Noun | electrification

the process of replacing technologies that use fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, and natural gas) with technologies that run on electricity.


What Electrification Means to SAE International

Today's cars, trucks, buses and yes, even airplanes with electric propulsion systems are the evidence of a seminal moment in transportation – the move away from internal combustion. But it's not only the development of a new technology that is exciting. It is also the awareness that we can harness an old idea to move to a safer and cleaner future.

That said, vehicle propulsion based on electricity instead of internal combustion is not new. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it was in the late 1800's that French and English inventors built some of the first electric cars. Ferdinand Porsche, of gas-powered sports car fame, even developed his own, named the P1, in 1898. The development, marketing and success of the Ford Model T in the early 1900's, however, scaled back development of electric vehicles (EVs) to almost zero in the 1930's. Now, electrification is at the forefront of research once again.

The current industry push for vehicle electrification is based on a number of factors, not the least of which is the growing list of countries seriously considering banning the sale of new vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) in the near future. According to Thomson Reuters, 26 countries, three states, and the European Union are currently planning and legislating for the end of new ICE vehicle sales by 2040, and some as early as 2030.

These ICE-limiting proposals to reduce environmental contaminants, coupled with safety concerns and plans for intelligent transportation systems, have all accelerated the push to electrification.




Vehicle Power Test for Electrified Powertrains

This standard provides test methods for evaluating the maximum power of electrified vehicle powertrain systems by direct measurement at the drive wheel hubs or axles. Additional tests are included specifically for PHEVs to measure electric-only propulsion power and for HEVs to measure electric power assist and regenerative braking.

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Fundamentals of Electric Aircraft

Fundamentals of Electric Aircraft was developed to explain what the electric aircraft stands for by offering an objective view of what can be expected from the giant strides in innovative architectures and technologies enabling aircraft electrification.

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SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles

The SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles (formerly SAE International Journal of Alternative Powertrains) provides a forum for peer-reviewed scholarly publication of original research and survey papers that address novel modeling tools, control and optimization methods applied to components, systems, and technologies concerning electrified powertrains (hybrid or full electric)—ground, aerial, and naval.

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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Engineering Academy

SAE Engineering Academies provide comprehensive and immersive training experiences, helping new and re-assigned engineers become proficient and productive in a short period of time. The Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Engineering Academy covers hybrid and electric vehicle engineering concepts, theory, and applications relevant to HEV, PHEV, EREV, and BEV for the passenger car industry.

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Decarbonizing Aviation from Takeoff to Touch Down

Can the aviation industry meet its goal to decarbonize by 2050? Safran Landing Systems engineer and innovator R. Kyle Schmidt thinks so, and he’s playing a critical role in getting there.

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Legal Issues Facing Data in Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared Vehicles

This Edge Report examines some of the pressing questions on the minds of both industry and consumers. Who owns the data and how can it be used? What are the regulatory regimes that impact vehicular data use?

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September 19- 21, 2023
Schaumberg, Illinois

Sustainability: The New Frontier for Innovation

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