and military/defense applications. In addition to material selection and rigorous design specifications, their performance is often enhanced by the addition of thin film coatings, but how do you know which types of optics will work best for your application and which coatings will deliver the best performance? This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs will examine those questions. Topics include: A comparison of different coating technologies’ advantages and disadvantages; measuring and monitoring technologies used in the coating process; key considerations for and unique challenges of ultrafast laser coatings; how to reduce the likelihood of laser-induced damage in a system; manufacturing and capability requirements and challenges of fabricating a broadband, non-polarizing cube beamsplitter; and more. SPONSORS: Alluxa, Penn Optical Coatings, PG&O

Software Solutions for Integrated FMEA, Problem Solving, and MSA

Available Until August 2, 2023

The FMEA (including DFMEA and PFMEA) is a preventive tool used during new product development. When properly grouped in families of products or processes, the FMEA process allows for reuse and design savings. After a product is launched, the lessons learned during corrective action and problem solving must be linked and updated in the DFMEA and PFMEA. Advanced product planning software tools, such as AQuA Pro and the Enterprise Quality suite EwQIMS, outline best practices in DFMEA, DVP&R, Process Flow, PFMEA, Control Plans, and Work Instructions. This 30-minute Webinar discusses these best practices, software implementations, and more. Sponsor: Omnex

Electric Vehicle Design Priorities: Driveline to Transmission

Available Until July 28, 2023

The components that make up electric vehicle (EV) propulsion systems are critical to overall vehicle performance and efficiency. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Automotive Engineering magazine presents unique engineering solutions, strategies, and concepts to enhance EV propulsion and help OEMs and suppliers better differentiate EVs to the rapidly expanding global consumer base. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentations. SPONSORS: bsi, COMSOL, Elektro-Automatik, Horiba, Intertek, Magna, Taiyo Yuden

Using Zinc Die Casting Concepts and Technology to Achieve Precision, Performance, and Pricing Design Targets

Available Until July 12, 2023

The range of properties available across the family of Zinc Die Casting Alloys, combined with the multiple options for casting zinc, provides unparalleled flexibility for product manufacturing. Zinc die casting is one of the most cost-effective manufacturing processes for high-volume components and also for smaller product runs. Zinc alloys have superior strength, conductivity, and surface finish compared to many other materials. The high casting fluidity of zinc allows for the most intricate product designs. Combining the appropriate zinc alloy and casting process can improve product properties and manufacturing productivity and lower processing costs to meet precision, performance, and price targets. This 30-minute presentation explores the precision, performance, and price advantage provided by zinc die castings’ unique combination, which delivers substantial cost-saving opportunities for many industries. Sponsor: International Zinc Association

Innovating With the FMEA: AI, Machine Learning, and More

Available Until June 29, 2023

The recent AIAG-VDA FMEA and SAE J1739 publications introduce significant and innovative changes to FMEA methodology, enhanced further with the introduction of multipoint FMEAs and the use of AI in FMEAs. Omnex Principals were involved in the writing of both FMEA standards and participated in every previous version of the AIAG FMEA manual. Implementing many of these changes and innovations in the FMEA is only possible with enabling software, such as the AQuA Pro software package first developed in 1988. This 30-minute Webinar explores the essential linkages between APQP documents enhanced with the capability for design and process reuse, as well as the innovations and changes possible with today’s technology. Sponsor: Omnex Inc. 

Using Git for PLC Workflows: New Approaches

Available Until June 28, 2023

Until now, code development for industrial automation has not been able to take advantage of modern DevOps processes that have transformed traditional software development, due to the visual nature of PLC programming and the variety of development environments. This 60-minute Webinar examines new solutions that aim to change this, with tools tailor-built for controls and automation engineers. Applying Git capabilities directly to PLC workflows brings several benefits that lead to increased ROI in operational uptime, by delivering proven version control, simultaneous collaboration with branching and merging, and streamlined code review and approval processes. Sponsor: Copia Automation

Automated Driving for Short- and Long-Haul Trucking: Are Drivers Really Yesterday’s News?

Available Until June 23, 2023

Widespread SAE Level 4 and 5 operation in commercial vehicles may be a little further in the future than originally promised, but that has neither slowed nor diminished the industry’s development and testing efforts. Trucking in particular is highly motivated to pursue greater levels of automation to help combat the severe and worsening driver shortage. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Truck and Off-Highway Engineering examines the latest developments and sticking points to bringing true driverless trucks to our roadways, including connectivity in mapping and real-time traffic info, validation tasks through virtualization, safe approaches to industrializing, innovations in sensing design, and more. Sponsor: dSpace, Elektro-Automatik, Siemens

What Is the Color of White?

Available Until June 22, 2023

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have received much attention over the last couple of decades as a potential replacement for traditional white light sources such as incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Their durability, long lifetimes (generally 10,000 hours or more), and energy efficiency make LEDs an attractive option to replace their less efficient counterparts. Unlike traditional white light sources, LEDs do not inherently emit white light and require the use of various multicolored LEDs and/or broad-emitting phosphors to achieve a spectrum that is perceived as white. This 10-minute Tech Talk provides a brief overview of how color is studied and measured. In addition, it discusses the current challenges and research being done to make LEDs the next-generation white light source. Sponsor: Optronic Laboratories

Simplify & Streamline Development of ISO 26262 Compliant Automotive SoCs

Available Until June 22, 2023

Standards such as ISO 26262 define strict requirements, processes, and methods that all stakeholders – IP vendors, sub-system developers, and semiconductor SoC and system developers – must abide by when designing safety-critical automotive products. One such requirement is the Development Interface Agreement (DIA). This 60-minute Webinar explains the details of distributed development based on DIA and outlines the different activities for which DIAs must be signed during a distributed development process, plus how to meetSoC-level functional safety objectives while closely collaborating with Synopsys. Sponsor: Synopsys 

Sustainable Electrified Transportation and Mobility

Available Until June 21, 2023

Transportation is the world’s fastest growing source of energy-related carbon emissions, accounting for 17 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2021. A new generation of electric transportation will lead to an era of clean transportation and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. This 60-minute Webinar discusses the importance of solving the complexities of sustainable electrified transportation design, including: detail design, thermal management, battery performance, cabin comfort, and more. Sponsor: Dassault Systemes

MEMS and Sensors: The Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Available Until June 16, 2023

Digital technology is transforming healthcare, from treating patients after they get sick to a future of preventive care. This shift is being enabled by multiple exponential technologies including AI and a dramatically expanded domain of health sensors to extract personal health information—analyzing and sensing everything required to early detect diseases including blood, biome, genome, DNA, neurological signals, and the health of internal organs. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Medical Design Briefs looks at the development of these systems and the impact they will have on next-generation medical devices. Sponsor: Accumold, COMSOL

EV Battery & Electrification Testing – From the Grid to the Road

Available Until June 16, 2023

Electric vehicles (EVs) are driving the future of the automotive industry. Success in this fast-paced, high-voltage, high-power transition to EVs requires readily available, safe, flexible, and accurate test equipment. With the demand to bring EVs to the market faster, getting there now is no longer an option – it is a requirement. During this 60-minute Webinar, you will learn how to test your EV designs in key areas, including grid power, battery power, and EV power. Sponsor: Keysight Technologies 

Necessary Communication Protocols to Support High-Performance Compute Automotive Architectures

Available Until June 15, 2023

Whether it’s electric vehicles, autonomous driving applications, or connectivity to the cloud, more data in the vehicle means communication protocols play an increasingly critical role by transferring and distributing real-time and on-demand data through network communications systems. This 60-minute Webinar will discuss what steps should be taken to address the challenges that exist when developing new architectures. Sponsor: Elektrobit

Advances in Unmanned Aircraft Technology

Available Until June 14, 2023

Unmanned aircraft – aka “drones” – are one of the fastest growing areas of modern technology, whether we’re talking about the complex hunter/killer and surveillance systems used by the military, the sophisticated remotely piloted vehicles used for civil and agricultural applications, or the systems being proposed for future commercial applications such as parcel delivery. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Aerospace & Defense Technology explores some of the cutting-edge technologies being designed into state-of-the-art unmanned aircraft. Sponsor: Advanced Assembly, BSI, Pickering, IFS, Teledyne, Smart Modular Technologies, maxon

Get Even More Out of Your EVs with Thermoplastics

Available Until June 9, 2023

One of the biggest obstacles facing electric vehicle development is finding a balance between high-performance components and safety. In a previous SAE Webinar, two DuPont experts discussed a durable, dependable solution to manage the challenges inherent in battery cell immersion cooling; however, new challenges lay ahead. This 60-minute Webinar covers the latest methods to overcome additional battery cooling challenges. Topics include: New technology to manage tab cooling on EV batteries; how engineering polymers can help solve xEV battery engineering concerns; and more. Sponsor: DuPont

From Virtual ECU to Real Vehicle: Continuous Testing of Functional Requirements

Available Until June 8, 2023

Today, most of the software functions in a car can be tested efficiently using virtual ECU models and DevOps engineering methods. However, final acceptance tests with real vehicles are still mandatory, even though they are expensive and time-consuming. This 30-minute Webinar presents a flow for seamless testing of functional requirements throughout the entire development process using a Requirement Modelling Language (RML). Sponsor: Synopsys 

Specialized Coatings for Advanced Medical Devices

Available Until June 7, 2023

Today’s medical devices perform increasingly critical roles in healthcare, with many offering improved performance and function due to the use of conformal coatings. This 60-minute Webinar provides deeper insight into functional needs by offering examples of critical devices and components that benefit from high-performance coatings and reviews how engineers and designers fill those needs by examining several specialized coatings, their processes, and their properties. The presentation also offers key information and guidance regarding cleanliness and adhesion considerations. Sponsor: Specialty Coating Systems (SCS)

How to Achieve Power Grid Separation in Autonomous Vehicle Topologies

Available Until June 2, 2022

As autonomous functionality grows within the automotive industry, vehicle architectures are becoming increasingly more complex. It is essential to have redundant and safe power management to ensure all critical devices are operational. During this 30-minute Webinar, two experts in automotive controls technology discuss an approach to achieving power grid separation safely and reliably for autonomous vehicles. Sponsor: Eberspaecher

Preparing for the Cabin Cooling Transition: R-134a to R-1234yf

Available Until May 31, 2023

R-1234yf refrigerants for mobile air-conditioning systems have been widely used in passenger vehicles for several years, but they are just now gaining traction in medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Environmental policies are driving the shift to R-1234yf, which has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of <1 compared to R-134a’s GWP of 1,300. This 30-minute Webinar reviews the rationale for refrigerant transition, key regulatory drivers, and differences in the materials. Sponsor: Opteon/Chemours

Designing the Future of Automated Manufacturing

Available Until May 19, 2023

From automotive to electronics, automation is disrupting traditional manufacturing methods across several industries. Connected manufacturing is on a path of continued growth as advances continue in robotics, sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and the IIoT. This 60-minute Webinar examines the latest advancements impacting automation as well as what is needed for successful implementation. Sponsors: Renishaw, Sealevel, SGS, Stratus Technologies

Data Orchestration and Smart Ingest for Autonomous Development: An Overview and Demo

Available Until May 26, 2023

Finding ways to stretch project budgets is a top priority as the automotive industry balances the development of electric vehicles with ADAS and ultimately fully autonomous driving. With sensor data collection growing exponentially, data management is an obvious strain on budgets. To reduce complexity and costs, two critical improvements are needed. The first is to fast-track development teams’ important topical data. The second is to remove corrupt or unusable data before it incurs further downstream costs. This 30-minute Webinar provides an overview and demo of a scalable data management and storage solution. Sponsors: Elektrobit, Dell Technologies

Understanding Fluid Systems Testing for Current and Future Technologies

Available Until May 25, 2023

This 60-minute Webinar provides an overview of the many tests that automotive fluid systems – such as radiators, hydraulic systems, and battery cooling systems – can be subjected to in laboratories and discusses why this type of testing is valuable to manufacturers. The presentation also addresses the rapid evolvement of testing requirements due to the mainstream adoption of hybrid and electric vehicle designs and how testing laboratories have responded to these changes to keep end-users safe. Sponsor: Element

Webinar Series: Next-Generation Smart Manufacturing #6

Available Until May 24, 2023

This six-part Webinar series explores the many challenges in EV manufacturing initiatives. The series of the following 60-minute sessions:
•    Next-Generation Smart Manufacturing for Electric Vehicles
•    Addressing the Challenges in Battery and Electrical Systems Manufacturing for EVs
•    Lightweighting for EV Manufacturing: Design and Validation
•    Lightweighting for EV Manufacturing: Materials Management and Manufacturing
•    Supply Chain Planning and Logistics for EV Manufacturing
•    Intelligent Operational Excellence in EV Manufacturing
Sponsor: Siemens

Thermostatic Technology: Improve System Efficiency with Automatic and Precise Thermal Control

Available Until May 18, 2023

Modern technologies for aerospace and defense applications – including ground vehicles, aircraft, and space vehicles – are placing ever-increasing demands on the capabilities of thermal management systems. Thermostatic valves and thermal actuators are ideal where precise thermal management is critical to operation success and are becoming a desired solution for system designers. Topics in this 30-minute Webinar include how thermostatically controlled valves operate, benefits of using self-powered devices, applications and installations, and more. Sponsor: ThermOmegaTech

Driving Interconnection System Reliability to Meet New Drivetrain Electrification Demands

Available Until May 17, 2023

Rapidly expanding automotive megatrends, such as drivetrain electrification and autonomous driving, have led to a sharp demand for ever-lighter vehicle body weights. Evolving architectures, along with the resulting increase in body control modules, require even more connections to PCBs, presenting challenges – and opportunities – to PC board manufacturers. This 60-minute Webinar addresses not only challenges faced by manufacturers but also new approaches that can be taken with press-fit technology, as well as single pin insertion and the connector seating equipment required for proper termination
Sponsor: TE Connectivity