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EIACALS - Harmonizing CALS Product Data Description Standards

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Harmonizing CALS Product Data Description Standards
<p>This report documents the findings of an industry study panel convened by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) under the auspices of the Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support (CALS) Industry Steering Committee to determine the best utilization of product data description standards for electronic configuration items in the near term. Appendix A contains a brief outline of the CALS Program. The study group's objective was to determine the most advantageous mix of existing standards for application in specifying digital delivery of product data items in support of weapon system development and support contracts. The evaluation was accomplished by means of a product data requirements matrix in which types of data required by the government throughout the development process were mapped against the applicability of the various standards. A delphi approach, in which users of all of the standards participated, was used to determine applicability. It is anticipated that the results of this study will be used to guide the generation of application requirements specifications, similar in intent to MIL-D-28000, as well as influence the direction of further development of the standards. In addition, this committee was also charged with recommending: implementing language for MIL-STD-1840A; a strategy for resolving overlaps in standards developing organizations; and suggestions for future work. <p>
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