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GEIAOP0002 - Style Manual for Standards and Other Publications of TechAmerica

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Document Number: GEIAOP0002
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Style Manual for Standards and Other Publications of TechAmerica
This style manual establishes requirements for the preparation of standards and certain other publications of TechAmerica). These requirements are intended to ensure that such documents are presented in as uniform a manner as practicable, irrespective of the technical content.<p> Included are requirements for content; general style; and style for special elements such as equations, tables, and figures. They will help ensure that a standard is well organized and that it is consistent in style and presentation within itself and with other standards published by TechAmerica. Formulating committees and working groups should comply with the requirements set forth in this manual to make the product of the committee's work available for application in as short a time as possible.<p> The TECHAMERICA Standards and Technology Department will use this manual to resolve nontechnical comments received as a result of public review of proposed standards.<p>
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