Noun | quality

the degree to which an object or entity possesses a specific set of attributes, meeting expectations and market needs through proven trustworthiness and reliability.


What Quality Means to SAE International

Quality and safety cannot exist without one another. In the mobility industry, pedestrian and vehicle user safety rely heavily on the quality of current and developing technologies. By improving the quality of future products through the standardization of engineering and development process, we not only ensure quality in the present day, but also create a much safer future.

At SAE International, we believe that quality comes from accessibility. As the world’s largest mobility organization, we’re responsible for providing resources, guidance, and education to professionals around the globe. That means creating standards and professional development courses that can be used by everyone.

As technology advances, so too do the expectations around their performance. New tools or methods can make old ways of working obsolete by introducing a better or safer way to do something, changing the definition of quality in that context. SAE operates with a global point of view, and this gives us an advantage in helping serve as a guide to help address changing perspectives in real time as the technology evolves.

Through information design, standards creation, connection opportunities, and professional development resources in both digital and physical spaces, we ensure excellence by leading complex discussions to solve complex problems. SAE’s thought leadership facilitates high quality products and procedures, creating a safer, more reliable mobility industry.



Access Resources through our Digital Platform

Mobilus is our online digital library platform that contains over 200,000 up to date standards, publications, and other resources for our users to download and use in their career.

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SAE International is the world’s leading authority in mobility standards development. Our standard committees consist of industry experts that have hands-on experience with current and emerging technologies. Members are committed to promoting safe, reliable, and sustainable mobility solutions.

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SAE is your source for more than 226,000 scholarly journals, books, peer-reviewed technical papers, and other essential publications. Many of our industry experts understand the importance of incorporating greener solutions to mobility and have helped contribute to our vast collection of publications related to sustainability.

Professional Development

We provide high impact, industry-applicable training programs and credentials specifically designed to advance career development. Our portfolio of hundreds of classroom, web-delivered, and on-demand online courses are available in the U.S., Europe, and Asia for individuals or as private offerings for groups within companies. Sign up for our courses on sustainability and electrification to advance your career.

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