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EIAIS103A - Library of Parameterized Modules (LPM) Version 210

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Document Number: EIAIS103A
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Revision Number: A
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Library of Parameterized Modules (LPM) Version 210
This document is the authoritative reference for the Library of Parameterized Modules (LPM) standard version 2 1 O. This specification defines the semantics of each module along with a complete description of the module’s functionality as well as the syntaxfor instantiating LPM modules in an EDIF netlist.<p> The intended audience for this document is CAE vendors, silicon vendors, and only secondarily, logic designers. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with logic design, design automation tools and silicon implementation options. What the reader should get out of this document is an understanding of the benefits of the LPM standard as well as the details required to implement an LPM interface.<p>
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