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EIAEDIFAG1 - Using EDIF 200 for Schematic Transfer

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Document Number: EIAEDIFAG1
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Using EDIF 200 for Schematic Transfer
This document offers some conventions for the use of EDIF in transfer applications involving schematic designs. It discusses the use of EDIF 2 0 0 constructs that apply to the SCHEMATIC view. <p> This document does not attempt to cover the use of EDIF for the transfer of all design aspects, It is intended to be a starting point for implementing EDIF schematic translators. It is not an EDIF user manual. It is not an amendment to the EDIF 2 O O Recommended Standard ANSIIEIA-548, which contains the official definition of the format and should always be taken as the authoritative source of EDIF information. <p> This document assumes you are familiar with schematic capture systems but not familiar with EDIF. You will need to refer to EIA-548 for detailed definitions of some of the constructs discussed below. <p>
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