Thermostatic Control Valves: When Precise Thermal Management Matters Most

Available Until May 13, 2022

Used to meet design demands for efficient and accurate temperature control, thermostatic mixing and diverting valves can be used in many aerospace and defense applications where precise thermal management is critical to project success. This 30-minute Webinar discusses how the valves operate, the benefits of using self-powered devices, and different design options. Sponsor: ThermOmegaTech

Lunch & Learn: Latest in Digital Microscopy

Available Until May 12, 2022

This 20-minute Lunch & Learn delves into why incomplete microscopy inspection may be a bigger problem than you realize. Classic inspection systems offer a shallow depth of field, which can cause sample parts not to be in focus and, thus, leads to missing features, user fatigue, and incomplete inspection. See a live demo of a unique technology for optical inspection that enables instant, real-time, all-in-focus imaging. Sponsor: ZEISS

Advanced Testing Solutions for Powertrain System and AC/DC Automotive Components

Available Until May 11, 2022

This 60-minute Webinar examines innovative solutions to help engineers overcome obstacles in powertrain system testing, automotive electronics devices testing, and EV battery testing and simulation. It discusses development trends and cutting-edge technologies including testing solutions developed to be efficient and safer for automotive engineers. Sponsor: ITECH

Trends in Passenger-Vehicle Component Design Simulation

Available Until May 6, 2022

Simulation is taking an increasingly dominant role in the design of components for light vehicles. With onboard real estate at a premium, an ongoing drive for modularity and smart packaging, and increasingly condensed development timelines, it’s clear that designing components in a virtual environment is a must. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Automotive Engineering examines current strategies and best practices to optimize effort and drive efficiency in the simulation development phase. Sponsor: COMSOL, DEP MeshWorks, Rohde & Schwarz

Using Virtual Prototypes to Accelerate Software Development for Renesas R-Car SoC Platform

Available Until May 5, 2022

The software complexity of automated driving/ADAS and connected vehicle applications is growing. Along with this complexity comes strict safety and security requirements and shrinking development cycles. The virtual prototype for the next-generation Renesas R-Car SoC platform provides the needed productivity boost to enable a “shift-left” in project development. Development and testing of complex software stacks running on the application processors and real-time CPUs in the R-Car SoCs are in the critical path for deployment at automotive Tier 1 and OEM companies. This 30-minute Webinar provides an overview on the usage and benefits of virtual prototypes for automotive embedded software development on the platform. Sponsor: Synopsys

Motorized Ball Screw Actuator: Linear Precision for Space-Saving Medical Devices

Available Until May 4, 2022

This Tech Talk examines the benefits of motorized ball screw actuators and how they can provide linear precision for medical devices. It also explains how a precision ground ball screw is integrated directly into a NEMA 17 stepper motor to achieve a space-saving design. Topics include how a precision ground ball screw offers higher efficiency, lower friction, smoother operation, improved rigidity, and longer life than lead screws and how a higher ball screw efficiency produces a smaller motor package and decreases energy usage. Sponsor: NSK

Next-Gen Vehicle Innovation: Streaming Analytics for Smart Factory and Connected Vehicles

Available Until May 4, 2022

Smart factory technologies, when combined with testing/simulation, quality/process control, and autonomous machines/robotics, can help automotive OEMs and suppliers increase efficiency, reduce costs, and create new revenue streams. Real-time streaming analytics enables anomaly detection for predictive quality and maintenance in manufacturing. Yet the actual deployment of smart factory and connected vehicles technologies is often hampered by the overwhelming amount of data that must be processed in real time while remaining available long-term for trend analysis. This 30-minute Webinar addresses the benefits and challenges of smart factory deployment. Sponsor: Dell Technologies

Implementing Smart Factory Solutions

Available Until April 29, 2022

This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs highlights the components and technologies that comprise the smart factory and helps you determine which ones you need and how to control them. You’ll also learn how implementing a smart factory can increase value and other benefits for your manufacturing facility. Sponsors: HIWIN, Plethora, Renishaw, Tektronix, Teledyne DALSA

Automotive Lighting: Material Solutions to Address Trends/Emerging Needs for Next-Gen Vehicles

Available Until April 28, 2022

A number of trends and emerging needs are shaping developments in automotive lighting. Among them are more intricate lighting designs, thinner and smaller parts, LiDAR and radar systems integration, and sustainability. This 30-minute Webinar touches on the challenges that these trends and needs give rise to and the potential of thermoplastics to help address them. It also explores how polycarbonate materials can help the industry respond to and realize the full potential of light source technologies such as LED and laser. Sponsor: SABIC

Total Appearance Measurement System for Automotive Applications

Available Until April 27, 2022

Traditional tools for appearance measurement used in automotive applications have put the focus on surface waviness. However, visual quality is more than waviness. Using image projection and analysis to mimic human visual perception, a Total Appearance Measurement System (TAMS) provides readings of the relationship between wave measurements, allowing an instant understanding of the balance in the appearance between different surfaces. This 30-minute Webinar examines the Rhopoint TAMS non-contact appearance measurement system, how it works, what its benefits are, and where it can be used. Sponsor: Konica Minolta

Design Challenges for Ethernet Adoption in Commercial Transportation

Available Until April 26, 2022

Industrial and commercial vehicle manufacturers are designing a greater degree of sensitive, data-intensive features into trucks, buses, special-use vehicles, agricultural, and heavy-duty construction equipment. This 60-minute Webinar examines how these features are being designed for this market, which requires not only signal performance according to the automotive ethernet protocol but also more robust connector construction, full sealing against extreme environments, and packaging flexibility that allows for both hybrid and bulkhead-mount deployments. Sponsor: TE Connectivity

How Critical Are Localization and Perception Technologies for Enhanced Autonomous Driving?

Available Until April 23, 2022

Today autonomous driving solutions leverage diverse sensors, along with high-definition maps, to plan and maneuver their path. Automakers are racing to deliver the next levels of autonomy driven by a mixed set of needs based on product differentiation, an evolving consumer landscape, mandates on enhanced road safety, and efficient energy consumption. Each level of autonomous driving requires features that scale with different levels of performance requirements and complexity to provide unique safety and convenience experiences. This 60-minute Webinar is focused on solving the complex challenges associated with enabling these features. Sponsor: Qualcomm

Large Cable, Large Problems: Considerations for Innovation

Available Until April 29, 2021

Emission standards have led to the rapid growth of EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs, which in turn is leading to the increase in large gauge wire and cable use. Harness manufacturers must take care to ensure quality connections in the harsh environments where these cables and terminations perform. This 60-minute Webinar focuses on the unique challenges that harness makers must consider to manage cable preparation, automation, high mix / low volume, and aluminum terminations. Sponsors: TE Connectivity, TTI Inc.

System Analysis of Critical Power Faults

Available Until April 16, 2020

According to ISO 26262, highly available systems must adhere to the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level D (ASIL-D). This typically requires significant support in the hardware architecture. Based on hardware safety features, the software has the responsibility to detect faults, categorize and respond to them, and attempt to recover the system if needed. Testing the correct software response to power faults is particularly difficult to perform in a physical environment. This 15-minute Tech Talk discusses how virtual prototypes can help with the systematic testing of the correct handling of power faults by the software. Sponsor: Synopsys

Designing with Medical Grade Silicone: Considerations for Medical Product Design Engineers

Available Until April 22, 2022

This 30-minute Webinar focuses on the possibilities for medical device design. A silicone expert presents how silicones can help you develop innovative medical devices. Topics include: silicone overview, fabrication methods using silicone, silicone for assembly, and choosing the right silicone for your application. Sponsor: Avantor/NuSil

Secrets to Efficiently Sustaining Your Automated Test System

Available Until April 21, 2022

When designing a test system, it’s important to plan for problems. The reason is simple. If a test system goes down, your product line loses revenue. This 60-minute Webinar discusses how a well-designed test system can get a system up quickly when a problem occurs and reviews tactics to consider if you want minimal downtime and a sustainable, expandable test system. Sponsor: Pickering

Advances in Medical Imaging

Available Until April 20, 2022

Medical imaging is one of the most valuable tools doctors have to detect and diagnose diseases. While medical imaging has come a long way, many CTs, X-rays, ultrasounds, and MRI scans produce 2D renderings that require doctors to use their imagination and experience to piece together what they’re seeing. In this 60-minute Webinar, experts explore the challenges that come with 3D and 4D imaging and look at innovations that can assist in the development of these emerging technologies. Sponsors: Avnet / Xilinx

Optics and Coatings Technology

Available Until April 15, 2022

Precision optics are used in a wide variety of industrial, scientific, medical, and military applications, and their performance is often improved or enhanced by the application of thin film coatings. But how do you know what types of optics will work best for your application (e.g., spheric vs. aspheric, etc.) and which coatings will deliver the optimum performance? This 60-minute Webinar examines what you need to know to answer those questions. Speakers: Holo/Or’s Natan Kaplan, Ophir Optics Group’s Peter Kunert, and Edmund Optics’s Ian Stevenson. Sponsors: Able Electropolishing, Alluxa, COMSOL, PG&O

Using Thermoplastics on EV Battery Enclosures/Structures to Improve Weight, Performance, Safety

Available Until April 14, 2022

Battery packs are the heart of electric vehicles. The industry is challenged to remove weight from these systems, while boosting performance and minimizing damage from collisions. This 60-minute Webinar reviews the challenges involved in battery pack optimization and considers the potential of thermoplastic materials to help address them. It also examines novel engineering solutions, using flame-retardant thermoplastics and plastic-metal hybrid designs, for structural battery components. Sponsor: SABIC

Future of Military Embedded Systems with an Open Standards-Based Digital Backbone

Available Until April 13, 2022

Digital technologies applied to military electronics are fueling the rapid transformation of integrated communication systems. By applying common foundational technologies across platforms, military systems will provide more effective, secure, and efficient networks and help establish a more strategic competitive advantage. Today’s design engineer must assess not only the need for more computing performance and tighter system integration but also the appropriate risk mitigation and system operation requirements. This 30-minute Webinar explores which technologies are accelerating these modern military systems as well as how to balance SWaP-C operational requirements in harsh, rugged environments. Sponsor: Aitech

Continuous Helical Flow Technology for Electric Heat Exchangers

Available Until April 8, 2022

As companies take steps to reduce their overall carbon footprint, it makes sense to switch to electric heat exchangers. Traditional designs are known to have dead zones where hot spots can occur, causing coking and fouling of the heat exchanger. This Tech Talk examines a solution to these problems. Continuous Helical Flow Technology™ enables ultra-high heat transfer that not only reduces coking and fouling but also increases uptime. Sponsor: Watlow

Creating Custom Multi-Axis Sensors for Robotics

Available Until April 7, 2022

Robotic and actuator applications most often require sensors that measure force, load, pressure, or torque. However, in many cases catalog products or off-the-shelf type sensors are not a suitable option due to space considerations or costly modifications needed to be made to the existing structure. This 30-minute Webinar presents the most effective ways to utilize single-axis and multi-axes sensors to create a custom sensor solution. Sponsor: HBK

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Simulation

Available Until April 7, 2022

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are hot topics in the engineering simulation community and have applications across the product lifecycle. For example, a design engineer can train an AI system to find optimal designs using data from simulations. However, using ML and AI for simulation poses several challenges. This 60-minute Webinar discusses the methods needed to address these challenges. Sponsor: SmartUQ

Semi-Automatic Error Proofing for Medical Leak Tests

Available Until April 6, 2022

Strict standards must be met when it comes to testing for medical, pharmaceutical, and packaging applications. It’s important to understand advancements being achieved in control, testing, and inspection equipment for packaging. Bags used for blood and pharma solutions are a good example. This Tech Talk examines a new compact semi-automatic system for sealing blood lines and error proofing the leak test measurement cycle. Sponsor: Marposs 

Component Authenticity and Traceability: How to Prevent Counterfeits and Gray Market Diversion

Available Until April 1, 2022

Counterfeit components are a risk for both manufacturers and end users. This 30-minute Webinar examines strategies and tactics to mitigate the problem and remove potentially dangerous and substandard counterfeits from the marketplace. It discusses how components can be authenticated at overt, covert, and forensic levels as well as ways to secure the supply chain by using optical and digital authentication solutions. Sponsor: OpSec Security

Confident TCU Connectivity Through Efficient Functional Testing

Available Until March 18, 2022

Consumer demand for enhanced vehicle features continues to increase as technology evolves. The testing of Telematics Control Units (TCUs) is critical to ensuring the performance of automotive cellular connectivity under differing scenarios as well as bringing quality products/services to market that meet customer expectations. These important tests can be conducted efficiently, providing confidence in test results and product performance. This 60-minute Webinar examines how to efficiently conduct the most common functional tests for an automotive TCU. Sponsor: Anritsu

A Four-Pillar Approach to Driving Greater Efficiency ePowertrain Design

Available Until March 17, 2022

In all their configurations, ePowertrains are at the heart of electric vehicle progress, but their design must balance new freedoms with the relentless pursuit of power density and passenger comfort at a production cost and development timeline that are unparalleled. This 30-minute Webinar explores these challenges and looks at approaches for more rapid design space exploration, rigorous virtual testing, and systems engineering to achieve optimal power density and customer satisfaction. Sponsor: Hexagon

Lunch & Learn: Pitfalls of Medical Cord Sets

Available Until March 16, 2022

What’s the most frequent problem encountered with medical power cords worldwide? Can you name the countries that have special testing requirements? What’s different about hospital-grade cords in North America vs. Australia vs. Denmark vs. Japan? To understand the ins and outs of medical plugs, sockets, and power cords, check out this 20-minute Lunch & Learn. Sponsor: Interpower Corp.

Ultra-High Purity Silicone in Aerospace and Defense Product Design

Available Until March 10, 2022

The performance and stability of materials used on aircraft in extreme atmospheric temperatures have their challenges, especially when fuel exposure is inevitable. In this 30-minute Webinar, an expert in materials demonstrates the capabilities of fluorosilicones and how their fuel-resistant proprieties can enable innovation with next-generation aviation platforms. Sponsor: Avantor/NuSil

How to Achieve Multidisciplinary, Collaborative, Concurrent Virtual Engineering through Simulation

Available Until March 3, 2022

Financial pressures, the competitive landscape, and the increasing complexity of products and requirements are pushing automotive leaders to take CAE technologies and workflows to the next level to increase throughput, improve quality, and accelerate time-to-market. This 60-minute Webinar examines how to accomplish this task by providing engineering and product development teams with a digital collaborative platform that eliminates the inefficiencies associated with data exchange among different engineering disciplines, in addition to core simulation capabilities for various functional attributes. Sponsor: Ansys

Contactless Position, Torque, and Force Sensing for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Applications

Available Until March 2, 2022

The demand for products with improved safety, reliability, and efficiency makes sensors increasingly necessary and, in some cases, even mandatory. These sensors must be accurate, reliable, and long-lasting while remaining affordable. This 30-minute Webinar examines the advantages of using sensors based on magnetic principles to measure force and torque (magnetoelastic) as well as distance and angle (eddy-current). It also discusses how sensors can be implemented into applications to fulfill and exceed requirements while staying within budget. Sponsor: Methode Electronics

Transforming Automotive Engineering by Tackling Complexity

Available Until February 25, 2022

Electrification and ADAS are accelerating product complexity. The nexus of this complexity is where software and electrical engineering converge. The problem with current processes and tools is they’re disconnected and discontinuous. This 60-minute Webinar examines how to enable a transformation of automotive engineering through an integrated multi-domain tool chain that offers increased efficiency, automation, and traceability. It discusses how Siemens and IBM have worked together to connect cross-domain processes, information, and tools. Sponsor: IBM

Developing Standards for Odor Sensors and Data

Available Until February 24, 2022

The next evolution of smart sensors is being built around the ability to mimic the human sense of smell. With the power to assess the strength of an odor and determine what its presence signifies, modern digital olfaction turns odor data into actionable insights. This 30-minute Webinar provides an overview of digital olfaction, current challenges in harnessing the power of smell, and methods for standardizing hardware and software performance metrics for this new category of sensors. Sponsor: Aryballe

Designing with Silicone for Space

Available Until February 23, 2022

Designing a satellite and working in the extremes of space have their challenges, but finding the right material shouldn’t be one. In this 30-minute Webinar, an expert in space-grade silicones explores the capabilities of these materials and examines how their low outgassing proprieties can enable innovation and empower the next generation of space exploration. Topics include the fundamentals of low outgassing silicones and how to choose the best silicone for an application. Sponsor: Avantor/NuSil

Radar Measurements: Triggering, Analysis, and Generation

Available Until February 18, 2022

Diverse pulse and modulation techniques are needed for today’s radar and electronic warfare systems. This 60-minute Webinar discusses the construction of advanced signals, analysis techniques, and methods of triggering on complex signals. Topics include triggering from time domain and frequency domain signatures, analysis of power spectrum and signal statistics, and the generation of complex pulse shapes and coding for UWB signals. Sponsor: Tektronix

Carbon Fiber Rotor Encapsulation

Available Until February 16, 2022

As the aerospace and other high-tech industries evolve toward more energy-efficient, power-dense systems, new technologies are emerging that place greater demands on motors in terms of operating speeds, temperatures, efficiencies, and weight. In addition, there is the design challenge of magnet retention when choosing a surface-mount permanent-magnet topology. The use of composites for retention of surface-mounted magnets is now being considered. This 20-minute Tech Talk reviews material selection options for magnet retention and discusses pro and cons of each with specific attention to carbon fiber material technology. Sponsor: Arnold Magnetic Technologies

Zinc Die Casting Concepts to Achieve Precision, Performance, and Price Targets

Available Until February 11, 2022 

Zinc die casting is a cost-effective manufacturing process for high-volume components as well as smaller product runs. Zinc alloys have superior strength, conductivity, and surface finish compared to many other materials. Combining the appropriate zinc alloy and casting process can improve product properties, increase manufacturing productivity, and lower processing costs. This 30-minute Webinar reviews zinc die casting processes, compares the properties of zinc die casting alloys with other manufacturing materials, provides information on surface finishing, and introduces new zinc die casting alloys.  Sponsor: International Zinc Association

6 Ways to Reduce Aerospace and Defense Program Risk

Available Until February 9, 2022

This 60-minute presentation describes how a development environment employing a complete digital twin of the platform electrical system reduces program risk. It discusses the importance of employing a mature and fully functional, multi-domain digital thread to enrich the digital twin throughout the platform’s lifecycle – from definition, through design, into production, and throughout its operating life for sustainment. Sponsor: Siemens

Electric-Vehicle Transmission Development Priorities

Available Until February 4, 2022

This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of SAE Media Group examines the latest development efforts and priorities for improving and differentiating transmissions specifically designed for passenger and commercial EVs. Speakers are Bosch Transmission Technology’s Han-Hein Spit and Inmotive’s Anthony Wong.  Sponsors: EA Elektro-Automatik, Eaton, Intertek, PCB Piezotronics, Synopsys, Tektronix

Reducing the Cost of Quality in Automotive BiW

Available Until January 26, 2022

Automotive production relies on quality to maintain an automaker’s brand image. But suboptimal dimensional quality can lengthen lead times and cause cost overruns related to the reworking of non-compliant parts or forced downstream production adjustments. Although traditional metrology techniques can be time-consuming and costly, they have remained largely unchanged for decades. Quality 4.0 is a vision for quality that follows the lead of the Industry 4.0 concept. This 60-minute Webinar examines how APDIS Laser Radar, as part of Quality 4.0, offers a unique alternative to the traditional car body inspection methods. Sponsor: Nikon Metrology

New High-Peak Power Line Laser for Beam-Steering LiDAR

Available Until December 16, 2021

Mainstream LiDARs used for robotaxis and autonomous consumer vehicles have their advantages and target market, but they also have drawbacks that make them unable to satisfy the needs of today’s growing L2-L4 autonomous driving technical trend. In order to solve the current market pain point, a high-peak power line laser with high horizontal and vertical resolution has been devised and used as a transmitter source for 1D beam-steering LiDAR. This 60-minute Webinar discusses the design approach, technical challenges, industrialization status, and application examples of the new line laser. Sponsor: Focuslight 

Balancing Vehicle Comfort and Performance with Simulation-Driven Cabin Design

Available Until December 15, 2021

Cabin design is taking center stage as one of the main selling factors for the auto industry. Engineers are faced with challenges such as fuel economy and the introduction of WLTP regulations, along with the rise of electric vehicles. Being able to simulate quiet, comfortable, and thermally efficient cabins is vital to meet these challenges. This 30-minute Webinar examines how simulation solutions can provide a holistic set of workflows targeted at designing innovative cabins faster – cabins that are comfortable, connected, yet energy-efficient. Sponsor: Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA

Virtual Prototyping Next-Gen Automotive Microcontrollers

Available Until December 10, 2021

This 30-minute Webinar presents the usage and benefits of virtual prototyping for a wide range of use cases for Infineon’s next-generation AURIXtm TC4xx automotive microcontrollers. It covers the value of using the AURIXtm virtual prototype for both pre- and post-silicon development and how Infineon is using the virtual prototype to shift-left their embedded software development deliverables. Sponsor: Synopsys

Next-Gen Vehicle Architectures and the Role of HPCs

 Available Until December 9, 2021

Vehicle architectures are evolving from complex networks of individual electronic control units (ECUs) to a handful of ultra-powerful high-performance computers (HPCs). During today’s rapid transition to intelligent, connected vehicles, software differentiation is critical to maximizing ROI. Equally important, however, is infrastructure. This 60-minute Webinar examines infrastructure integration and what’s needed to develop secure, stable, and upgradable software stacks for next-generation HPCs. It outlines a new approach to the development and integration of next-generation automotive architectures based on HPCs that can save OEMs and Tier 1s time, resources, and money. Sponsor: Elektrobit

Vehicle Electrification

Available Until December 2, 2021  

This 30-minute Webinar discusses the challenges and benefits of integrating multidisciplinary simulation to optimize the development of electrified vehicles. The presentation shows how simulation can be used to explore innovative design ideas and identify the best trade-offs early in the design process. It also includes a demonstration of the Dassault Systèmes solutions for vehicle electrification, focusing on key aspects of battery module and pack engineering, electric drive engineering, and integration of sub-systems into the full vehicle. Sponsor: Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA

Achieving Dimensional Stability of Lightweight Thermoplastic Automotive Parts

Available Until November 19, 2021

Thermoplastics can contribute to weight savings for exterior components such as body panels, spoilers, and exterior trim. Some applications present more challenge than others, especially when high dimensional stability and stiffness across a broad temperature range are required. Thermoplastics with low CLTE values and high modulus can help provide the high dimensional stability required for designs that have low gap tolerance. This 30-minute Webinar highlights design considerations and materials that can help address fit-and-finish concerns and meet critical requirements. Sponsor: SABIC

How VCONN, a USB-C Feature, Changes the Car-to-Passenger Experience

Available Until November 17, 2021

As the automotive market changes from traditional standard A receptacles to the newer USB Type-C™ receptacles, many questions arise regarding which features to implement. One of these questions is whether VCONN should be designed into the solution. VCONN is a new low-voltage power supply that is used to power-up and communicate with passenger accessories and cables. This 60-minute Webinar examines VCONN as a key differentiator for a positive passenger experience in the car. Sponsor: Maxim Integrated

Customizing Actuators Using COTS Drive Components for Martian Mission Mechanisms

Available Until November 5, 2021

This 60-minute Webinar focuses on the development of the actuators for various Mars rover missions, how technological advancements and challenges push components to their limits, and how the right partnership brings out the most value when collaborating on an extreme application such as exploring another planet. It also shows how such important advancements can be used for more down-to-earth applications. Sponsor: maxon

Technical Ceramics: The Powerhouse of Advanced Materials

Available Until November 4, 2021

This 60-minute Webinar examines how technical ceramics outperform metals and polymers as well as where they are being used in cutting-edge automotive applications. Technical ceramics and their unique material properties are unfamiliar to many technical professionals in the automotive community. This presentation is ideal for design engineers looking for new material sets to improve performance in systems where strength, durability, extreme temperature, electrical insulation, and corrosion resistance are factors. Sponsor: CoorsTek

Metal Injection Molding

Available Until September 29, 2021

Hosted by Medical Design Briefs, this 60-minute Webinar examines metal injection molding (MIM), a unique process that eliminates the need for complex, expensive machining when producing small, intricate steel and stainless steel components. It also discusses how switching to the MIM process can result in a 50% to 90% cost reduction for specific applications. Sponsor: INDO-MIM

How to Achieve Alternative Fuel ROI in Less Than 5 Years

Available Until October 22, 2021

This 30-minute Webinar examines how adsorbed natural gas (ANG) can bring operational benefits for fleets and pay for itself in less than five years. ANG is specifically suited to light-duty fleets and offers a simple, alternative fueling solution that costs a fraction of a compressed natural gas (CNG) station. Sponsor: Ingevity

New Anti-Friction Coating for Metal Gaskets

Available Until October 21, 2021

As the need for environmental protection increases, auto manufacturers are forced to develop engines that are more efficient and environmentally friendly. Besides electrification, engine downsizing is a common method used to help achieve this goal, but smaller engines require materials that can withstand higher temperatures. This 60-minute Webinar examines a new high-temperature-resistant anti-friction coating for metal gaskets. Sponsor: MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants, DuPont

Digital Transformation in Engineering's Most Challenging Industries

Available Until October 20, 2021

In this 60-minute Webinar, experts from the automotive and aerospace/defense industries examine key engineering challenges facing companies today and how they’re overcoming them. A focus on process continuity is included. Insights from best practices of both industries highlight how some of the world's most sophisticated engineering organizations are approaching the challenges ahead. Sponsor: IBM

Designing for an Electric Aircraft Future

Available Until October 20, 2021

Conventional aircraft configurations have three power options: pneumatic, electrical, and hydraulic. To move to a solely electric aircraft, however, requires new components such as high-speed motors, power electronics, and high-voltage cabling. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media and SAE International explores the new design methodologies for electric aircraft that must be considered in order to optimize aerodynamics, engines, shape, and component selection for this new propulsion architecture. Sponsors:  COMSOL, Siemens

Advances in Thermally Conductive, Electrically Insulated Materials for E-Motor Applications

Available Until October 19, 2021

This 15-minute Tech Talk looks at the work being done in developing thermally conductive electrically insulated (TCEI) materials for e-motor applications. Fillers play an important role in material properties of plastics, and new grades of TCIE materials have been developed that demonstrate improved conductivity over commercially available choices. Sponsor: Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Commercial Vehicle Electrification: Still on Track?

Available Until October 15, 2021

Development and fleet testing of electric commercial vehicles is accelerating as manufacturers attempt to satisfy ever-stricter emissions regulations. Electrification strategies can prove effective for medium- and heavy-duty trucks in a variety of applications, including “last mile” urban delivery, longer routes that “return to base” for depot charging, and even long-haul trucking when hydrogen fuel cells are added to the equation. Still, concerns abound related to infrastructure, battery technology and costs, component and system durability and production availability, among others. Industry experts offer insights on the issues and advantages and share some success stories in this 60-minute Technical Webinar from the editors of SAE International. Sponsors: COMSOL, Eaton, ExxonMobil, TE Connectivity, We Predict

Best Practices for Avoiding Systematic Faults and Handling Random Faults in Automotive Electronic Systems

Available Until October 13, 2021

As automotive electronic systems become increasingly complex, the potential impact on the safety of a vehicle’s occupants, as well as bystanders, becomes a critical consideration. Two classes of safety failures must be addressed for hardware development of IPs and SoCs: systematic faults and random faults. Functional verification techniques and flows are required to avoid systematic faults, and an architecture with safety mechanisms is needed to monitor and detect random faults. This 30-minute Webinar reviews the latest methodologies and technologies for achieving functional safety verification targets. Sponsor: Synopsys

Rotary Position Sensing for EV Powertrain Applications

Available Until October 8, 2021

This 30-minute Webinar examines a patented breakthrough sensor technology for electric vehicle traction motor applications. These rotary position sensors are an alternative to conventional transformer resolvers as well as variable reluctance resolvers. Using quadrature sinusoidal magnetization, the sensors provide higher accuracy from a smaller, lighter package. Sponsor: Wells Engineered Products

Standardization for Automated-Vehicle Testing and Simulation

Available Until October 6, 2021

With an ever-increasing worldwide number of automated-vehicle developers comes the need for standards for physical and simulation testing. There are many global and regional endeavors to formulate AV testing standards, but the piecemeal nature of these efforts underscores the need for a universal approach. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of SAE International delves into the latest developments in AV testing standards and the likely scope of the initial efforts, as well as what might be the first standards created and agreed upon on a worldwide basis. Sponsors: DEWESoft, NI, Pickering, Rohde & Schwarz, Synopsys

Helping HEV/EV Batteries Go the Distance and Stay Cool Under Pressure

Available Until October 1, 2021

As the number of electric vehicles grows, so does the need for advancements in battery technologies, especially in areas of thermal management, safety, durability, and lightweighting. This 60-minute Webinar explains how these critical areas can be managed to deliver better performance and provides preliminary insight into proving methods, including DuPont’s technical development partnership with Renault. Sponsor: DuPont

The Power of the Hollow: Using Hollow Aluminum Extrusions to Meet Vehicle Engineering Challenges

Available Until September 30, 2021

Their ability to design profiles that “put the metal where it’s needed” is one of the attributes of aluminum extrusions that can provide automotive engineers with both design flexibility and performance benefits. That’s particularly advantageous when it comes to hollow shapes, particularly multi-void hollows. This 60-minute Webinar reviews some of the more interesting uses of multi-void hollows in today’s vehicles and discusses the alloy, design, and processing considerations necessary to ensure success. Sponsor: Aluminum Extruders Council

Addressing Friction, Discharge, and Misalignment in an E-Mobility Powertrain

Available Until September 29, 2021

As electric vehicles continue to generate new consumer demand, advanced technology is required to address e-mobility powertrain challenges such as friction reduction, elimination of electrical discharge, electromagnetic interference, and safety and assembly complexity. Solutions that address the needs of both current and future electric vehicle platforms offer unique value to manufacturers in terms of flexibility, component continuity, and safety. This 15-minute Tech Talk examines e-mobility material and component solutions that meet global electric vehicle safety and design requirements. It focuses on components that provide highly effective backbone support to efficient, safe e-mobility powertrain platforms and explains how and why these components achieve optimal functionality. Sponsor: Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

High-Voltage Arteries: How Connectivity Gives Life to Electric Vehicles

Available Until September 23, 2021

Experts predict that by 2040, most forms of transportation will leverage electric motors and/or cleaner sources of fuel to meet heightened emissions standards. As vehicle power moves from mechanical to electrical sources, electrical connections must support greater voltage and current while surviving a harsh transportation environment. This 60-minute Webinar explores how terminal and connector design can overcome the unique challenges related to vehicle electrification. Sponsor: TE Connectivity

Next-Generation Design for Heavy Equipment

Available Until September 11, 2021

Tomorrow’s heavy equipment will require a next-generation design solution that removes barriers to innovation with an integrated set of design and validation tools. This 60-minute Webinar examines how you can integrate electrical and mechanical design with a productive modeling environment and enable true generative design, additive manufacturing, and collaboration in an immersive design environment. Sponsor: Siemens

LiDAR Technology Advancements and Market Trends

Available Until September 10, 2021

LiDAR appears to be the fastest moving of all automated-vehicle hardware development efforts. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of SAE International discusses the latest engineering advancements from LiDAR companies and examines LiDAR’s prospects for being ready and affordable if and when volume production is demanded – perhaps even for ADAS. Sponsors: Coilcraft, COMSOL, Focuslight, NI, RPMC Lasers, Teledyne OPTECH

Verification of ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles

Available Until September 10, 2021

The increasing number of cars with electronic control units containing tens of processors, plus the need to accelerate the simulation of thousands of driving scenarios and design parameters to ensure safety and reliability in autonomous driving, has expanded the use of hardware emulation in the loop. This 20-minute Webinar describes an integrated heterogeneous system framework to simulate and verify multiple ECUs. The framework allows co-development of the automotive system application software, operating system, and controller hardware, together with mechanical system actuators, sensors, and the physical world environment/traffic scenarios. Sponsor: Mentor, a Siemens Business

What Is This RISC-V Thing, Anyway?

Available Until September 10, 2021

The RISC-V processor architecture is revolutionizing the business model for deployment of architectures in the embedded systems marketplace. While the processor design is maturing rapidly, the RISC-V software enablement is in its infancy. This 45-minute Webinar discusses how Microchip and MentorEmbedded teamed up to bring the hardware and runtime software insights needed to successfully develop and deploy RISC-V devices. Sponsor: Mentor, a Siemens Business

Introduction to Visualizer for VHDL Users

Available Until September 10, 2021

Testing and methodology with complex silicon require powerful but simple-to-use debug solutions. The Visualizer Debug Environment provides a common solution for simulation, emulation, and other engines, including Verilog, VHDL, UVM, SystemC, C/C++, Assertions, and Coverage. This 35-minute Webinar introduces the Visualizer Debug Environment for VHDL and UVM. Sponsor: Mentor, a Siemens Business

Alignment Strategy for Complex Part Geometries

Available Until September 9, 2021

When developing a CMM measurement program, alignments are necessary to form a stable frame of reference for the workpiece to be measured. Non-standard geometries with complex surfaces, such as a jet engine turbine airfoil, can be aligned by using datum target points defined on a print or model. This 30-minute Webinar demonstrates the datum target point alignment strategy on an airfoil using CALYPSO software and shows two ways to align complex part geometries. Sponsor: Zeiss

Driving Ahead of the Curve: Visionary Headlamp Concept

Available Until August 20, 2021

Automotive lighting engineers and designers face increasing challenges as electronics and lighting converge with electric, autonomous, and styling trends. This 30-minute Webinar discusses how part and process consolidation with new materials creates a sustainable solution for emerging headlamp lighting and autonomous vehicle trends. It also examines a functional headlamp concept that reduces system cost and weight while improving performance and streamlining manufacturing. Sponsor: Covestro LLC

From System to Software: A Study in Efficient, Robust Design for Electric Vehicles

Available Until August 20, 2021

In the fast-growing domain of electric vehicle development, many challenges exist. This 20-minute Tech Talk discusses how a unified virtual prototyping solution, which addresses the multi-discipline needs of system, electro-mechanical, and embedded software domains, can help to “shift left” the design phase and accelerate testing efforts. The “shift left” practice enables finding defects early in the software development and testing process. Sponsor: Synopsys

On-Demand Web Seminar: The Future of Manufacturing and Product Support in Aerospace/Defense

Available Until August 7, 2021

Aerospace and defense companies are experiencing a digital transformation that is leading to a period of exciting innovation. However, this also means they're faced with delivering new, more complex products to their customers faster and with better performance, while providing increased levels of product support for the life of the product. This 60-minute Webinar discusses how complexity can be turned into an advantage when a digital transformation strategy for manufacturing is implemented. Sponsor: Siemens

Aviation Electrification: Choosing Your Motor Topology and Material Advancements

Available Until July 29, 2021

This 60-minute Webinar reviews the advantages and disadvantages of motor topologies such as permanent magnet, induction, and switched reluctance. It also discusses advanced material technologies that are being incorporated into permanent magnet motors to provide the power density solutions needed to meet aviation electrification demands. Sponsor: Arnold Magnetic Technologies

Why Multiple Sensing Modalities Are Required to Achieve Level 3 to 5 Vehicle Automation

Available Until July 28, 2021

There is increased skepticism regarding the ability of the automotive industry to deliver fully functional Level 3 to 5 automated driving features and capabilities. This 60-minute Webinar examines the challenges facing mass adoption of vehicle automation technology and shows how sensor fusion can help overcome these technical obstacles by fully exploiting the strength of each sensing modality – camera, radar, and LiDAR. Sponsor: LeddarTech

The Path to High-Level Autonomy for Commercial Vehicles

Available Until July 21, 2021

This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of SAE International examines the factors that will bring high-level automation to commercial vehicles. It also discusses whether the public is ready to share the road with such vehicles or if they will have to prove themselves first in controlled environments. Sponsors: Connect Tech, Crystal, Kontron, NI, Teledyne DALSA

Understanding O-ring Complexity in the Aerospace Industry

Available Until July 15, 2021

Despite their seeming simplicity, O-rings used in aerospace applications take on an unexpected level of material and performance complexity when engineering/design standards and industry regulations are factored into purchasing decisions. This 60-minute Webinar reviews the challenges associated with O-rings and provides guidance about the critical factors that must be considered in every sourcing decision. Sponsor: Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies

Preparing for the Future of Aerospace and Defense

Available Until July 8, 2021

How can the aerospace/defense industry adapt to today’s challenges to enable a more connected universe? Technologies are developing faster than ever before, transforming how the world travels, communicates, defends, and explores. For the industry to advance, it’s important to try to predict the challenges of tomorrow and find ways the industry can adapt to them. This 60-minute Webinar discusses what the industry will look like in 2050, how CEO priorities will prepare for the future, how the global workforce will evolve, and how engineering, manufacturing, and product support will change to adapt to future trends. Sponsor: Siemens

WCX™ Digital Summit Webcast Replays

Sign-up now to watch a replay of our previously held SAE Leadership Roundtable Series webcasts originally scheduled for WCX 2020 World Congress Experience. If you want to re-watch one of these webcasts, or sign up as a new attendee, visit the registration site for access until June 2021.

It's Alive. Gearing the Electrified Future. 
Available Until June 2021

SAE and top power-transmission experts from Ford, Schaeffler North America, FCA, and Navistar will discuss the challenges and opportunities of combining new and existing technologies to deliver torque to the drive wheels. 

Where are We at Using Connectivity for Vehicle Safety? 
Available Until June 2021 — Session I

Panelists from GM, Qualcomm, Xilinx, and Cambridge Consultants will provide key insights on connected technology business models for vehicle safety—including emerging technologies on V2X, IoT, and AI.

Continuing the Conversation: Meeting Consumer’s Need for Upgradeable Electronics Over the Life of the Automobile
Available Until June 2021 — Session II

Listen to the thought leaders of today pave the road toward fixing compatibility issues, envisioning a future in which all automobiles are fully technology-enabled.

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Using the Virtual Prototype of the S32G Safe and Secure Vehicle Network Processor

Available Until June 30, 2021

The challenge with highly complex automotive devices is to bring up the software as soon as the silicon becomes available. Using a pre-silicon virtual prototype of its S32G device, NXP was able to bring up most of the software within two weeks after first silicon became available. This 60-minute Webinar focuses on the production use of the NXP S32G274A virtual prototype for pre-silicon development. It highlights the collaborative development between NXP and Synopsys, covering the virtual prototype as well as a hybrid setup with a ZeBu emulator to accelerate the verification of driver software with RTL IP. It closes with a look at what is needed to deploy virtual prototyping broadly for model-based collaboration in the automotive supply chain. Sponsors: NXP, Synopsys

Advanced Joining and Materials Technologies for Lightweight Vehicles

Available Until June 25, 2021

In this Technical Webinar from the editors of SAE International, experts discuss the latest advances in material-joining practices and technology as well as which materials and joining techniques show the most promise for near-term success. Sponsors: Boker’s Inc., Clemson Composites, COMSOL, Dymax, Protolabs, Toray

Producing Optimal High-Speed Images for Automotive and Industrial Engineers

Available Until June 24, 2021

Whether you’re an engineer who analyzes high-speed images or a photographic technician who is responsible for capturing them, a solid understanding of high-speed imaging fundamentals can help you create quality images for automotive and industrial applications. This 30-minute Webinar explores essentials for developing beneficial photographic practices for automotive crash tests and other industrial applications. Sponsor: Vision Research Inc.

Overcoming the Major Challenges of ADAS Development and Validation Infrastructure

Available Until June 23, 2021

The automotive industry is in a transitional period with the ultimate goal of fully autonomous or "driverless" vehicles likely to be realized within a decade, but the scale of this goal is challenging. OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers must bring innovations to market while containing costs, mitigating risks, managing product complexity, and maintaining compliance. This 30-minute Tech Talk discusses the importance of ADAS development and validation infrastructure, examines workflow and methodologies, and identifies solutions for common challenges that can occur in typical ADAS development projects. Sponsor: Dell Technologies

Connected and Automated Vehicle Meet-Up: Vehicle Connectivity Towards The 5G Era

Available until June 2021

Our second Meet-up in the series focuses on connected vehicle technologies that are enabling autonomous vehicles—including 5G, IoT, and V2X. The webcast features Partha Goswami, Senior Manager – Technology Trends & Insights, General Motors. As chair of SAE’s Vehicle IoT (VIoT) team, he will deliver an in-depth perspective on trends in these evolving areas within the framework of CASE – Connectivity, Autonomous, Sharing and Electrification, including:

  • A firsthand view of the changing automotive technology landscape from an industry insider
  • How innovation is changing a century-old industry
  • Separating the hype from the reality of the evolution and the interrelation of the four pillars—autonomous, connectivity, electrification and services (ACES)
  • How the new mobility trends may be impacted in a post-COVID world

Longer Lifetimes, Lower Costs: The 94 AU 30000 Material Advantage

Available Until May 27, 2021

The demands placed on seals can be extreme in today’s increasingly rugged industrial applications. A new material, 94 AU 30000, has been developed to address emerging fluid power requirements. More resistant to water and synthetic hydraulic fluids, it withstands major temperature and pressure fluctuations better than other polyurethane materials. This 20-minute Tech Talk examines 94 AU 30000 as a material innovation that is powering development of advanced seals, gaskets, and other components that meet and exceed industry expectations. Sponsor: Freudenberg

The Role of Analytics in the Digital Twin

Available Until May 26, 2021

In the era of Industry 4.0, the digital twin has emerged as a new technology that brings together physical and simulated information to deliver greater value from existing resources. When paired with the latest in analytics, digital twins can lead to better decision making at each step of the product lifecycle. This 60-minute Webinar introduces the role of analytics, such as predictive analytics and uncertainty quantification, for the digital twin. Sponsor: SmartUQ

Adsorbed Natural Gas and Its Automotive Benefits

Available Until May 21, 2021

This 30-minute Webinar examines the benefits of adsorbed natural gas (ANG) for automotive applications and how they can be delivered at a fraction of the operational parameters of compressed natural gas (CNG). An expert from a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals, high-performance carbon materials, and engineered polymers discusses the current alternative fuel and natural gas landscape and offers a comparison between ANG and CNG. Sponsor: Ingevity

Automotive Electronics: Space Saving Micro Fastening Technology

Available Until May 20, 2021

As electronics-based vehicle systems rise in number and complexity, attachment challenges are also increasing. The trend toward smaller, lighter, thinner designs has engineers looking for new ways to fit and fasten hardware components in extremely restrictive design spaces – while maintaining performance and achieving cleanliness requirements. This 30-minute Webinar explores how the use of micro fasteners in automotive electronics applications offers a viable alternative to traditional fastening hardware. Sponsor: PennEngineering

Addressing a Unique Challenge of Testing with NVH Sensors on Electric Vehicles

Available Until May 14, 2021

The development of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) sensors for automotive applications, in the past, has been without regard for high-voltage (HV) electro-magnetic (EM) fields, which are now present in electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). Consequently, there are concerns about what influence or effects HV EM fields impose on microphone and accelerometer signals when implemented for operational testing of EVs or HEVs. There has been little available information on the subject, but this 30-minute Webinar offers insight and guidance based on the results of a new study. Sponsors: PCB Piezotronics, Siemens

The Criticality of Autonomous and Electric Car E/E Systems

Available Until May 14, 2021

Innovation and integration of technologies have resulted in a tremendously complex system of electronic control units, sensors, and actuators, as well as the wiring to connect it all together. This 20-minute Webcast examines E/E architecture’s challenges and the impact on business models. Sponsor: Siemens

Touch-Safe High-Voltage Battery Connectivity Solutions

Available Until May 13, 2021

The mass production of battery-powered electric vehicles requires a high safety level during assembly, daily operation, and maintenance. This is particularly relevant to battery connectors, where touch safety is vital. This 60-minute Webinar discusses solutions for battery pack connectivity, focusing on the new BCON+ connection solution and showing how it fulfills manufacturer requirements for safety and performance of upcoming battery applications. Sponsor: TE Connectivity