additive manufacturing

Noun | additive manufacturing

the industrial process of creating and growing three-dimensional objects by joining materials one thin layer at a time

What Additive Manufacturing Means to SAE International

Since its inception in 1905, SAE International has been involved with the production of materials and process of manufacturing in the mobility industry. As technologies evolve and processes change, SAE is committed to the global standardization of such processes and technologies today, including modern production practices like additive manufacturing (AM).  

The AM process offers benefits in speed, simplicity, reliability and cost in parts production. The ability to produce lightweight parts through additive manufacturing can also be beneficial in the drive toward electrification as lighter parts can help extend battery life.  

Understanding the materials that are compatible with additive manufacturing processes is an essential part of AM process success. AM materials include a variety of polymers, metals, composites, and ceramics. Each material is distinguished from another material by microstructure, mechanical and physical properties, and life cycle. 




Additive Manufacturing Bundle

The one-hour courses in this bundle explain the fundamental concepts of additive manufacturing, including the main principles behind AM and the safety precautions to take during the process.

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Process Specification for Fused Filament Fabrication

This specification establishes the requirements to approve new machines, processes, and materials. Specifically, this specification covers machine configuration, operating software, machine calibration, machine and build parameters, and testing methodology required to create aerospace parts.

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EDGE Report

Internal Boundaries of Metal Additive Manufacturing: Future Process Selection

This report examines the overlap between three prominent powder-based technologies and outlines an approach that a product team can follow to determine the most appropriate process for current and future applications.

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SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing

This journal publishes peer-reviewed, authoritative, and in-depth research in the areas of materials, design, testing, and manufacturing.

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Accelerating the Adoption of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is having a moment. Hear from the founder of The Barnes Global Advisors how it reduces energy and allows for greater design flexibility. 

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Additive Manufacturing for Designers: A Primer

Having demonstrated the ability to produce miraculously complex geometries, it is broadly claimed that AM will have endless applications as the technology improves. 

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Heat Treatment Nickel Alloy and Cobalt Alloy Parts

This specification specifies the engineering requirements for heat treatment, by part fabricators (users) or subcontractors, of parts made of wrought or additively manufactured nickel or cobalt alloys, of raw materials during fabrication, and of fabricated assemblies in which wrought nickel or cobalt alloys are the primary structural components.

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March 14-16, 2023

Fort Worth, Texas

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