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the process of reducing environmental and economic costs of technology while increasing their accessibility.


What Sustainability Means to SAE International

Without sustainability, resources become scarce over time and more expensive. Reducing waste production and energy costs results in more accessible—and more affordable—technology. In the mobility industry, automotive sustainability practices impact economies, environments, and people for the better. By advancing sustainability through green vehicle technology, we create a more livable future. 

At SAE International, we believe that engineering sustainability requires a multi-pathway approach. And as the world’s largest organization for mobility, SAE recognizes its responsibility to lead this initiative by providing guidance and resources for sustainable automotive and aerospace practices.

From eco-friendly vehicles to alternative fuels, sustainable mobility can take on several forms and vary in practicality from region to region based on local resources. SAE operates on a global scale, and this gives us a unique awareness that helps to serve as a guide in the world of sustainable transportation.

Through information design, standards creation, connection opportunities and professional development resources in both digital and physical spaces, we facilitate change by leading complex discussions to solve complex problems. SAE’s thought leadership prepares the next generation of sustainability professionals to take on tomorrow’s challenges today.



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Mobilus is our online digital library platform that contains over 200,000 up to date standards, publications, and other resources for our users to download and use in their career.

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SAE International is the world’s leading authority in mobility standards development. Our standard committees consist of industry experts that have hands-on experience with current and emerging technologies. Members are committed to promoting safe, reliable, and sustainable mobility solutions.

Access our automotive digital standards on electrification and sustainability.


SAE is your source for more than 226,000 scholarly journals, books, peer-reviewed technical papers, and other essential publications. Many of our industry experts understand the importance of incorporating greener solutions to mobility and have helped contribute to our vast collection of publications related to sustainability.

Professional Development

We provide high impact, industry-applicable training programs and credentials specifically designed to advance career development. Our portfolio of hundreds of classroom, web-delivered, and on-demand online courses are available in the U.S., Europe, and Asia for individuals or as private offerings for groups within companies. Sign up for our courses on sustainability and electrification to advance your career.

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