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EIA738 - Guideline on the Use and Application of Cpk

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Document Number: EIA738
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Guideline on the Use and Application of Cpk
This document proivdes the guidelines for the utilization of Cpk as a monitor of process performance.<p> This document:<p> -defines the process capability index (Cpk),<p> -outlines some general methods for estimating Cpk,<p> -describes acceptable methods of reporting Cpk,<p> -discusses the advantages, disadvantages, and requirements for some potential applications of Cpk,<p> -addresses the use of similar methods of assessing quality improvement, and<p> -provides some perspective on the value of Cpk and similar techniques.<p> Application of the guidelines in this document should allow businesses to use Cpk or similar techniques to effectively monitor one aspect of quality improvement and to promote strong customer/supplier relationships.<p>
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