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EIAEDIFAG1 - Using EDIF 200 for Schematic Transfer

Document Number: EIAEDIFAG1
Revision Number:
Using EDIF 200 for Schematic Transfer
This document offers some conventions for the use of EDIF in transfer applications involving schematic designs. It discusses the use of EDIF 2 0 0 constructs that apply to the SCHEMATIC view.

This document does not attempt to cover the use of EDIF for the transfer of all design aspects, It is intended to be a starting point for implementing EDIF schematic translators. It is not an EDIF user manual. It is not an amendment to the EDIF 2 O O Recommended Standard ANSIIEIA-548, which contains the official definition of the format and should always be taken as the authoritative source of EDIF information.

This document assumes you are familiar with schematic capture systems but not familiar with EDIF. You will need to refer to EIA-548 for detailed definitions of some of the constructs discussed below.

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